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January 2, 2013

Zack Dog

Zackary Binx Maxwell is his full name. Zack is my 9-year-old dog. He is a Pug with a smooched in face. Most people think Pugs are ugly, but I think he is cute. I named him after a cat in a movie I liked when I was little. Zack has a curly tail, loves to play fetch, eats, and sleeps. That is his agenda every day. He has a perfect life. Sometimes I take him for a walk every now and then if he really wants too. He loves to visit my Pop-Pop Jim’s house because they have a pug also, named Rizzo. They are always playing and wrestling together. Now I notice Zack is getting older so I take it easy on him. He still loves to do everything, just at a slower paste. I could not have asked for a better dog, named Zack.
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Everyone has hobbies. My hobby is taking care of my goldfish tank. I have a thirty-gallon goldfish tank sitting on my dresser. I have twelve goldfish. Each on has a different name, and Chubbs is my favorite. He is a typical goldfish but is also really fat! Chubbs looks like he talks to you when he opens his mouth, it is so funny. I try to do a water change once every mouth. That way it will not be too much stress on my fish. I feed them twice a day; once when I wake up, and then again when I go to sleep. I try to keep the tank looking nice with some cool decorations. I also have a bubble machine, which helps the fish receive oxygen. Goldfish are not only my hobby, but also my pets.
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My Girlfriend

I first met Jordan in the eighth grade. We used to sit right next to each other in Language Arts class and she would always be my first pick for partners. She is the youngest of three. Her sister is like her best-friend, and she loves her niece just as much. Our first date alone, was hanging out on the beach at Ocean City. Jordan is very outgoing, smart, pretty and funny. She sets goals for herself and makes sure she accomplishes them. We are a very competitive couple. She’ll beat me in field-hockey or manhunt, but ill demolish her in swimming and baseball. We do have our fights, but at the end of the day, we realize what really matters.
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Phillies Games

“Let’s Go Phillies, Let’s Go!” Baseball is my favorite sport, and the Philadelphia Phillies are my favorite team! The difference between sitting on the couch at home watching the game, than sitting in left field with a cheesesteak and a soda in your hand is breath-taking. I love going to Phillies games, and somehow always coming home with a souvenir from the gift shop. My favorite player is Chase Utley. He plays second base and is a great hitter. The stadium is amazing because there is so much to do. Whenever I go to a fireworks game, I make sure I bring a chair so I can enjoy the bright lights flashing in the air! This upcoming season is approaching and the team is looking good! Watch-out Yankees, Phillies are coming!
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A New Addition to the Family

Before August, I was the youngest of three grandchildren. Then, my Uncle Steve introduced a new member to the family. Maya Rose Maxwell is her name. He flew in from Utah to show us his precious new baby, with his fiancée, Julie. They stayed at my grandma’s house and we would visit every day! Along with Maya, comes Livvy. Livvy is Julies daughter. They both are so adorable and beautiful! Livvy and I played blocks every day of the week they were here. She loved me. When I would hold Maya, I would be super careful. It was hard to see them return back home to Utah, but we all know we will see them very soon!
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My best friends are an enormous part of my life. I have eight best-friends; Tristen, Quinton, Creigh, Anthony, Andrea, Tommi, my girlfriend Jordan, and Nick. Sadly, Nick moved away during the summer to live in Saint Louis. We are always playing different activities! Wiffle-ball, basketball, soccer, and manhunt are a few of my favorites. Creigh and Quinton are brothers and live on the river. That’s where I spend most of my time on Saturday, just hanging out. Every couple of weekends Jordan and I go and see a movie together. Our last movie was the Hobbit, and it was great! We read the book together over the summer and the movie followed up pretty good. I cannot wait to go see another!
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Homecoming was a blast! I was so excited the day before, and even more excited the day of. I got all dressed up and took my girlfriend, Jordan. She looked amazing! It was our first real formal dance, and we loved it. Jordan and our best-friend Tommi came over my house to take pictures before we left. Both sets of my grandparents, and Jordan’s mom and dad were there. They were so proud of us to see we were becoming young adults, but sad to realize we were growing up. When we arrived, we saw everyone we knew and got our dance on! It was a really fun night! Afterwards, we all went to Applebee’s for dinner. I have three more homecomings’ and two proms’ left to go. I cannot wait!
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Pop-Pop Jim

Pop-Pop Jim is a very special family member of mine. He is my dad’s dad. He has watched me since I was an infant, instead of going to day-care. We share a special bond together. He is the first person I go to when I need to talk. Pop-Pop Jim knows me just as much as my parents do. I used to go to his house every-day after school until I reached a certain age when I could walk home myself. I still go over and visit as much as possible. His pancakes are the best, and he always has them waiting for me when he knows I’m coming over. He is always happy and is a wonderful role model for me. He is my favorite grandparent and I’m pretty sure I’m his favorite grand-child. I’m very blessed to have a grandfather like him.
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I live in a Cape Cod style house, on 4 Fenwick Drive, Carneys Point NJ. Our neighborhood is called Fenwick Park; it consists of forty-three homes. The houses were built in the early 1950’s, for the DuPont executives. There are different style houses throughout our neighborhood; Colonial, Ranch, and your basic Cape Cod. I live on the last house, on a dead end street. Our next-door neighbors are Tony and Angie, and they have two dogs, Maggie and Cuddles. Across the street, is the Lafayette Pershing school, where I used to spend a lot of time playing on the
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My name is Christopher James Maxwell. My friends call me CJ. I was named after my Father, Christopher John Maxwell, and my Grandfather, James Norman Maxwell. In English, Christopher means “Bearer of Christ.” It is from the Greek ‘christos’ (the anointed one, Christ) and ‘phero’ (I carry). Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and, according to the legend; Christopher carried the young Jesus across a river. When I was little, I did not like my name. I thought was too long and grown up. I loved the name CJ, so my parents called me that, and it stuck. I have grown to like my name so now I answer to Christopher, Chris, and CJ.
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