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BB's Memories says:
Limericks anyone? Part 3
This is a new thread of limericks for the new year 2009
Jan 21, 2009
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BB's Memories says:
From my granddaughter Lindsey;

I'm not fat
i'm just a cat.
i like rats,
How about that.

Jan 21, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
I am fat
I am a rat
I don't like cats
how about that?
Jan 21, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Lynneyboo, thanks to you
we now are up to two
only 498 Limericks to write
for this to be a good site.
And you made Lindsey smile all the way through.
Jan 21, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:

I too am fat
I really don't like rats
Not crazy about cats
So how about that
This could be a new trend
so lets try to bend a little
and see if we can get our goal
Jan 21, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Cats and rats , what about bats,
They are gross like rats,
But not pets like cats,
And that is enough of that.
Rats, cats, and bats,
I had rather be fat
And nap on a mat.
Sleep all day,
let come what may.
EAt chocolate and chicken,
That is finger lickin'
Grammie is that stretched enough
and bent in the rough
So much for a limerick
This is more fun
let your imaginations run,
And rhyme time will win
if we keep rhymes coming in.
Jan 21, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Great job Suetta, looks like you are truly back, I'm so glad
Jan 22, 2009
BB's Memories says:
ok grammie where is the rhyme
this is not my time
will check in the morning
Jan 23, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Okay sorry here we go, just glad there isn't any snow
Just wanted you to know how happy I was
that you were back for the show
and you are feeling your ole self again
so here we go on a 500 rhyme spin
Jan 23, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Wrote on this afternoon but it didn't post and i didn't have time to re-write it and now don't remember what i wrote, so will attempt another one.

The wind is blowing
Hope it doesn't begin snowing
The temperature is dropping'
The animals are all hopping.
For now i am going.
Jan 24, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well looks like it might me only you and me again
no one seems to want to take the spin
it is only for fun there is no way to win
we just rhyme are little heart away
and hope that everyone will play
Jan 26, 2009
BB's Memories says:
everyone is busy
and in a tizzy,
so you and i will entertain all
and have ourselves a ball
keep the rhymes going
and the rhyming words flowing
i will eat a good dinner
and work on getting thinner
there is nothing to win and nothing to lose
so am going to take a short snooze.

Jan 26, 2009
BB's Memories says:
had my dinner
not any thinner
but am still a winner
as long as i am breathing
and not too much heaving
i will be happy
and a little sappy
your turn now grammie
going to make a friend named tammie
Jan 26, 2009
Pixelpia says:
A scrapping old lady from jersey
who often got ideas that were crazy
she started to rhyme
forgot about time
since she sat in her bed all cozy
Jan 26, 2009
BB's Memories says:
welcome to our thread
your rhyme is well said
hope you come back with your rhymes
we try hard to have a good time
gotta go now
just had to say wow

Jan 26, 2009
Tazie012 (Shirls) says:
there was an old girl from Australia
who just wanted to say "G'Day" to ya
Owner of three lovery cats
Zero count on the rats
Suddenly hoping this rhyme ain't a failure.
Jan 27, 2009
BB's Memories says:
you can't fail
the checks in the mail

from texas to australia
a big hello to ya

thanks for dropping by
so glad you said hi

gotta go for now
will sign off with a bow

Jan 27, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh my look what i have missed
should of checked sooner and blown a kiss
it is nice to see some freinds stop by

to bad they didn't bring a piece of pie
but they did stop by to say hi and that was better than a piece of pie

Freinds are so special and mean so much
it is really a nice and super touch

Jan 27, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Friends "Down Under' are burning,
Friends in the usA are freezing,
The USA will be sneezing,
Aussie friends will be churning,
The weather is crazy
Makes all of us lazy,
Some want air and some want heat
Being in the middle would be really neat.
I'll share the ice and you share the sun
And together we can all have fun.

Jan 29, 2009
*** Verony*** says:
Just droped in to say Hi girls great to see you back.

He didn't like the casserole,
And he didn't like my cake.
My biscuits were too hard...
Not like his mother used to make.

I didn't perk the coffee right,
He didn't like the stew,
I didn't mend his socks
The way his mother used to do.

I pondered for an answer,
I was looking for a clue;
Then I turned around and smacked him...
Like his Mother used to do.
Jan 29, 2009
*** Verony*** says:
To tired to do a limerick so that will have to do for now hehe
Jan 29, 2009
BB's Memories says:
love it
Jan 29, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
lololol Verony that was just as good, how true that is.

just glad to see some action
even if it is just a fraction
it keeps us out of traction (lol)
okay it is late going to ship this off to you
then hopfully be able to take a snooze
glad we are all back, with a pack full of rhymes
for ole times
Jan 29, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
okay where are all of our rhymes
Jan 31, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well Im still waiting for a rhyme
it sure has been a really long time
so maybe we could get a little line or two in for ole time sake
Feb 4, 2009
BB's Memories says:
been busy here and there
not really getting anywhere.
have company tomorrow
but do not sorrow
will be back here
i promise my dear

really out did myself on this one ha ha
Feb 5, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Cleopatra, when sex was still new to her
Kept buying up young slaves to tutor her
But the pharoah (her dad)
For fear she'd go bad
Kept rendering them neuterer and neuterer....

Randomly picked from my limericks book. hahaha
Feb 5, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well linney not sure about your book
it is not too ryhmic just take a look
it sounds like Cleoptra needs to hang from a hook and stop snatching up those crooks, they need to send them down to the brooks for a swim then they can go gather up the hens.

LOLOL, this make no sense what so ever but it rhymes.
No offense on your book Linney
Feb 5, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
the book is the wordsworth book of limericks...
here is another...

A flea and a fly in a flue.
Were imprisoned, so what could they do?
Said the fly - Let us flea.
Said the flea - Let us fly.
So they flew through a flaw in the flue.
Feb 5, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
lololol oh that one was pretty good.
Feb 5, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Linneyboo welcome to limericks, thread 3
We are happy to have you and shout with glee
Your limericks are cute
and sassy to boot
glad you joined now goodnight to thee
Feb 5, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Sorry, I noticed the incorrect spelling of your name and corrected but it posted the original message
Feb 5, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh that is alright name is just a name
and I misspelled it just the same
so Lynney wont mind
she wont kick your behind
we are hear for fun and hopfully will have some
I'm sure we will, we really do over kill
Thread 3 is here full swing
with just a few human beings
Feb 6, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Another ditty...
There was an old fellow from Spain
Whose leg was cut off by a train

When his friends said "how sad"
He replied "I am glad"
For l've now lost my varicose vein..
Feb 6, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Well that ; is one way to cure it
but i bet it hurt just a little bit
Think i'll try curing mine another way
or put it off til another day
until then i will just sit.
Feb 6, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
lolol ouchie!!!!!!
i think maybe i would go another way
or either stay out of the hay
Feb 6, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
A painter who came from Great Britain.
Hailed a lady who sat with her Knittin.
He remarked with a sigh.
That park bench - well l.
Just painted it, right where you're sittin.
Feb 7, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Ohhh I like that one too
she was a knittin on the sit with
paint where she was sittin
now she won't be able to work on her
mittens,she needs to go swish off her toush
Feb 7, 2009
BB's Memories says:
You two are too much,
You have a gentle touch,
The rhymes are great
For the next one I just can't wait.
just keep them coming,
now i am going running
Feb 7, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
There was a young lady of Eton.
whose figure had plenty of meat on.
She said marry me dear.
And you'll find that my rear.
Is a nice place to warm your cold feet on.
Feb 8, 2009
BB's Memories says:
lynneyboo, not fair talking about me
sounds just like me don't you see?
You can talk about grammie,
or someone named Sammie.
but please leave me be.
he he he
Feb 8, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
I read my last post and man or man
it sure was not the most
it didn't make sense just kinda was
a mess
lynney you are coming up with some good ones
keep up the good work, thank god for your new book
okay more later i need to go peel taters
Feb 8, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
I read my last post and man or man
it sure was not the most
it didn't make sense just kinda was
a mess
lynney you are coming up with some good ones
keep up the good work, thank god for your new book
okay more later i need to go peel taters
Feb 8, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh grammie fits the tee perfectly
no worries there plenty of meat on
these here bones, and lots of room
to warm your feet just step right up
and see who you meet.
suetta has no room for you to warm your feet so i guess you will be meeting up with me tee hee

opps I hit my key to many time so
now we have twice the rhyme
Feb 8, 2009
BB's Memories says:
that's ok carol, we will reach our 500 faster if e double post. ha ha
Feb 8, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Feb 9, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
in my day lavatory walls were for phone numbers
for boys and girls, who have a very fast world
swirls and swirls of trouble whirls
so poems wont fit we have saved a tree my writing our names on the lavatory wall
Feb 9, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
there was an old man in a tree.
Whose whiskers were lovely to see.
But the birds of the air.
Pluck'd them perfectly bare
to make themselves nests in that tree.
Feb 9, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
lolol oh that one was cute
dear suetta we will make 500 and then some
now we have lynney with her book of rhyme
she will get us there in no time
of course we don't have to stop there
we can go on and on forever leave us rhyme
Feb 10, 2009
BB's Memories says:
there is no limit
we will type by the minute
see where it takes us
and we won't fuss
with what we type in it.
Feb 10, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
there was an old man of blackheath.
Who sat on his set of false teeth.
Said he with a start.
"Oh lor, bless my heart"
I have bitten myself underneath.
Feb 10, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Feb 10, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh lynney wasnt sure about that one

are we all asleep and cant speak a peep
we will have to climb a steep grade
to get in the grove of rhymin
we took a little break now it is time to start to rhyme after we have some cake..... lolol

