Just The Beginning
January 2, 2013

Deep Eyes

It is said that eyes are the windows to our soul. In my family, this is very true. My mother, Heather, has pale, baby blue eyes as if they were floating on clouds. When you stare into her eyes you feel a sense of warmth, love, and comfort. My father, Brian, has a calm, mellow, meek and mild type of hazel eyes. It is like a fresh cut pasture, new and refreshed. My brother, Brian Jr., has deep, beautiful, blue eyes. They sparkle and shine bright like a new pressed diamond. My eyes are very luminous, shy, easy-going, hazel eyes that care for everything they see. My family's eyes are all beautiful and stunning in their own special way. It is easy to just daze into someone's eyes and feel for them and get a sense of their character!
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A New Addition to the Family

One of the best days of my life occurred on December 28, 2012. This was the day when a new member joined my family. On this day we adopted a puppy Bichon Frise named Teddy! We chose Teddy for his name because he is a spitting image of a teddy bear. Teddy is extremely small because he is only three months old. He weighs about three pounds! My dog Teddy is as white as a marshmallow, as soft as a pillow, and tremendously furry. When I saw him at the pet store, I knew he was the one! Teddy is very loving, adorable, and well-behaved. My family and I were missing a dog in our lives since we lost our previous dog, Snuggles. When we saw Teddy, we immediately wanted him to be a part of us. I said to my parents, "This dog is very special to me. Can we please get him?" It took a moment for them to think about it but they both agreed this dog would be a great addition to our family. I haven't been that happy in awhile because animals are my world and receiving a new member in my family meant a lot to me! I am so glad to have Teddy, my little bear!
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Basking in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is the one place in this world where you can kick back, relax, and not worry about a thing. On the islands the warm sun gleams bright as a star, the sand submerges between your toes, and the turquoise waves crash along the shore. I go on a Caribbean cruise about every year and I love basking in the sun. There is so much to do such as laying on the beach, snorkeling, swimming, shopping in huts, and eating. My family and I always have the best, most excellent time in the Caribbean. We adore cruising because there is so much that you can do. My family and I enjoy the pool, the hot tub, parties, the food, rock climbing, mini golf, and of course the islands we dock at. One of my favorite things to do on an island is swim and snorkel. The water is crystal clear and balmy. I enjoy seeing the sea life and all of the fish that pass by. It is truly an unforgettable experience. It is always said in my family, "We love it here, we never want to leave!" Basking in the Caribbean is something I look forward to whenever I go, it is paradise!
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Serve, Set, Smash

There is nothing like the feeling of the cool fall breeze, the sound of tennis balls hitting off of a racquet, and shoes squeaking as you run up and down the tennis court. I love the sport of tennis, it is very enjoyable and amusing. The best feeling however, is playing tennis for my high school! Playing tennis for Penns Grove High School is an honor. The two coaches are very educational, helping, and caring. Mrs. Cusick and Mr. Cleveland always teach the proper way to play and they constantly tell the team, "Winning is not everything, but trying is the key." My teammates are some of my closest friends because we created a bond. We are like a true family, always cheering each other on! As my tennis skills grow and as I learn more, I feel like a better, well-rounded tennis player. When I ace an opponent or make a shot that I am proud of, I feel like I am on top of the world! However, I do have many faults and that just keeps my head up and I continue on trying. Practice makes perfect and I hope to one day be as good as a professional. Tennis will always have a special place in my life and I will forever play this exciting sport serving, setting, and smashing!
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High School Nerves

Freshman year can be both the most exciting experience and the most nerve-racking experience. As the last day of summer started to end, it actually hit me that tomorrow would be my first day as a freshman. My stomach was filled with butterflies! High school is a new beginning and is very different than anything I had been used to. It is as if high school is a distinct world. As a middle school student, I had no idea at all what high school was going to be like. A million thoughts and questions were jumbling through my head. Both my mother and my father told me "You will be fine, we know you will!" Early in the morning as I was getting ready for my first day, I felt as sick as a dog because of my nerves. When it was time I went on the bus and saw some of my great friends. Suddenly, I started to relax and feel a bit better. I went into my homeroom, got my schedule, and began my day with a positive attitude. As I reached all of my classes I was extremely pleased and happy with them and the high school life. I couldn't wait to get home and tell my family one of the most enjoyable days of my school career. I am so thrilled to be a freshman in high school. I can't believe I was even nervous!

