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BB's Memories says:
Limericks anyone Part 4
It is not truly limericks anymore, just rhyming and haing a good time. come join and show us your talent.
Jul 11, 2009
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scrappin-grammie says:
Well Well Well a new neighborhood
scared me thought you guys left me
came to rhyme and there was no rhymes
went to see what happen and there was four what happen to three
so went to see, found it with lynnie and suetta still hanging out in the ole neighborhood, and lynnie is trying to move to new one, so here we are not to far we didnt need a car
glad we are all still together
we will be thru stormy weather cause we are the group
we have been together the longest
so that makes us the stronges
okay we are all on the same page
glad lynnie is doing good in the new neighborhood
she is seeking a size 8 so she better drink her potion and hope it
doesnt stink.
suetta glad to hear you are good and that you are scappin with the kids
what a super nanna you make these little ones of your are just so blessed to have a nanna like you
take care good to be together again
Jul 11, 2009
BB's Memories says:
lineriks number one
At the end thought we were done
Then along came 2,
surely this time we are through
But when we were asleep
number three came with a beep.
now look where we score
This is umber four.
have a good one you two.
Jul 11, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
of good we are on our.
only us three knocking at the door.
maybe a challenge might enthrall
others to come with us and have a ball.
Suetta and grammie are two with me
who try to have fun with group 1,2,3.
come on gals and lads and kids
give us a rhyme and join in the bids
to see how long this one can go.
Maybe 5, 6 or 7 ho ho ho
Jul 12, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh my goodness it has a been awhile
well here Iam with a great big smile
thought I had better leave a few words
okay you two where are you all I know probably busy with one thing or all
how is your weather??? HOT!!!!!
could almost boil a pot on that spot
Let me hear from you even if it is short
pour a glass of port and rhyme a minute or two while you have a short snort
Jul 15, 2009
BB's Memories says:
will take a minute to say boo
what are the two of you up to.
just finished feeding 5 kids
Right about now i'm taking bids
The bidding start for free
for that amount you can have three
for a quarter you can have more
at least that will give you four
maybe i can handle one
then we all can have some fun.
the kids are good
i am just getting old, understood.'
gota go load dishwasher now
before i forget how.
hugs to you and you
this rhyme is almost through
please don't cry
i'll return in the by and by
Jul 15, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
okay where is everyone at and how is the pack?
just stop by to see if anyone was home someone said they would be right back
it has been a while so I just stopped by with a smile
to let you all know that im fine
wish i was off in the pines it is hot hot hot
could cook your pot on the walk way
and wouldnt even have to pay
so im being like a bear and staying in and keeping cool dont even have a pool
we only have month to go and then we will be hopfully cooling off
and being able to go outside and stop be a hermit
well gotta go will be back soon need to go stir my dinner with a spoon