Well that one didnt make alot of sense either.
Feb 11, 2009
BB's Memories says:
neither will this
but don't want to miss
been busy all day
didn't have time to play
o all a hug a kiss
Feb 11, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well we sure don't let each other down
that was a great rhyme no matter what we try and we reply with a great supply
we are the rhymers, not just the ole tymers
we have great fun dont we hun, no cares that our hairs a strun

lololol oh that one takes the cake

Feb 12, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
oh you two are so funny
and me sitting here with my nose so runny.
you make me laugh and you make me cry.
gotta go and have a piece of apple pie.
Do you know if we have reached our goal
cos l feel as if l bounce from the north to the south pole.
come on friends join us three
Make some rhymes for the SBF family tree.....
Feb 12, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
omg lynney that was great
you can really make those rhymes take shape
do it on your own I will make you my clone
that is a great rhyme and so much so fine
you did it in no time, the three of us certainly make the SBF tree no one else comes to join thee
Feb 12, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
okay where are we three
did we climb up a tree
or on a shopping spree
we are not here rhymin
so we are somewhere
there's a breeze and we
are content to be free
when time and freedom permit
I'm sure we will see fit to
start rhymin in bit
take your time it is only a rhyme
we all have alot to do so not to stew

Feb 14, 2009
BB's Memories says:
speaking of family trees
5 birthdays this month have we
and at Nanny's house lands all on me
birthday cakes and birthday parties
lordy lordy wish I was forty
now its valentines day going out i pray'
may go and stay away.
you two have fun
will be back on the run
going now to eat cake
and two more pounds I'll make
Feb 14, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
sounds like my august, 6 for me
my o my 0 might as well smile
you could run a mile
but i would rather compile my hugs
and smiles
most of mine are grown just one that
is home, but still send my love
just dont get the hugs
will go party with one
and send cards to the rest
so there is no protest
eat your heart out suetta dont sweat-a
the overage
for we will overcome the pounds
enjoy your time with them
it goes so fast, and then it is in the past
Feb 15, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Three middle aged ladies from Fordham.
Went out for a walk, and it bored'em.
As they made their way back.
A sex maniac.
Leapt out from the wodds, and ignored them.....
Feb 15, 2009
BB's Memories says:
lynney, you limericks are a hoot
so we won't give you the boot'
we three will keep rhymin
and in good timing
we will all go climbing'
and sit on a mountain top rhyming'
Feb 15, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
lololol Lynney you are hoot, that sound like what would happen to me
they would run of screaming tee hee hee
then they would have to go take a pee
a hoot you are and so far you have been right up to par
great to have up to the bar, just dont go driving you car

Feb 16, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
drive my car l did today
singing along what a gay day
windows where open, breeze coming through
hair all over the place like stuck up with glue
bought lots go goodies to craft away
singing along what a gay day....
Feb 16, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
lynney that was great
sound like you had a fine day
mine has been long so I will
sing a song to put me to sleep
and I wont let out a peep
I wont even have to count sheep
Feb 16, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
okay who and why is there no rhymes
not that I care, just love to hear them in my ear
I read them out loud, and think I'm way up in the clouds
then there is none to read so I am here to pled
please try to rhyme for me I know you am to please Im done on my knee's waiting and waiting , so please I know you are busy but just a min or a line you do just fine
so I know you are doing okay but just no time to play
Feb 18, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
been out working to earn a crust.
without it my business would go bust.
Working for charity to make people care.
About what they buy and what they wear.
Grammie l will try to keep you amused.
As long as my puter works and has not fused.
Going for my tea and a drink of coffee.
And maybe a slice of banofee.
See you soon on forum games
Cos you, me and Suetta are batty dames.
Feb 18, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Feb 18, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh Lynney you are to funny but just as sweet as honey
you do keep me amused and confused
but that is okay doesnt take much do that
Suetta is has been a while, hope you
are fine and just dont have the time
will wait patiently for a rhymin or three now I'm going outside to sit under the tree (not)
hope soon you will be free and we can enjoy your company
Lynney and I are doing just fine
we know how hard it is to fine the time
do your best and we will rest until you can come visit us
Feb 19, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
yes suetta we miss you
But grammie and me will do the do
Until your back and fighting fit
Ready to pull us out of the ?
Grammie is here with all her flair
I am here as well to scare.
Rhyming is done and dusted

Feb 19, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh my gosh just cant believe my eye's
not a sole has posted my o my
not a single new entry how strange is that I will take of my hat
to busy is that to post for a chat or just a rhyme I know there is just no time
I love the forum how cool it is, I really miss new posts from the hosts with the mosts
Feb 20, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Well I'm here to see if i can bring this thing alive
it seems to have taken a big dive
Suetta and Lynney are suppose to jump in every now and then
and shoot me a rhyme or even a hymm
this thread has gone on for to long to let it slip from our prongs
I hope all is well sure would not want to hear that it was not swell
I know Lynney is fine I see her all the time
she and I are side by side on another site if you might
but Suetta is so busy and sometime she throws tizzies
so i hope she is just busy and not doing well that would not be to
I hope I hear from someone so I am not alone I guess I could always clone but that would not be as fun
as having someone
Feb 26, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:

Suetta if you are reading this
you are the greatest, Miss
to go and take time to let me know
that you are fine
that your puter has died on the vine
poor thing I know that is not devine
it is horrable and it take time
for it to be fixed and hopfully it can
hang in there we or I will be here when ever you are up and running, I will just keep rhyming and you just keep chimming
you will know that I am here and waiting have no fear

Feb 27, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
soz l have not been here.
to make up rhymes for you two dears.
buzzy buzzy l have been.
off to different shops to sell as seen.
where is suetta a comrade in arms.
with grammie and me she displays her charms.
limericks to us are so much fun.
Better than even gettin the housework done.
See you later on this site.
going with peter to fly his kite....
Feb 28, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Lynney you are so good
will be back later
Feb 28, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Here l am back once more.
Sittin behind my scrapbook door.
Looking at pictures of people l know.
In the sunshine or in the snow.
Doing this Scrapping is adictive.
Does not mater where you live.
Come on all take the time.
To make a page or a rhyme.
join us here every day.
We will always listen to what you say......
Feb 28, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh lynney you are sooo good
and of course we should hope
suetta is not wearing a hood
I want her to be able to see
what we have up too
she has no computer so
for now it is a bunch of pooh
boo hoo hoo for her
she will return but as long as she
can see that we are here to keep the
home fires burning
then her yerning will stop churning
she will be fine and scrap when she has time and rhyme she will be fine
Feb 28, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
oh is that all it is?
Suetta you had me in a tis.
thought something was terribly wrong.
It is only the computer that has gone bong....
Take care and take note
Me and grammie are here to vote.
To make pages and to give good cheer.
From scrapping and voting we do not veer.
See you soon my cheery friends.
We will be here till scrapping ends....
Mar 1, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
shall we call this me and thee.
there is two now where there used to be three.
Our own chat forum is what we've got.
Putting in what we wnt to make it hot.
Others may take a look.
But so far there is no nook.
Or cranny left unstuck.
would make me give up this hook.
what is she on about l here you say...
oh deary dear have a good day....
Mar 1, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
she is reading what we write just can not post what a fright
she miss's us like crazy rhymin is gettin hazzie
she will return soon for we have to learn
that there is still three just one is under the tree
we will do our share to keep up the pair
until three again will compare
won't be long I hope suetta will
be on the slope rhyming her little heart out
until then it is us my friend
until the end which will not every bend for we are going to be three
once again
Mar 1, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:

