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March 24, 2009

All That Matters

I love you Derek.

I love you too.

And at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

My Love
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Me and Derek
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February 12, 2009



Your smile is beauty,

Do you know?

He doesn't see it,

He looks your way,

But how could me know,

He doesn't see me,

He sees beauty

He sees grace,

He sees charm,

He sees kindness,

He sees a mask.

It's a masquerade,

Don't you know?

Everyone pretends to be,

Everyone they aren't,

Dresses, gowns, tiaras, crowns,

All a show,

Make-up to hide,

The sins, the lies,

A smile to cover the frown,

Black tear drops fall,

This world of sin,

Caressed by lust,

Fashioned by guilt,

Where do they all go,

When their masks finally break,

What happens when someone sees,

The real, the true face,

The scorn, the terror,

The loneliness,

Drives them to,



No longer may they play the game,

But hide in the shadows,

Wish for someone to see,

The truth,

Who they are,

Who they were,

Speechless abandon,

They see,

But they cannot speak,

They cry silently,

For someone to see,

But no one,

No one looks,

No one sees,



Time flows on,

Slower and slower,

A winding stream,

No destination,

No purpose,

Slowly the world toils on,

Never seeing those,

Those who abandon the mask,

To give up speech,

To gain sight,

The masquerade carries on,

Each dancing,

Step in time,

Don't miss a beat,

Don't look away,

One mistake leads to,


The silence of the unseen,

Fills the void of the unheard,

Sadness covers their faces,

As they watch,

The masks placed over the holes,

Over the voids,

Over the broken hearts,

The mask covers the world,

A world black from tears,

Dark from the unseeing eyes,

Still from the unheard voices,

Never give up…

Always dream…

One day the unseen…

One day the unheard…

Will rise from the tears,

Beauty from the ashes,

The masks, all burned,

The all-consuming fire to,

Strip-away the lies, the sins,

Lust and guilt thrown in,

The fire tarries on,

No hurry,

To purge the saints,

To cleanse the lives,

No more gowns,

Tiaras, or crowns,

The masquerade is over,

True faces are seen,

The tame, uniform beauty of,

The mask,

Is shadowed to the,

Wild, free, beauty of the soul,

A new dance begins,

No rhythm, no rhyme,

No beat, no step,

Pure joy to every movement,

No longer conscious of each other,

Only seeing the dancing flames,

Red shadows play,

As the black recedes,

Clear rain drops fall,

The make-up washed clean,

To show,



Don't startle them,

They don't see us anymore,

The masks, the lies,

They don't know we're here,

They burnt their masks,

They purged their souls,

They know no masquerade,

These who dare,

Show dare to dance,

Who dance among the flames,

They know freedom,

They know love,

They know not what we see,

Careless abandon,

They are happy,

But here we sit,


Behind our masks,

Too afraid to dance,

Scared to leap,

Scared to bound,

Scared to step outside the beat,

I look on,

My mask in place,

To this, my sin-dark world,

I see the pain,

I see the lies,

I see the trouble within,

I look beyond the sea of black,

And long to join in,

To dance with flames,

To leap and bound,

To be myself again,

But here I sit,

I cower,

I hide,

My mask held close,

I cannot move,

My fear takes hold,

I cannot dance,

The dance of the indifferent,

For, you see,

I am caught,

Am caught between two worlds,

The world of the freedom dancers,

And the show of the masquerade,

I sit in silence,

I watch the two,

Both toiling on,

Leaving me waiting,

For one last dance,

Before the,


Takes hold of me,


Dixie Patrick

July 31, 2007

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December 5, 2008


I just did a new Twilight page, this one is Edward by himself sitting on a piano bench, then I have a photo of a white rose laying on a keyboard. I'm in love with this page! I just had to share it with everyone!
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I am Excited!

I'm enjoying SB Flair soooo much! I've always loved my paper scrapping and thought I was good at it, but I am really loving this new digital scrapbooking that my friend helped me discover! How exciting to be able to use the same images over and over to do different things, and not have to keep buying the elements again and again. I feel like an environmentalist saving the trees with my effort! haha.

I will wrap this up, with an IM SO EXCITED and my loves to you all for your encouragement and support! Thank you so much.

P.S. I'm going to post my two faves so far with this post

Edward and Bella
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Think inside the Box
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