Jul 19, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
well here i am checking in to see how my little hens are doing
hope they are not in the pot stewing
well we are all really busy or just plan burnit out
hope we can keep it alive just for the sake of pride
we have done so well it would be to bad to throw it in the well
well hope all is good with my two sisterhoods
will check back later or in a few days hope this bring everyone a happy face
Jul 28, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Today is actually a slow day for me
So just resting for the time to be
Sunday was a toughie for pain
Could have cried all day with nothing to gain.
There are days a wheelchair sounds good
But trying to keep walking as best i could
Will try not to complain
Don't want to drive you all insasne.
The weather is nice
Could use a cup of ice
Gotta go now and clean the table
Will wash the dishes since I am able.
hugs to you both
Jul 28, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh suetta what a nice suprise, stopped by and to my demise
I find you had been here I see with my eyes
and you left some sweet lovin to bad
it wasnt somethin from the oven (im hungry) lol
not good new with pain like that
im sure it is nothing you choose
well you just take it easy and do
what you can do
stop by when you can, will look for you every now and then.
take care hope the pain goes away
we know it isnt but we can pray
going now love and hugs
watch out for the bugs
Jul 30, 2009
BB's Memories says:
grammie thanks for caring
i am not the only one with pain bearing.
i should not complain,
i have a good life with lots to gain,
my family is great and friends are many
so loads of love i have a plenty
you are one of the best
you always pass the test
today is slow
so i am scrapbooking you know
making a baby album for a shower
the colors are black/white/lime green (what power)
the colors make it a challenge i'd say
but i will make it come what may
have a great day
will talk again soon
it is already afternoon
vbs starts sunday
so have to get it together before the fun day
hugs for now
and love to you
will return soon
to say howdy do.
Jul 30, 2009
BB's Memories says:
just a short note
so i can say i wrote
just finished a set of three
turned out really pretty for a baby he
colors were strange i'd say
but they are not mine so hey
gotta go rest a spell
trying to get my foot well
4 weeks to try physical therapy
then if no progress
it looks like surgery.
boy i am excited
can't you tell
hugs to you
my rhyne us through
Aug 1, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh boy two up on me I better get busy eeee
hadn't been on all day just trying to get some things done but what the hay
glad you were able to stop by for a bit
before you had to quit and rest a bit
hope the foot is better and you throw surgery out the door and dont find yourself on the floor
glad the book turned out fine you are right the color sounds like not mine
but again it is not yours or mine so it will be fine
they will like it when they see it
so be it
will check on you later have a good evening
Aug 1, 2009
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
hi you two see it is just us eh?
no one else, they must be working hey?
Gardening and tidying has been the order of the day.
Peter thinks l am his slave, no way.
will find time l promise you.
to come on here more to do
lymerics and games to have fun.
to see others write and see them run.
Around our site from page to page.
Where they are next l have to gage.
Well see you soon, l have to go.
Back a little later, to scrap, play and sew...
bye for now.....
Aug 3, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Always good to hear from the two of you
We will keep on rhyming until the three of us are through
I have VBS this week
So lots of rest I am going to seek.
Doing crafts with K - 5th grade,
They keep you busy with crafts they made.
Lynn, sounds like you are busy,
Don't get yourself in a tizzy.
Grammie, you take care of you
Just keep on rhyming please do.
Will go for now and take a nap
Glad I can cause I am old as sap.
Don't know what that meant
but it rhymed.
See you again at closing time.
Aug 3, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
it is late and Im about thru but had to stop bye to see you two
love ya both a bunch didnt think of two but had a hunch Id find you. Lynnie girl what suprise couldnt beleive my eyes
sounds like we are all busy as bees
if we arent carful it will bring us to our kneew
okay stayed longer than I thought
now I have to go stir the pot
until tomorrow without sorrow I will be back and hope on track
see you again
Aug 3, 2009
BB's Memories says:
good evening to the two of you
my rhyming for the day is through
three more nights of vbs
it's really not hard, just getting old i guess
tripped today and pulled a muscle
keep on going and i will have to shuffle.
need to pick up my feet
or going to find myself beat
will say good night
and see you in the morning light.
Aug 4, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh gosh I guess I'm falling behind
hope no body minds, it will be fine
we all walk such a stright line
it is hard to keep up just try your best and put it to a test an it will get done and we will all have fun
hope this fines one all well
Aug 7, 2009
BB's Memories says:
Aug 7, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Im going to bed it is late
I just stopped by to check I hate to leave and not rhyme, but next time
we can rhyme.
Aug 8, 2009
BB's Memories says:
up again and cannot sleep
have 9 am doc appointment i have to keep
then i will be sleepy
and will feel quite weepy
will lay down soon
and wish i could sleep til noon
have surgery scheduled for tuesday
if i pass the physical thursday
i tripped and detached my achilles tendon
and fixing it is going to be ________
am having second thoughts about it
my mind is giving me fits
am weighing the pros and cons
and the list for both is very long.
the parkinsons' is really complicating the procedure options
i am getting to old for these _______
just running my thoughts on paper
so just ignore my writing caper
have to be at the doctor at 9
so better relax my nind
will check in when i get back hope to have enough info to not make a joke
this doesn't make sense but neither do i
so just read it and sit down and cry
for now will tell you bye
and go close my sleepy eyes.
hugs to both of you
your friendship to me is true
Aug 13, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh my poor suetta, how much more can you take
maybe you should just sit down and eat a steak before make a decision besure to have a peice of cake
it will make the mind more clear
doesnt do much for the waist but who care at a time like this any comfort is bliss
hang in there let me know what you decide
will be think of you and hoping for a good result
hugs a mighty
Aug 14, 2009
BB's Memories says:
ny family doctor recommended i go the surgery route
i was so excited i wanted to shout
she said i had a strong will
and the quality of life would my days fill.
i'm not excited but going for it
will need lots of support while i sit and sit.
going to be a long 24 weeks
my sanity i will try to keep.
first 8 weeks totally off my foot
just hope i can do it without giving in to it.
second eight weeks in a boot
i can do that easy as a hoot
3rd 8 weeks, physical therapy
that will be a toughie after sitting
ans ''
my rain is fried
can't think anymore
so going to bed
and get some peace for my head.