WHERE IS EVERYONE???????????????
Mar 8, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
we are here, but we are just thinking.....
Mar 8, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
where oh where have all the scrappers gone?
Up all hours their housework done.
Come on down we here the site shout.
What is going on and what's it all about.
Tired l am and fed up too.
Looking at the sky that is so blue.
Come on gals, give us some help please.
For me and grammie to get some ease...
Mar 8, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh so glad someone is awake
I was getting worried that I was the only take
thought maybe a snake got lose in the forum
and scattered you guys away
so I tried to sway you back and Lynneyboo is a taker
bless you your heart for you are a part of the best limerick in these part
Mar 8, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Me old bones are weary.
In need of some cheary.
Gonna go and have a cup of tea.
And maybe a look see
If anyone has come along
To put in a limerick or to sing a song.
It seems it is just the best two
Me and grammie thats who
Are playing along for all its worth.
Come on you others give us some mirth!
Mar 9, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Lynney and Grammie is what it is all about,
we try not to pout because no one rhymes but lynney and I all the time
suetta is out of commission
so we wont hear from her for
a while and hope with a smile, her
puter you might as well use as a scooter
no rhymin she can do because her computer has the flu
she will recover and be back and we will not know what to do
Mar 9, 2009
BB's Memories says:
hey hey hey can't keep me away
got my computer back today
have company here now
but will write again wow
missed you a lot
having no computer not hot
Mar 10, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
great to see you back with us.
glad the computer's back and no more fuss.
Missed you loads me and grammie.
banging the keyboard and des with a slammie.
you have loads and loads to make up.
Till you think you can take our cup.
We are queens of the limerick you know.
We aint given up even if there's snow.
come on suetta show us how.
Me and grammie will sit and wow!!!

Mar 11, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
welcome back miss suetta
you are such a sight for sore eyes
couldn't beleive what I was seeing good to have you back
lynney and I was holding down the pack
there is just us three and no other
will due
weather or not your computer has the flu
Just want you to know I was so glad to hear from you you let me know what was the matter with you
for we hadn't heard and was getting sadder
but it was no matter for you were just in a tatter
Im so glad you have spoken that make my day
lynney and I are so happy
for you are back and on top on the rack
Welcome back suetta you were missed
just wish I could give you a great big kiss
Mar 11, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Sloppy kisses from grammie and hugs from me.
Make you want to sway like a tree.
glad she is back the pressure comes off.
Don't have to always work like a toff.
Grammie and me had held down the fort.
Her from her place and me from the port.
Can take a rest and take a back seat.
the leader is back to make it complete.
Mar 11, 2009
BB's Memories says:
glad to be back
i wanted to give this computer a smack
glad you to stayed on course
instead of riding a horse
my brain is numb
but i ain't dumb
i'm back hee to have some fun
but for now i gotta run

still have company '
and they are number 0ne
hugs to you both
Mar 11, 2009
Sk8tingmom says:
I had a little extra time
so thought I'd stop by and compose a rhyme.

Suetta it's nice to see you back
Glad you're computer is back on track.
Mar 11, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Hay sk8 how are ya
glad to see you stop bye
sorry we have no pie
but a great big HI will have to do
Mar 11, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
hey there sk8.
you've come to celebrate.
Limericks are the fun thing to do.
So come on over you.
Rhying with us is easy to see.
As all of us can hehehe.
Take your time fell the flow
Rhyme with us and go man go.
Mar 12, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Lynney's hubby I just read got his new job
So now she can go hob nob
I'm so happy for you two how much easier this will make life
So go have a great time and celebrate
and take a brake and have some fun
Mar 13, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
There was a scrapper from Elk City
who wanted to scrap her cute kitty.
When the great page was done
She slipped with her thumb
And deleted all that was pretty. :(
Mar 13, 2009
BB's Memories says:
welcome all to limrick time
your joining makes me feel fine
new faces are great to see
now it is more than just we three
life is busy
we all stay in a tizzie
but that is ok
it beats hauling hay
i have 29 scrapbooks ready to sell
maybe someday the market won't fail
my imagination is shot
great thinker im not

so take care you all
will write before winter,'

Mar 13, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh suetta hope for the best
this will put your books to the test
and only god know the rest
you will sell them all so home you dont have to haul

we always welcome friend hope they
stay to rhyme until the end
we three just keep pluggin along we never tire of scrappin nor do we ever tire of rhymin
sometime not often and sometime not at all
but we always get back around to tell it all
Mar 13, 2009
BB's Memories says:
if they don't sell
oh well
lots of gifts i have to share
with all my friends including ones on SBF
i keep myself busy scrapping
so life can keep on snapping
it is a pleasure to scrap
makes my toes tap
my grandkids are pros
taught them all i know
they will be better than me
started out young you see
scrapping is a good hobby
keeps you busy and out of the lobby
sure this all makes sense
unless one is dense
scrapping and rhyming
makes good timing
think i will shut up now
and go milk a cow.
Mar 14, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:

more later
Mar 14, 2009
BB's Memories says:
just finished dinner
not getting any thinner
moved my srappin room
been working on it since noon
while husband is sleeping'
i won't have to be creeping
can scrap til i drop
and then i will stop
traditional scrapping is my thing
computers make me say bad things
got the bugs out
but now i am goint to shout
i have to download all my programs
if i don't throw um.
goin to sign off now
go watch some tv wow
hugs to you all
hope your weekend is a ball
Mar 14, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
I'm right behind you in watching tv
but first I have to go p
these computer can really cause some pain
and a whole lot of strain, but now we
can not do a thing unless we are on the machine
use to write letter by hand, use to talk on the phone to frends, use to scrap my using materal
but now in this day and age we can not seem to get anywhere unless we can use our software
glad you got your room where you can use it
and not be a bother, don't want to disturb the father
have a good night and a even better Sunday
will see if you are back by Monday
Mar 14, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
hey you two and all the new ones as well.
Limerick and rhymes is going swell.
here l am sitting down here.
Worked so hard selling second hand gear.
Got some time off, 14 days.
going to try and have lazey ways.
see you all from time to time.
so l can catch up on all the rhyme...
Mar 15, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
Sunday morning dawns bright and clear.
Moans and groans are all I hear.
A house to clean,
A yard turning green,
And no time to scrapbook, I fear.

But then again...

24 hours in a day,
8 to sleep,
1 for play.

3 to cook
So we may eat.
8 to work.
(Now ain't that sweet.)

That leaves 3
To clean the house
And 1 great moment
Just for spouse.

Now a little tweaking
And all can change
Cause there's no time for scrapping.
Is that strange?

Take off some here and a minute there.
An hour moved I know from where.
A little less sleep
And I hate to sweep
And, TA DA, more time for scrapping, I declare.
Mar 15, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
What a great rhyme and so glad you took the time
to stop bye and sharing with us, we need new blood to keep us
goin, thru rain, sleet, and snowin we will be scrappin no matter what happens
hope everyone had a good Sun now it is on to Mon
some of you are already there the ones on the other side of the flair
we are going to bed here in the states
and they are just climbing out of bed
to start the Mon.
so no matter where we are we seem to be a far
but that is okay, for we seem to stay in touch
we just love scrappin that much
Mar 15, 2009
BB's Memories says:
good to read new rhynes
sure helps pass the time
PoetryNmotion, you are good
write us more if you could
all of you have talent galore
so keep those rhymes coming more and more
i have a wedding album to make
so much time it will take
it is due by Friday
so i may go in hiding
will try to stay on line
and give rhymin its due time
love to here from all of you
when i don't life is in a stew
must sin off for the night
go scrap till morning light
rhyning is fun
but need to get the scrpping done
hugs to you all
will see you in the shopping mall

