July 7, 2012

My Poetry

I am an award winning published Poet, I have been writing Poetry for many years. My sister and my Son and My Grandmother are published Poets too, So I guess that Poetry runs in my Family.

The Joy of Love

A woman learns the joy of love
as she feels the warmth from the sun above,
the watery feel of a flowing stream
that goes on forever in mind and dream.

A diamond ring given in love
Seems Heaven-sent from God above,
and a chill of wind blows across her soul
and unites the forces and makes her whole.

Touched by love, she truly learns
how tender it is, and yet it burns.
Parted by death from her burning love,
She sends love to him on the wings of a dove.

She will meet him again, of this she's sure,
As the Goddess did with the God before.
For death could not part a love so deep,
For once given it was hers to keep.

© 1999 Paula Phelps all rights reserved


The Fox

The horn sounds in the distance,
The frightened fox moves on.
She hears the hounds a-barking,
Now the race is on.

She moves away from her den,
Her babies will now be safe.
The horses hooves can just be heard,
Vixen runs her deadly race.

Her heart beats hard with fright,
The way forward is not so clear.
Should she go left or should she go right?
Soon the hunters appear!

The hounds now are upon her,
The riders draw closer in.
How can they say they are hunters
When they commit such a mortal sin?

© 1999 Paula Phelps all rights reserved


Beyond The Edge of Dreams

Beyond the edge of dreams
The shadow prince walks
In spiritual realms they meet
Where the wolf and the panther talk

Echo's of ancestors vibrate
Across the astral plains
Tis there that the panther waits
To see her wolf again.

© 2004 Paula Phelps all rights reserved


The Love From Overseas

The sun shone down on hallowed ground
And the wind blew in the trees.
The animals gathered to sing a song
Of a love from overseas.

Pixies and elves, hobbits and dwarfs
Gandalf and all his men.
Would sit and toast with wine and song
Of a wolf that walked as a man.

His name so pure, his actions true
And a heart so brave unknown
Sends messages to a pixie girl
Whom with him will make hearts home.

Wolf and pixie share magic true
And a life full of spiritual love
Uniting the elements, sun and moon
Blessed by the Gods above.

© 2004 Paula Phelps all rights reserved


The Witchfinder

Who was this man the witchfinder
whose name invoked such fear?
What pleasure did he derive
from his sinster career?

Each town the Witchfinder called upon
feared this mans calling card
for he left behind him devistation
to understand is really hard

The woman that he chose
were often very poor
And were fingered just for begging
or for knocking on the wrong door

The frenzied towns people
who feared this man would never really know
When the Witchfinder would come a calling
or even if he would go.

They would wait in antisipation
feeling unspoken dread
Hoping that the witchfinder
would not leave their loved ones dead

Would he pass outside their door
or would he come inside?
How many of the townswomen would be left
and how many of them would die?

The Malleus Maleficarum was the handbook
that he held so true
For it set out ways of torturing
these women he hardly knew.

It listed ways of racking them
and of sticking pins inside their skin
It even stated how to tell that she`s a witch
and how to draw the devil from within!

But his efforts although deadly
were so pointless even so
For the very witches he tried to catch
were the ones that he let go!

For a true witch was far too clever
She would never tell her trade
She would never share her secrets
and would always hide her blade

The ones that died had a dreadfull death
and after the witchfinder left
he left his mark and calling card
but no forwarding address!

© 2004 Paula Phelps all rights reserved
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Hello Everybody, I thought that I would share some of my Poetry with you, here on SBF. I hope that you like my work. Hugs Paula x
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July, 2012
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