Aug 14, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
good luck good spirit good frame of mind
it all sounds just fine and you are the kind that will pull this thru
and wont even need any brew (lol)
it will be tough even thou you wont
need a muff your boot will have to do skip to ma lou
OMG this is not makeing any sense at all so i guess i will go to mall (not)
hang in there butterfly shoot for the ski keep your chin high if you get low just go eat a peice of pie
okay im out here still not making any sense, will check back to see how you bee
Aug 14, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
okay what the hay going to rhyme and hope within time
suetta is going to stop by if just for a min hopfully her health will permit it
miss you if you were closer i would come a hug you
this comes with love and hope that you are going to be on the slopes before long
wish this would bring a painless greeting but i know different
take care girl friend.
Aug 22, 2009
BB's Memories says:
just a quick note
sorry i haven't "wrote'
will continue later when more time I can sit at the puter
looking for more time to ------
can't think of words to rhyme
so will try again another time.
Sep 2, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
oh you sweetie pie you didnt have to stop by
I know it wasn't easy but you are out to pleasie (lol)
love having you here and hope for more without fear
you take care maybe you should eat some pear's
geez it has been to long I can't even sing this song
glad we could meet again hope you can take another spin
Sep 3, 2009
BB's Memories says:
well now it is time to start the rhymes.
hope some of you will find the time.
my thinking cap is running slow
but will do the best with what i know.
busy lives and health declines
makes it hard to walk the line.
life is good and friends are many
so share a smile with friends aplenty'
good night to all
please give a call
see you tomorrow
with time to borrow.
Nov 10, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
okay here we go, let start the show
it is so good to have suetta back
she has been off stage for a while and that is not her style
but if things go right and she can find it right we will continue for a long long while and hope we can do it with a smile
and all the while she will be rhymin in style
lets keep them going my sweet friend and hopefully we can lure everyone back in
take care for now you know how
hugs carol
Nov 10, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
dear suetta I stopped by to check thinking maybe you were here by heck
I do hope things are going good for you
man I hope you stayed healthy and didn't this darn flu
miss you a lot I get very blue when I check here and you were not here boo hoo
hope the knee is healing and you are feeling no pain
just the strain of being unable to do what you want
okay will check in some other time hope this finds you feeling fine
Dec 7, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
Well it is over and Santa is back in the snow
Sure glad he made a show, I hope yours was what you wanted and mow, and the kiddies made your day come what may
gosh it has been a while but just wanted to stop by and hope it would make you smile
when you read this I know that you will think of a rhyme and place in here with mine
someday we will get it all together no matter what
not trying to put you on the spot
just when ever you feel fill the pot with rhyme any ole time
hope you had a merry christmas and ole sant nick was good to one and all

Dec 26, 2009
BB's Memories says:
WOW 2009 we made many a rhyme
Don't know where we found the time.

Now it is 2010 my friend,
And we can start all over again.

The end of the year has been rough
But all in all I am pretty tough.

Will start the New Year giving thanks
For friends like you who fill in the blanks.

Can count on you to be faithful
So thank you Carol, for you I am grateful.