hey hey hey

Mar 15, 2009
BB's Memories says:
don't know what sin off means ha ha
sign off
Mar 15, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh that is okay I knew right away
that you were
my daugther in law and I write in code that way all the time
and she doesnt even rhyme
good luck with the new album you will
get it done, and have fun just stay out of the sun
scrap and meet your dead line
everything will be fine
Mar 16, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
well l am back with you.
So don't be blue you two.
sorry l mean three of four.
Having days off l have lost the score.
It is nice to see you all on here.
Making rhymes and doing the gear.
Grammie and Suetta, Sk8 and Poetry in motion.
Give each other ideas and even a notion.
to give our best to this forum piece.
to make rhymes for Suetta's niece....
see you later.
Mar 16, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
Ah, the great Spring Break and nothing planned.
Breakfast in bed and lunch not grand.
Kids outside just enjoying the day.
Hubby napping on the couch and out of my way.
I'll scrap some pages for challenges and one for myself,
Then wash the few dishes and put food on the shelf.
I hope all here get a slice of the peace.
And these online friendships will only increase.
Mar 16, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh what a sweet rhyme poetry
you will work out her very well
we are so glad to have a new rhymer
not quite the old timer but it works
no matter the quirks
oh lynney missed you where have you been
on vacation and never to return again
oh there you are how nice to see you
it has been a while but now I can smile
suttea has a wedding album to do
so she will be around little or none for a week she has to meat
her pages for the album
so she will be sitting on her bum
scrappin and scrappin until she is done
Mar 16, 2009
BB's Memories says:
good evening to all of you
lots of poetry you can do
i am so proud
i could shout out loud
to have rhyming buddies who choose to share
their talents to all who care
my album is lmost done
i have really enjoued doing it and had great fun
my time is over
so guess i will go to dover'
ran out of rhymes'
will try harder next time
have a good evening you guys
we are all very wise
Mar 17, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well this will be quick
it is hard to pick a time
to quit
but it is 10:00 pm
time for the news which that means
I snooze
ready for bed before the beans kick in they were good but boy oh boy make you want to wear a hood
okay enough of that Im off to watch
tv will return to our room tomorrow
hope you all have a good night/day what every it is your way
Mar 18, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
AH, Good Day to all across the world,
Your love here must be showing
My dogs are quietly in the yard,
and my kids are absolutely glowing.

This vacation is really fun.
I don't feel always on the run.
I'm actually getting whole lots done.
And my days off have just begun.

Hope to find everyone well,
But now I must say farewell.
Dishes to do,
A scrapbook or two,
Then I'll be back later to tell.
Mar 18, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
P n M your rhymes are great
so glad you came to join
our little part of the world
stick around watch out for the hound
enjoy your days off get cought up with your kids and your house
be quite as a mouse
we will be here waiting for you to tell all
I think maybe I will go to the mall
will be back to read your rhyme
hope I give you enough time
Mar 18, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
yes we are doing fine.
As we all put a rhyme on a line.
Four of us now to make it work.
No one is gonna be allowed to shirk.
When suetta have we reached our goal?
Go on tell us and bless my soul.
We all are clever, yes we are.
And not all of us drive a car.
What's she on about l hear you say?
Cor blimey what a gay day........
Mar 18, 2009
BB's Memories says:
lynneyboo, do you all want a goal
or just keep rhyming to calm our soul?
let me know what you want to do
and i will see it through
i finished my wedding album
it was so much fun.
now my work is done
worked on an anniverary album today
putting in pitures before she threw them away.
going to cook dinneer (Schwan's TV dinners0
they are really a winner
ten minutes for two
and your cooking is through
dishes go in the trash
and the re st of the night is a TV bash
so you all have a r elaxing evening
and i will be back before you can say Steven.
Mar 18, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
A goal would be fun
Something to do.
A sonnet, a ode,
A little haiku.
A continuing rhyme
Where each of us must
Add a couple of lines
So it never goes bust.
Whatever you decide
I'm always quite game.
I can compose any verse
On whatever you name.

(Ode to a Dust Bunny Under My Bed) be continued
Mar 18, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
let us just keep rhymin until time runs out
when anyone of us gets to burnt out
just say okay this is enough even thou we will all pout
and snort our snouts cause I think
we have a great thing going for us
no one else seems to think it is any fun
but let me say I love it more than
any one
let's try to hang on for a little while
it seems to keep a smile in the air
not as much fun as going to the fair
glad your book is done sure it came out shining like the sun
okay it is time to hit the hay
for tomorrow is another day
come what may have a good night and sleep tight
Mar 18, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
oky dokey here we go.
As we all think so.
Rhyming for us is so much fun
We do not care if we've reached a ton.
The four of us will keep it up.
Without the chance of winning a cup.
Grammie you seem to always be.
Keeping us going for all to see.
Poetry in motion has joined us now.
So every please take a bow.
Come on girls lets all see.
If we can mke each other laugh,hee hee.
Mar 19, 2009
BB's Memories says:
you girls are too much fun
so we will rhyme yol the set of sun
your talents are many
of rhynmes we have plenty
so keep those words flowing
and we will keep on going
will have grandkids today
so busy i will stay
company tomorrow
so time i will have to borrow
keep on rhyming like crazy'
and don't be lazy
the three of you are really great
now i am going to bake

Mar 19, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
have a nice day.
traloo tralay.
family first.
C U soon....
Mar 19, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
Off to do some shopping
So I won't be around
But I'll rush to the computer
As soon asI'm back in town.
While the family gets ready
I'll rush through the site,
Seeing all the new scraps
And a couple of praises I'll write.

Happy day to all three.
Good luck with the baking.
May family time be fun
With lots of picture taking.
(Oh, little dust bunny
Under the bed you just stay
Out of my reach,
But I'll get you someday...)
Mar 19, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
got a few days of work see.
Gonna spend it resting tee hee.
Sat at my computer during the day.
He shouts up, What did you say?
I roll my eyes, he does not listen.
As if l said look at the doesn't it glisten.
He wouldn't know his left from his right.
Even though he tries on the computer with all his might.
He shouts at the screen.
And calls it names, hey been.
Can't work out why.
The computer doesn't know he's a nice guy.
Off my chair l ask him go out.
Leave me in peace there is no doubt.
He is hopeless at scrapping.
He is much better at mapping.
Mar 19, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
dont have a lot of time
carpet man here to clean my carpet
will return when I get back from the market
we are the great 4 and for whats more
we wont be on the floor we will be doing what is looking like more and more
will be back to drop a few lines
and hoping they rhyme, sometimes that isnt so, ho ho ho
Mar 19, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
(And all your dusty friends
who laugh and run
the broom is out
so ends the fun.
But you run and hide,
you grin and smirk.
You find it safe
where dust bunnies lurk.)
Mar 20, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
Digital scrapbooking is so hard in the choosing.
Gathering all the right supplies can be so confusing.
Candy, I don't know which,
Chips and dip (can I switch?)
And is pop or juice best for the musing?
Mar 20, 2009
Sk8tingmom says:
A lady by the name of Lynneyboo,
Pulled her daughter's dongle. It's true!!
The daughter threw a fit
Lynney said, oh s****!
I'm just a dongle pulling old shrew.

I apologize for the profanity. It will never happen again.

Mar 20, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
Mar 20, 2009
Sk8tingmom says:
In case you haven't seen Lynney's page about the dongle, go to her home page and take a look. She has a picture and an explanation.
Mar 20, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
ohhh hum that was pricless lolololol
oh a dongle she pulled alright
and daughter put up a fight
lynney is mad as a old hatter
she is trying to figure out what the
her daughter's room needs cleaned but
she seem's to think it gleam's
but the steam is pouring out of lynneyboo's ears about now, gave her till midnight or take flight with dongle

profanity it was but that is fine
when you have to rhyme then you use
what you can find
I dont think any toes we stepped on lets not worry
we are all in such a hurry that we read and laugh and rhyme while we have the time

Mar 20, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
OMG I will have to go check it out
Mar 20, 2009
BB's Memories says:
yesterday was quite busy
my schedule made me dizzy
had two graddaugters here for the day
quite busy we all three stayed
made lunch for company from missouri
then off to a wedding i had to hurry
came home and made cookies
with the help of two little rookies
supper was easy
the microwave stayed busy
went to bed before ten
was asleep by then'
missed all the rhyming from you guys
was really surprised
you all were quite busy I see
now there are maoe than we three
make it more fun
cause we are all on the run
this rhymin is tough
but can't get enough
will take time later to check out the page
mentioned here
hope it doesn't bring me to tears.
hope you all have a good weekend
and hugs to you all i send
i am glad to have you rhyming
keeps my light shining