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An Everlasting Brother and Sister Bond

When I need a laugh, when I need advice, when I need some fun, my brother is always there! My brother, Brian, is honestly my best friend. I never felt so close to anyone before because we have so much in common and love each other's company. I am so grateful to have an older brother who I can depend on and do things with. My brother and I go to concerts, basketball games, the mall, and sometimes we just take rides around town. One of the best things about Brian is that he is hilarious! He always knows the right things to make me laugh, he is as funny as a comedian. Aside from all of the fun and games, my brother is very loving and caring. He gives me guidance and is always there for me when I need him. I am heartbroken that he is in Florida for college because I am so used to seeing him every day of my life. However, when I do see him, we have as big of a blast as a celebration. I always tell him "Thanks for being a great brother!" I am absolutely positive that my brother and I will always have this golden bond for life!
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A Devastating Loss

On August 21, 2012 I received the worst news of my life. My dog, who was not only my best friend but also my brother, passed away. His name was Snuggles and he was my everything. Snuggles had been fighting kidney disease for about two years and was living on his daily medicine. He was the most lovable and friendliest dog who was always there for me in every situation. Snuggles was as fluffy and white as a cotton ball and he loved to snuggle! When he became even more sick, we knew it was time to take him to the veterinarian. I thought the vet would give Snuggles more medicine and everything would be okay, but the complete opposite happened. It was time for him to be put down. I never cried so much in my entire life, it was like a gushing fountain that would not end. When my family and I talked about his death we all said "We miss him so much!" I think about sweet, silly, spoiled Snuggles and my heart fills with sorrow. I will always miss him and I will never forget the memories we had together! Snuggles will always be my puppy!
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The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is one of my favorite places to go to! There is nothing better than the history, the brotherly love you feel, and the smell of the fresh "Philly" cheesesteaks. I visit Philadelphia all of the time, almost making it feel like a second home. The things to do there are limitless, it is such a grand city. History is a big factor in my life, I absolutely love it! Philadelphia has so much history such as the Liberty Bell, The National Constitution Center, the Art Museum, and much more. The best thing about Philadelphia in my opinion is the basketball team! I am a huge fan of the Philadelphia 76ers and I go to the games constantly. Feeling the energy and love in the arena is one of the best feelings ever. Enjoying a delicious, juicy cheesesteak afterwards is a positive plus too. My family and I adore day trips to the wonderful city. During Christmas time we go to Love Park on a chilly, winter night and shop at the stands. We also look at the Christmas lights that shine like sparkling diamonds. My parents always ask my brother and I "Are you having a fun time?" Within a second we both reply "Yes!" The City of Brotherly Love is one of the greatest places to visit. It is a home away from home!
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The One and the Only

My mom is the most special person in my life! I am the luckiest, most fortunate daughter in the world to have my mother. I honestly do not know what I would do without her, she is my world! My mom, Heather, loves me so much, cares for me, and will do anything she can to make sure that my brother and I have the best lives possible. She is the most generous, giving person that I know and she will go to the moon and back for her two children! My mom is constantly making memories and traditions that my brother and I will have and remember forever, like picnics at the park, vacations, and many others that we will always retain. My mom is the best at giving advice as well. With any problems, questions, or situations that I may encounter, she is always there to give me guidance. Through thick and through thin my mom is always there. Her personality is as uplifting and cheerful as a brand new day. To me, she is number one and she will always be the best mom in the universe! My mom and I have a special saying that we always recite. My mom says, "I love you more than the clouds in the sky and the sand in the beach," and I reply the same thing back.
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Dead-End Road

Home is where the heart is! My house sits on a very cozy, calm dead-end street. To me, it is one of the most safest places that I can be at and I feel as if I am out of harm's way. My neighbors, for the most part, are very pleasant, friendly, and amiable. Two of my neighbors, Heather and Tana, both say "I will always be here if you need anything at all!" There are only four other houses down my dead-end street. One of my neighbors seems to be more gloomy and irritable than the others. Everyone is talkative and sociable except for them! One of my neighbors even has a miniature farm! She has goats, chickens, horses, dogs, and cats and takes care of them all. I love my house and my dead-end street! It is a very welcoming and pleasurable area. The positive about living on a dead-end street is that it is as quiet as a mouse because there is absolutely no noise at all! The negative about living on a dead-end street is that there are not any other kids to be with. Sometimes it can be boring. There is nothing better when the trees whistle softly and the warm, sparkling sun shines on my dead-end street. My dead-end, Robinson Road, is a place of comfort, support, and happiness where I can live and be free like a soaring eagle!
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What's My Name?

Names give off that sense of individuality and uniqueness that we all acquire. I could never imagine myself with a different name. My name, Peyton, describes myself flawlessly and fits my distinctive, flowing stream, personality. Peyton means from the warrior's estate or one who is noble. It is said that those with the name Peyton have eyes that convey a depth of inner strength, has the ability to overpower you with winsome charm, will protect her family's health and well-being, and her potential for achievement has no limit. What can I say, these attributes are absolutely accurate! I am always there to give a helping hand. I am very strong willed. I am also a prodigious perfectionist who is constantly setting high goals for myself to reach. I appreciate and care for my name because it is like no other. I was named Peyton because it is unique, one of a kind, and rare like a luminous gem. It gives me the chance to stand out even though I am timid and be the person I am. It is a bright and vivid name like the warm summer sun and it brings out my character for all to see.
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January, 2013
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