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November 6, 2008

had enough

i really cant im sat here again another night cry cry what gives some people the right to kick you when ur down or knock you for you doing right i cant seem to win no matter what or where i go every corner i turn there is something or someone to get me and kick me to the ground im sick of watching my back and feeling like everyone is out to get me what on earth have i done to these people to be treated the way i am by some people all i want is someone to talk to have a laugh with be friends im not a bitch or anything bad so why do i have no friends why dont people like me what do i do wrong im so damn right fed up of everything and at this min i dont see a way out
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November 5, 2008

it never rains but it pours

do you ever get the feeling in life some people are just out to get you or out to make ur life a complete and utter hell what is it with people do they not like to see me happy and smiling for once..dont do it very often but boy do i bloody pay a price for being happy :-( maybe i should stick to the bitch im suppossed to be.
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November 2, 2008


well what a hectic few days ive had..still had time to do the odd scrap though lol so getting back into it all
well its my daughters 10th birthday tomorrow so im all over the place propper hormonal wimp lol
best get them in the bath and i be bk as the saying goes
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October 28, 2008

neglecting everything

i seem to be neglecting everything and everyone around me i just feel all argh and cry hormonal maybe just everything seems so much effort i cant be arsed no more so where do people find the mojo as we call it to keep scrapping ah well best stop moaning
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October 22, 2008

Fingers crossed xx

Well finally things seem to be moving forward with our problems with my oldest daughter today we finally got the referal ive waited about 10weeks for for the childrens mental health i feel abit of a failure it has come to this but i need to know if there is a problem that needs treating or it is in fact i am a shit mother.
Didnt do any scrapping last night i spent the whole night before with no sleep due to poorly daughter up all night so spent most of yesterday sleeping and catching up on house work *shock* i did however get the old picture albums out from when i was a baby with my mum and dad and hoping to make a page up god knows how that will turn out well tea time is shouting xxx
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October 20, 2008

Hope i upset no 1

Just a quick one i hope i upset no one by last nights post i was very upset and very down but today seems to be goin well im just off to tidy and clean then i shall be scrapping..i hope hahaha
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October 19, 2008

:-( just as i thought

My day was great it comes crashing down i should ov expected it to be honnest i read comments on my blogs about me and yeh its great to see people think this about me but i dont feel it someone said i was strong..far from it i hide behind a wall for so long i struggle to get myself out of bed im that weak i do well at putting my feelings on to paper as i ramble if only i knew how to talk them maybe paul (hubby) would have some sort of idea with whats goin on right now with me but he hasnt a clue and i feel i dont care either no more ive sat at the computer tonight and didnt scrap a single page like id planned to ive sat so pissed off and agrivated with my life wondering what to do with it next i really want a hug but i turn round then remember here i am again ALONE no friends no family just me and my keyboard even the dog has buggerd off to bed which i should probably try do myself its 3am i bid you goodnight xx
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Had a better day

had my 1st decent day in wks ive had a day free from children to get abit of xmas shopping started and came home and decided an idea for my next scrap page ive dug out the old picture albums from when i was born gonna see if i can make summit out of them should be fun
Also learned hubby has signed up to here not to sure as to why yet unless he shocks me and posts his own scrapbook page good luck to him.
all i got to say for now off to scrap xx
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October 18, 2008

Start as i mean to go on

Well i dont do blogs mainly cause ive no idea what to say but thought seen as im having a pretty shit time in my life at the min thought this would be a good place to get things off my chest.
My name is carrie im from the UK ive just turned 30 and boy what a hectic 2yrs ive had ive had the pregnancy from hell to which i spent 37wks in hospital bleeding to be told my baby would die but she is here and all is well she is my precious baby.On top of that i had to deal with not only my mum and dad seperating her deciding to up and leave without a word so i go from seeing her every min and every day to im lucky once a year its sad and kills me inside so that brings me to now i suffer with what started as PND then went abit further when i contimplated killing myself which at times i still think of doing only yesterday i thought of doing so i feel very alone and on my own with no friends or family im abit of a lost cause..and its no wonder yeh i have my hubby but come on there are somethings u need a female friend sadly i have none.
ah well thats all i can think to say at the min although i must add ive managed to scrapbook about 6 pages tonight please take a look
goodnight my SBF friends xxx
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