Mar 21, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
well you certainly had me laughing you two...don't know about the old hatter and shrew ladies..but it is all in good fun.
Yes the dongle was pulled at 9.00am this morning. Bethany looked up from her duvet and then just covered her head again...Watch this space or the space on my page....
Mar 21, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Dongle mystery sounds like it is history
unless she strightens up her act
she won't get it back
it is put away in a big sack
trying to get her on track
Lynney is doing a great job on
teaching right from wrong
hope she doesnt have to use a prong
she would be safer if she sang a song
good luck with the dirty room
lets hope daughter hurried and got the broom
now lets hope she keep her room up so she wont be domed
Mar 22, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
flowers appeared on my chair.
from a daughter l thought didn't care.
A card as well was made with love.
Sent by her made in a room above.
Tears they came to my eyes
A tissue used to keep them dries.
Maybe it is a turning point eh?
To begin again on mothers day.....
Mar 22, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
OHHHHHH how sweet they are when they want to be
just as sweet as a honey bee
she will keep it clean I'm sure
but just keep after her
I'm so glad you and her are back on the same track
Let's hope the old her doesn't come back
Mar 22, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Gee Lynney the room is still clean
and you are in a gleam to see that
she can actually keep up the steam
one week is all you ask then dongle is back
what the heck should get more than that
at least she didn't lose the cat
she found her hat imagine that
done a good job lynney she cleaned her room
you didn't have to get the broom
keep it up and maintane and she will do the same
Mar 23, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
BUSY BUSY BUSY again I guess huh????
Okay that is fine I will wait for someone to post
Mar 24, 2009
BB's Memories says:
sorry ladies for being so slow
just don't seem to have any 'git up and go'
don't know where it fled to
all i can say is boo hoo boo hoo
have grandkids plus their friends
at least i know where everyone is
my house is like a motel
everyone has a key and comes to sit for a spell
that is good and bad
sometimes it makes me glad then sad
just need a break for a minute
then i ill get back in it
sorry about the lack of rhymes
i know everyone has busy times
so no excuse
for the lack of muse
that doesn't make sense i know
but the rhyming has to flow
i could use a bowl of ice cream
that would be a dream
but instead of that
will cook some supper and eat some fat.
will try to write more often
my words i will soften
take care you all
don't anyone fall
see you later
say good night to gator.
Mar 26, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Hi sweetie you are as welcome as tweetie
anytime you drop bye is fine, we know your life is full of kids and not time
we understand and always glad to see and read your rhyme and to see that you made time
oh I know the feeling my house is also real apealing
not as many as you anymore but use to be that and more
came for dinners they could smell a mile away and let me tell you they didnt stay away
kids and friend just like your place
that goes to show you things dont change just a different pace
good to see you are fine and that you are just short on time
will wait to see what is next for thee then will answer willfully
take care be fare dont despare you are there and we are here
have a good weekend if I dont here
Mar 26, 2009
BB's Memories says:
boy did my weekend start with a bang
went to an icecream party with the neeighborhood gang
icecream coming out my ears'
i ate more than all my peers
not good for the waistline
will worry about that someother time.
the party is over
and i am fuller than a tick on Rover
will be back tomorrow
so please don't sorrow
hugs to you all
have a great weekend ya'll.
Mar 28, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
ooh icecream l just love it.
My waistline will spread only a bit.
Don't like chocolate, tastes too strong.
Any other flavour can't be wrong.
Love pistachio, melon and orange tang.
Go by myself not with a gang.
Glad to see you enjoyed your day.
come on back and play, play, play.
Mar 28, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
hay you guys glad to see you
good to have a rhyme or two
I hope you nether had the flu
and nether one of you are blue
just busy with life and enjoying it to fullfill
Ice cream is good if is doesnt spill
if it does then you can still wear frills
but that not as good and all those flavors
the melon, orange tang, and you should bring the gang
everyone like ice cream so lets all scream for the taste it brings
you both take care and have a good week end and come stop by if you have the time please do
and leave a rhyme or two
Mar 28, 2009
BB's Memories says:
it is now 12;58 am here my dears
way past bedtime i do fear
just finished putting together a casserole
didn't even lick the bowl
it is for breakfast at church
for all the ingredients i had to search
potatoes and gravy,hot sausage and eggs
cheese please everyone begs
onions, celery and bell pepper too
just need to bake it then i am through
will wait till morning for that last bit
it has to be fresh so no one will have a fit
i cook a lot as you can tell
will gain another pound without fail
besides cooking i still scrap
helped the new bride crop pictures to post
she was quite pleased with herself while helping her i did host.
must close this ditty
before i get silly
good night to you all
this weekend have a ball
hugs hugs and more hugs
Mar 29, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh my suetta beat me to the rhyme this time ha ha
been a busy day wasnt sure if I could play
going to be short late and ready for bed
would rather rhyme instead but morning comes early tomorrow
will be ready to kick butt when I return
after I go to find our new pup
Mar 31, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
l'm off work today.
hip hip hooray.
still got cleaning and washing too.
l can hear you all saying poor you!
thought l would pop on here.
To try and bring you all good cheer.
Suetta and grammie glad to see.
you are keeping up your end tee hee!
weather here is quite grim.
No sun or shine quite dim.
Dog is barking and letting us know.
He is earning his keep, and putting on a show.
Going to scrap a picture or two.
so leave some rhyming up to you!

Mar 31, 2009
BB's Memories says:
this will be short
so please don't snort
my son is in alaska
please help me he aska
his house in texas sold
so we get to pack as we have been told
my sister and i and scrappy lou
will do what we are told to do
pack some dishes
and move his britches
the big stuff the guys will do wednesday
have to be through my the end of the thursday
he is trying to get home
but flights in alaska don't want to roam
the weather and the volcano have the planes grounded
so no where can transportation be founded
keeps me young trying to keep up
but i still ain't no young pup
gotta go gather boxes and tape
and go get busy for heavens sake
hugs to you and you and you
i love you all
i really do
Mar 31, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well lynney will be thinking of you
while you are off with work to do
sounds like suetta too
kids they just keep you running with some much to do
no matter how old they get and no matter how old they get
it just doesnt pay to throw a fit
keep them happy you wont have to slappie
moving is no fun but keeps you out of the sun
suette and scrappy lou do not work to hard you know what to do
just wanted to say hi to scrappy lou
was wondering what had happen to you
hadnt heard for a month a sundays
your where abouts thought maybe you were out checking on the pigs snout
okay getting crazy just stopped by to tell everyone hi
will check later for a little bit of a creator
maybe not everyone has got to do a lot
so I will check in later to see if there is a plot.
Mar 31, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
just wanted to add very slow forum
the only one active is the rhymer's
we maybe old timers but we can keep
up with the forum no matter how busy we are and so far we have been on top
hope this brings time and measure to the rest of the people that bring so much pleaure we have been on top so far
Mar 31, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
well multitasking woman we are.
Who needs a van wheb you have a car.
if l had time and lived nearer too.
l would be there for you.
Moving items that have to go far.
Haved to be packed so they do not jar.
Mothers are there for their kids all the time.
Never asking for payment not even a dime.
I wish you luck suetta my dear.
I hope the move goes well and you all cheer.
See you back here with us all.
Then you can rhyme and have a ball.
Mar 31, 2009
BB's Memories says:
at home and should be in bed
but here i go rhyming instead
got the small stuffed packed'
except for the kitchen i lack
still have tomorrow for sure
if my feet will just endure
i'm not getting older
just a lot bolder
that is a lie,
i could not be bold if i tried
you are all busy i know'
did you have time to play in the snow
we didn't get any
but some did a plenty
the tv is roaring in my ear
can't seem to concentrate i fear
guess i can't blame the tv
i can't concentrate when it is just me
need to find and ending rhyme
and close the store for a time.
hugs to you and hugs to me
my o my lets climb a tree
Apr 1, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
good to see we all come thru no matter what we have to do
we are good and understood when we
rhyme all the time
glad everyone is doing there thing
we all have a song to sing and none of it has a bling
we do get things done we cook and clean and take care of things
that is what we do best they could careless
but we love them and they love us
so lets try not to fuss we will do again what we have to do
and hope a rhyme or two comes thru
Apr 1, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Done some spring cleaning in my room.
thought the place needed a groom.
found some dust and found some grime.
hoovered away singing to pass the time.
going from room to room upstairs.
When l finish l'll eat eclairs.
One room l will not touch.
You've guessed it ladies, thanks so much.
Bethany boos'es the room just done.
got her to tidy it without the use of a gun.
Just got the spare room to spruce up a bit.
then the next one is the room l sit in quite a bit....
Oh that can wait till another day.
I want to scrap and rhyme. hip hip hooray.
Apr 1, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh gosh house cleaning, mine could use a steaming
that would really make it gleaming each room could use a broom
the house sure could use a groom
my hair I pull out and I would love to shout
clean me clean me oh please oh please
no one listen to my plea they just keep going as they please
I will show them who runs the boat I will just stop cooking and that will make them blot (lolol)
hungry they will get but I bet they won't budge a bit
okay off to scrap a page then to watch a little tv
will be back to see if anyone stopped by to take a peek
I will need to eat something before I get weak
good luck lynney with your clean house
suetta must be on the run out having some fun
she will pop in before days end for a rhyme, if she can make the time
her life if so full she can hardly
sling the bull
but she is happy and that is what counts
hope she dosen't ever stop to pout
okay guys let call it a day or night which ever it is
we will be here another day come what may

Apr 1, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh here we go again no rhyme since I don't when
I guess we are all out blowing in the wind
that is okay we are all busy with something
to bad we just can't sing a rhyme all the time
but we do okay and glad to be able to
we could be sick with the flu or not knowing what to do
will wait for you to rhyme a few and then I will chime right in when there is time
Apr 3, 2009
BB's Memories says:
well grammie you beat me to it
my brain is not working, not one little bit
been going since 6am
didn't get to bed before the sun was dimmed
the grandkids had trackmeets and homework
me, i sat around like a jerk
back to the airport tomorrow
going to england more time he could not borrow
i have three hard working sons
they work off their buns
took after their dad
not a spare moment to be had
me, i used to sleep but not anymore
at least now i don't snore
have my workshop tomorrow
hope to sell something so i won't sorrow
have everything ready
just need to contact betty
will probably not be back on til monday
if you are lucky i will check in sunday
til them take care
now go hug a bear
Apr 3, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Well Miss Suetta I knew you were tied up with something
never know what it is when you don't show up for a while
not ever sure if you are at the bottom of the pile
you just keep on a smile and love your family across the miles
you bring the kids close and you love your grandkids most
you are a grand host
will look for you on sunday if I dont see you then we will move on to monday
what ever day it is please stop by
me oh may you can fly and so can I
Apr 4, 2009
BB's Memories says:
hi grammie and a good weekend to you
got son on the plane and away he flew
didn't do my scrapping show
was to tired to go
will check in again soon
maybe sometimes afternoon
3 grandaughters here for the night
they are all asleep tight
Apr 5, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well weekend over and yes it was a good one
went to the casino for fun and tried to hit a big one
no such thing, but had fun and no luck
that is okay won't go back till the cows come home
okay Im gonna go more on Monday since this is Sunday
Apr 5, 2009
BB's Memories says:
grammie, glad you had fun,
sounds like you were on the run
my day has been productive for a change
got my scrapbook room rearranged
moved it all out to a larger room
now i can s crap til the rising of the moon
i did a baby album yesterday
start a wedding album Thursday
different colors this time
Tiffany Blue and black combined
lots of ribbon and lace
hope i can keep up the pace
the shower is April 19th
that gives me almost 2 weeks
weddings and babies are keeping me busy
seems like i am always in a tizzy
a group of friends are starting to meet
to support each other in getting weight off our feet.
i have school tomorrow with lainey
that girl can drive me zany
nanny, i have an idea she will say
then proceed to tell me how to do something her way
she is three goin on twenty
ideas she has plenty
guess i better get some reet
so tomorrow i will be at my best
Apr 7, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
sorry didnt ryme on monday had a heck of a day
suetta glad for your hobby room wish I had such a thing wouldnt mind using the broom
mine is stuck anywhere and everwhere
it is a real bear i swear
but that is alright someday I will care that I have somewhere to scrap
as long as my computer doesnt take a cr*p
Apr 8, 2009
BB's Memories says:
hello all
just coming to call
today has been normal
relaxed and informal
a visit to the doc on Thursday
just a routine visit to pay
lost 2 pounds this week
so less calories i will seek
2 is not many
but better than gaining any.
have a class reunion in this fall
hope by then have lost it all
got to get going on the wedding album soon
before i run out of fume
good hearing from you,'
hope your computer stays true
have a great night
now i am going out of sight.
Apr 8, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh my been awhile
I feel like I have walked a mile
house is torn up
putting in new tile
out a computer for two days
wow that was a real hard maze
don't know what to do
the whole house is a skew
so more later think I will find
a tater to eat and get off my feet
Apr 14, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well I just stopped by for rhyme
just cause I had the time
but no rhyme I find we are really getting behind
but that is fine I know we all don't have a lot of time
there is never enough to go around
by the time you drive all over town
and feed the brood and shine the shoes
by the time you get that all done you are ready for the booze and a snooze
well I will check tomorrow without sorrow
hope to see a rhyme or two
now I think I will go eat my stew and call it a night boo hoo

Apr 16, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
sorry l have not had the time.
to do a page or even a rhyme.
working a lot and cleaning the home.
even finding a place for my gnome.
will be back soon with a page or two.
then be able to see you too....
love and hugs to all of you here.
go and have a nice cold beer.....
Apr 18, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh lynney good to see you
sorry you have been to busy
but I havent had time either
house torn up new tile on the floor
been a night mere about ready to pull out may hair
it is almost done, think Monday will be the rising sun
it really hasnt been any fun
it is so nice have to think twice
before I brake the ice
Apr 18, 2009
Twice Yorked says:
Glad to meet you all
your limericks give me a tickle
so when I'm all blue
I know what to do
Come read limericks
to get me out of my pickle!
Apr 21, 2009
BB's Memories says:
so glad you found us
your visit is a must
we love new faces
to help us in the races
glad you are no more blue
so will try to keep those limericks coming through
grammie, i didn't die
no time for rhyming, don't know why
have done three albums in the last two weeks
some free time me thinks i will seek
gotta go for now, some ladies coming
weight loss support group (and i can't rhyme )
so guess i will go, i am out of time
Apr 21, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh suetta die I didnt think you did
I would of heard if we had to go dig
but glad to see you back even for a min or two
I know you have a lot to do so a rhyme now is really nice to see
hello new comer nice to me you too
you are welcome anytime your mood will be fine
we can make you forget you are blue
boo hoo hoo
okay I have to go, need to take it slow
will check back tomorrow on Wed.

Apr 21, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well it is a little more than a week
and I just didn't have time to take a peek
it looks like our link is getting weak
no one plays the forum anymore
that is really poor but understood
everyone has alot more than playing on the forum under there hood
maybe someday we will get it going again
it was a lot of fun and we were on a real run
but time and family over ride the forum me too on that but just love
time to read and write back
hope we can all see your way thru the track of life
I know that we all have to tend to our family
which comes first.....
so here is to rhymin and hope all my buddies are fine and can squeeze in a rhyme or just to say I'm fine
okay gotta go dinner in a few eating early kids are here, have no fear there is enough for everyone that is here
love ya all
May 3, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
sorry gals l amd so tired
working like a trojan so l don't get fired.
recession has hit us and the money is short.
staf are off so l am holding the fort.
Visitors last week wore me out.
Showing them cheshire and roundabout.
Will get back to a regular slot.
Then not to tired or too hot.
Finishing the garden and the porch.
Doing it in the dark also with a torch.
Be lenient please l am around.
not so chirpy l am abound.
rest and relaxation is what l want.
love and hugs. see you soon....
May 4, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh lynney a rhyme for ole times
so nice to see you are fine
your vacation pics are great
sound like you have a great time
thanks for stoppin in and taking your pen in hand
to give us a rhyme or two
suetta is swapped with her projects
she does more than anyone can endure
but she does it well and I think she is swell
hope she has time soon for a rhyme or a tune
she will swing in here one day
to play and we will all be ready to say
welcome back every body it is a rhymin time for all
we do have a ball when we rhyme
away our time
take care everyone until I hear from with another rhyme
May 4, 2009
BB's Memories says:
ok grammie, here am i
sorry, haven't had time to say hi.
busy making albums galore
have glued and pasted till my thumbs are sore
have sold a few here and there
that's good, cause my check book is bare.
have another booth saturday all day
then after tha maybe i can play.
i miss the rhymes
they make my heart chime
you all don't think i am gone
lost my thought so guess i will go
will try to get back sooner next time
so keep thinking of something to rhyme.
hugs suetta
May 4, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh i need to do a rhyme, not feeling well and this is truly not the time
will be back when the flu bug get's
packed, and hits the tracks
until later
May 7, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
still feeling poorly, throat sore and head full
and that is no bull so this will be short
will be back to check in but wont stay long
May 7, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well Im here for a sec had to stop by what the heck
still not up to par but I just thought this by far is better than
looking at the stars
geez not sure what that means, it rhymed so it seams
okay head is throbing from the cold
going to go stick it in a hole
not that it would help better than a big yelp
May 8, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Not feeling to good toady.
What is wrong l hear you say.
Sciatica and cartilage knee.
Hurts when l bend or go for a pee.
Taking pills left right and centre to ease the pain.
Hopefully soon will see the gain.
If not it is off to the docs.
to see if he can sort out the lock.
Old age creeping my sons say.
Not that they get a pain during the day.
Can't sit too long, cos can not get up.
Legs feel like a gangly pup.
l'll be back you know it for sure.
Hoping the doc, can find a cure...
May 12, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
hello world happy Saturday
it looks like we have all run astray
we sure arent here to play
lynney not feeling good grammie is under the weather suetta is cleaning with a feather
we are all going in different directions
but where ever we are it is sure perfection
someday we will all get in one place and have a rhymin good time
at least we are all doing fine
we are in hopes suetta is doing fine
havent seen or heard in a long time
but sure we would of heard from the SBF herd if she wasn't
okay off for a while be back with a smile
May 16, 2009
BB's Memories says:
hello grannie and glad you stopped by
i am always on the fly,
just got home from hosting a scrapping day
so all i have done all day is play
had doctor checkups all week
takes to much time those appintment to keep
am low in vitamin d
so 1000 units a day to balance me
the oncologist called with concerns about reports'
seems like tumor activity is trying to sport
go for a pet scan on saturday to check
if there is cancer activity somewhere on deck
that was news i could have done without
but guess i will have it checked out no doubt
has been 14 years on march ll
i could use another 14 before going to heaven
just will keep on rhyming and scrapping
and lit my toes do some toe tapping
just finished a wedding album today
well need to do laundry and dust
before everything turns to rust
take care of yourself my dear
and we will keep rhyming ib here
hugs to you
and don't be blue
a new rhyme i will soon send to you

May 16, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well guess i had better leave a short rhyme
we are trying to keep a flow
it is going really slow
but at least we try to keep in tune
to let everyone know that we are
around, safe and sound
just things to do and not much time
chores family and maybe a rhyme
well that is it for now have to go to town
will be back to keep on track
take care, cause we make a good pair
May 18, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Well we are on a roll again my friend
so here comes a rhyme to let the day begin
that does not rhyme
maybe i will get it in time.
my brain is numb
no i did not say dumb
am too busy to think
what i really need is a drink (water)
had better get wound down
or my hubby will frown
i need to sleep
so guess i will try to count sheep
bout to break my jaws yawning
so will check out til dawning
grannie take care
and rhyming we will continue to share
now go hug a bear
May 19, 2009
BB's Memories says:
ok grammie, i am the winner here
hope this finds you full of cheer
don't know what i am doing up
can't even blame it on the pup.
time for coffee but i don't like it
so guess i will just relax and sit'
one two three, come sit with me
456 come help me climb this tree
789 let's climb this vine
we wil make it in due time''
you know this makes no sense'
will now go sit on the fence
it's time to close
will go fold some clothes
maybe not that sounds like work
and doing laundy makes me shirk
don't tell me that's not a word
if not it is now
gotta go and milk the cow.
hugs to you from me
going now to climb a tree

May 20, 2009
KDHenson1973 says:
is the game done?
reading the post was fun.
I was going to give it a try
but you all said good bye.

May 23, 2009
BB's Memories says:
good bye for now not forever,
we will keep writing with great endeavor
glad to see you join us here
just keep on writing and have no fear
we will rhyme for fun
until the rhyming is done.
grammie is usually right on time
don't know what has happened to her rhyme.
gotta go for now but will return'
hopefully, the toast doesn't burn
hugs suetta
May 23, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh suetta have no fear I am here
sorry for the scare was off having
fun with the brood had a grad and we
were all sooo glad she came thru with
flying colors
she is the last to graduate everyone
has already passed her in the flight
of the future
I was at my son's so we could celebrate with her
Im going to go rest a bit the trip wore me out
will try to get back to give a shout not rhyming to good and that is what it is all about
Im here and not to worry anymore
was just off doing my grandmotherly chores.
May 24, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
been a busy week to busy to streak
so busy it is making me weak
going to the kids again this week a baby shower coming up
getting ready for our new little butter cup
so havent had much time to rhyme
will be short and fine
hope to leave some kind of rhyme
before I leave
if not will return on Sun hopfully I
can leave some love then or who know's when
May 27, 2009
BB's Memories says:
hello grammie, what can i say
i will write a rhyme if i may
the kids are all sleeping
me, i am up creeping
trying to be quiet
don't want to cause a riot
had a busy day
so no time for play
today will be slow
have no place to go
the grandkids made cookies to eat
for me that was a nice treat
hope you slow down soon
so time for scrapping you will have room
i may try another rhyme sometime today
for now have nothing else to say
take care and relax
be sure and get all the facts
from friend to friend
this iss the end
(of this rhyme)
May 28, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
good to hear a rhyme from you time to time
I love your rhymes they make me shine
just like a cold glass of wine
sounds like you are having a grandkid sleep over
they will keep you young for sure
that is pure a simeple fact they just keep coming back
nothing like grandma and grandpa's house
it seems like every generation has a
special grandma and grandpa they love more that any creation
just wait until the great grandkids come along
thing don't change any they just keep rollin along that sorta sounds like a song lolol
yes i have slowed up a bit this week got cought up
thought we were going to a baby shower but mama is in the hosp so not
sure if we are going to have a baby or not
so no shower no trip this week end so I will rest

May 28, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well there was a trip baby didnt give up ship
so we had a shower mama came back home with all the power
good for baby not due for a month
so better she stay put and give up the hunt
okay gotta go have to put things away
then maybe just stay and play
not sure what the hay tired for sure
ready for a cure, rest would work, no baby for a month will rest till then
geez this make no sense at all rhymin not my thing right now just cant think it really stinks so maybe better later so bye for now
Jun 1, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
hey l am back, but still in pain.
Scrapping is the only thing to keep me sane.
Rest and relax the doctor says.
or in future l will be wearing stays.
God it hurts to sit for long.
got to get a lap top, that is going for a song.
Time for a pill or two right now.
See you later, when l've mopped my brow...
Jun 1, 2009
BB's Memories says:
you two sound busy and in pain
glad scrapping and rhyming keeps you sane
don't know what works for me
i am an insane can be
rhyming keeps me busy
and scrapping has me in a tizzy
if doctors would leave me alone
i could work to the bone
waiting for a call on test results
are they in a hurry, no not much
all my grankids are gone this week
but next wee nanny's house they will seek
and trust me they will find it
no doubt in my mind ont one little bit
lynney you take care
and your pain pills don't dare share
grannie, put up your feet and rest
you two are the very best
Jun 1, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh lynney sorry you are having a painful issue
we need to wrap you in soft tissue
suetta rest while kids are gone
you are right they will seek gramma
they will come and take a peek as they seek
looking for something good to eat
but you have to love them even if there feet stink lol
lynney take and don't share you will need your meds to repair
i need to put up my feet for they are swelling up from all this heat
okay everyone take care will be back later
glad to see a rhyme from you two it has been a while lynney
to see you back made me smile
suetta pop's in now and then
when time allows a rhyme or two
look forward to seeing something from someone
it means alot if even if there is no plot
hugs to all
Jun 2, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Well, it has been fairly slow
not many places to go
it is not going to stay that way
son and three kids are coming to stay
will be fun
but we will stay on the run
family reunions upcoming
amd doctors appointment keep coming
no albums to work on for the moment
have finished them all for (can't think of a rhyme)
i may be slow rhyming for a week or two
will drop by and say boo
don't think i am going to quit
not on you life, not one little bit
take care you two
for tonight my rhyming is through
hugs suetta
Jun 4, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
ooops didnt stop by and almost mist the scoop
hope you have fun with your son nice
for him to come by an spice up your life
work is done now you can go sit in the sun
wait for the dr's appts and your son
will check in later sure dont need a sweater hot a hhhh here in AZ going to go crazy
Jun 5, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Guess who has the start of a tan.
you are wrong it is not my man.
l have sat and rested for two whole days.
Eyes that shut and are all glazed.
Me that is who has got a tan.
Jun 5, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Good for you
for tanning too
resting is good
i really should
but with everything in motion
i don't often get the notion
you would think i would be skinny
but extra weight i have plenty
glad to hear from the two of you
we will keep rhyming until the rhyme is through
Jun 5, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
I hope the rhyme will never be through
it make my day how about you
love to read our rhymes I know it takes time
but we seem to make it work even if it seems to perk and we know no jerks
so it is up to us to make a big fuss
at least none of us has to take a bus
okay going to run have to fix dinner
that sounds like fun
make home made buns so will rhyme more later hon's
Jun 5, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Still popping the pills.
Feel l am full to the gills.
Xrays done and got the knowledge.
Got to eat less food even my porridge.
Pain in the but and pain in the hip.
feels like it is giving me jip.
doctor says take care and lose weight.
Or with the surgeon you'll have a date.
Wear and tear it is and more.
Osteoarthritus has anyone a cure?
I am not going to sit and mope.
I'm built of stronger stuff so l will cope.
Love and hugs from me to you...
Go on make a limerick and join the queue..
Jun 9, 2009
BB's Memories says:
you two sneaked these two by me
so will try to rhyme and catch up with thee
my son is in from Englan for a spell
with him and kids all is well
he leaves from here to places unknown
glad he has a telephone
husband leaves for a family reunion Friday
won't be back until late in the day sunday
i'm having some medical work done
so i can't be on the run
my sister will be here with me
and we will scrap until we can't see
lynneboo, sorry about your pain
losing weight is hard, it is esaier to gain
hang in there, you are tough
of your friendship, i can't get enough
grammie, the rhymes will not stop
we have to much to say so will not let it drop
will be gone tomorrow helping someone
cleaning a house, sounds like fun
your two take care
and your friendship i will share
hugs to both of you
my rhyming for the night is through
Jun 10, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
so glad to see you are both here and rhyming I fear will not be cut short
like a old pig I will snort
and like a ship in port I will leave
my brand and everyone can clap there hands
well that is the best I can do for this time
I just can't think of any rhyme's
so I will leave it as it falls
to bad it is to late to go to the malls
have a good nite sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite
Jun 10, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well here I am it has been a couple of days
it all seems like a haze it went by so fast
it feels like someone kicked me in the ***
been very very busy and in a big tizzie
hubby was in an accident he is okay
but still kinda dazed
so wasnt on here for a while just been a crazy mile
okay more later hope things are fine
and you guys are going to rhyme
if you dont that is okay it will be some day
Jun 12, 2009
BB's Memories says:
had my doctor visit today
every rhing went a0k
looks like the preecedure may work
if so my feet will no longer hurt
go back nextt week for the rest of the job
excited to know cause it it don't work i will sob
grammie, glad hubie is ok
would hate to have his away.
i should be sleeping
but you kow me, i m up creeping
would like to be scrapping
but to busy yapping
just trying to think of words that rhyme
something like framkenstein
one two this rhyme won't do
unless you know someone named Sue
well golly gee
that would be me
grammie loves cake
and really likes to bake
linney love cookies
and she ain't no rookie
sue loves chicken and ice cream
having all she wants would seem like a dream
the bight is dark and dreary
when the sun comes up it will make me cheery
the dogs are barking a lot
gonna put them on a dot
the cats are hissing
the dogs they go missing
forgot what i was thinking
this rhyme is fast sinking

Jun 13, 2009
BB's Memories says:
one two
don't think i am through
three four
sure there is more
five six
you get the sticks
seven eight
go buy some fish bait
nine ten
let this be the end
hugs to you both

Jun 13, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well here I am it has been a long while
but I come wearing a smile
the forum is and has been very quite
just been busy and working on other things
some are a real pain so I guess everyone here is as busy as can be
but there has to be time for other things than the forum and scrap pages
sometimes it doesnt seem like there is anymore important things than a forum or scrap pages
but guess what there is and some have to go make wages, lol
okay things are fine here with me
just had to stop by a see
if anyone was around or had been here
but not not so far they are off running around in there car
errands appointment shopping hopping
there is just no stopping
so will see you soon need to go buy a spoon.
Jun 19, 2009
BB's Memories says:
was closing off and going rto bed
but saw this and will answer insted
dwill be very short
case typing is no ssoprt'
;pve tp upi md jisgs frp,

see sdyou later
by the sea
Jun 20, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
hi ya looks like your finger weren't doing to good last nite
you should of held on tight for all your might
i had to laugh your post hit me like a splat
i chuckled out loud and was feeling very proud
that you were so tired but yet you went a head and posted instead of gong to bed
Jun 20, 2009
BB's Memories says:
will try again and type slower
maybe mistakes will be a little lower
don't count on it
i'll type a little bit
then it will be time to quit
go get in my chair and just sit
tomorrow is father's day'
all my kids will be here for a stay
cooking roast and roasted potatoes
salad with lots of tomatoes
roasted squash from the garden
then have chocolate cake to the pardon
enjoy you day'
drop by and say hey'
hugs to you
and best wishes to'
to our friendship
i ill remain true
Jun 21, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
going to be a quite day kids are all away
except one and she is here and gave him a beer
along with a huge box of see's candy his fav
im in the back ground with a big wave
some for me too
an no boo hoo hoo, that probably good
i dont need to eat but will have to sneak it
at least one piece wont be able to stand it
love it the most
okay off to be the host with the most
more later, happy day enjoy your kids
Jun 21, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
wow it has been a while but im here with a smile
no rhyme this time will leave some next
Jun 28, 2009
BB's Memories says:
I am trying to get to bed
But had to make sure i was fed
Going now to close my eyes
Get up tomorrow and eat french fries
Jun 29, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
you get up tomorrow and eat french fries and I will get up and make hair ties
then maybe some pies hope something doesnt get in my eyes
it has been so long I can rhymin is no song
but I will get the hang of it before long
have a good nite and you try to sleep tight
will look for you again hope we can take a spin with rhymin
when we both have time we will be right there and we wont miss a rhyme
Jun 29, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
rhymin sure takes up a whole lot of timin
maybe they are all out lookin for diamonds lol
but more likely they are busy with family
we all know that takes a lot timin more than anyone of us has
so we all choose to pass with the forum for now
i will jump in now and then to spit out a rhyme for just for ole times
you all just do what you can do, suetta said she would return when school was back in
well dont blame her a bit, she has alot to take care of and she wont abandon ship
so rhyme when you can we all understand
take care will be back to check and see, what the heck, it couldnt hurt somebody might have choose to insurt a quick little rhyme when they have time
Jul 9, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Carol Carol, here i am,
I seem to always be in a jam.
When all my kids lived in the Outback
I always wanted to crack
Now they are all right here
I try to stand up and cheer
I love them all dearly,
But getting to old sincerely.
The grandkids help out'
Just always about.
The youngest is three
And moves around like a bee.
She is in then she is out
but always about.
I have a ladies group coming at six
So guess I better go get myself fixed.
Have a great week
And at your next rhyme I will take a peel
Jul 9, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
OMG it is so nice to see you it has been for ever
but that is okay I will take it better than never lol
this is going to be short, just giving you a snort
will try to come back in a while
but if I don't I will leave a smile
take care and I am running the mile today
Jul 10, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Here l am as well you two.
Can't get rid of me l stick like glue.
Feeling better my joints not aching
Not anything to do with the cakes l'm baking.
Apple cider vinegar and honey l drink.
Tastes not bad, but don't have stink.
Supposed to work on your joints and weight.
Gonna try and get down to a size 8....
glad to see you have kept your end up Carol.
Love and hugs Carol and Brenda....
Jul 10, 2009
BB's Memories says:
hey you wo
everyone probably thought e were through
we fooled them
and jumped out on a limb
saw anoter doc today
told me i need to eat hay
oh well it rhymed
and so that makes it just fine
granddaughter lainey wants to scrap
so guess i will run before i get slapped.
hugs to you both
catch you later
Jul 10, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Is it time for Limericks part 4?
takes ages for this to open....
Jul 11, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
everyone who stops by to leave a rhyme
you will find us a #4 just knock on the door
Lynnie was running slow, so we had to find a way for her to leave more
so now she is back in business she can rhyme until she has to hit the sack
will be looking for ya all hope before fall
Jul 13, 2009
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