Must close for this time
But will be back soon with another rhyme.

hug from Texas
filled with hugs and xxxxxx's
Dec 26, 2009
scrappin-grammie says:
suetta dear freind thank you for the words you send they mean alot
it is late so i will make this a short slate
we can make a date to rhyme again
hugs and kisses
Jan 5, 2010
BB's Memories says:
sorry, have not checked for a few days
let to many things get in my way.

hope you are doing well
let me know, please do tell

it is cold as a whale trying to wink
so can't rhyme because by brain won't think.

i know, this rhyme stinks

take care of you and i will take care of me
see you soon before time can flee.
Jan 13, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
wow what a surprise, mgs and rhyme all at the same time
im so tickle i think i will go eat a pickle (lol) glad to hear from you get sad when i come back to rhyme but that is fine within time we will try to get back in line
with life and illness it seems like there is just no time
we know each other is around and all we have to do is hunt around town
(SBF) that is
okay take care keep in touch I will do much more than i was cuz i will have a little more time to rhyme
Jan 14, 2010
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
l have been away and now l am back to stay
Wanting to pick where l left if only l can get the drift...
l see others write
Almost every night
l wish l was able
to just sit still at the table
A womans work is never done
So off l go before l begun
see you all later on
cos SBf is number 1
Apr 13, 2010
BB's Memories says:
I wish you had the time
To daily make a rhyme,

Enjoy where you are in seasons of time,
You will then have plenty of time to make lots of rhymes.

I have lived my summer, spring and fall,
Now winter is here and I am having a ball.

My life is full of love, family, and friends,
I will live it fully until the end.

I will rhyme daily on here
If someone will answer without any fear.

Friends here are super great
I glad I have them to keep me straight.

Have a wonderful day
Glad you dropped by to say hey.
Apr 13, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
rhyme rhyme never goes away we just stay a away
good to see my two great buds hoping this doesn't turn into a dud, Suetta it has been awhile glad to see you, wish i could see you smile
Lynniepoo see you all the time on our second home you didnt rome to far i see you are back
what a impack
Suetta does this mean you are doing better
haven't heard anything different i hope you are
getting along
it has been awhile we need to keep up on our rhyme if we all have the time.. so we can smile
I will be back to check on you guys and to see if you have been around
or if you are out on the town....
Apr 14, 2010
BB's Memories says:
hello grannie may
hopefully i am here to stay,
doing no worse and no better
just trying my best to keep it together.
good to hear from you and boo
we will rhymy this time til we are all through
gotta go now so will say bye
talk again later to say hi
Apr 14, 2010
BB's Memories says:
good morning all a big hello
could not sleep so to my computer i did go.

rhyming words are coming slow
my brain is not yet had time to go.

hit the wrong key and almost posted early
this rhyme is getting a little squirrely.

guess i should go back and try to sleep
before this poem gets way to deep.

drop by and join a poem with me
don't want to get stung by a bee.

it is late and i am not thinking well
you can tell by the way this poem would not sell

will talk and rhyme more later
got to go feed the alligator.

Apr 16, 2010
MaryWonder says:
Just popped in to say hello
And here I see good rhymes on show

You ladies here are oh so clever
I'll give it a try with much endeavor

BB I hope your alligator got fed
I'm sure I'd approach him with dread

Had a busy day at work today
But the weekend is on it's way

Looking forward to a relaxing time
Sure do hope the sun will shine

It seems strange to hear you say it's morning
Nightime has arrived here with out a warning.

Nearly time to go to hit the sack
But never fear I'll be back

Tomorrow is another day
to visit SBF & play

Night all
Hugs Mary

Apr 16, 2010
BB's Memories says:
wow how good to read some rhymes
they make my days feel like sunshine.

sbf is a good place to play
can just stay in and play all day

i love to organize anything
it gives me pleasure and makes me sing.

got to go my show is on
so will keep moving right along.

hugs brenda
Apr 16, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
thanks for your message I love hearing from you
and of course your rhyme too..... this is going to be short even thou I haven't had any port, it is late and I need to go get some cake....
so we can play at another date, take care we are still a great pair
Apr 16, 2010
BB's Memories says:
good night sleep tight
don't let the bed bugs bite,

haven't thought of that in years.
it almost brings a tear.

glad you got my note
i wrote it while my hubby was feeding the goats.

they are snow white
and the little ones really like to fight.

they are tiny in size
we have 22 of them to my surprise.

we used to have cows, chickens, and pigs.
but gave them all up and got goats who eats figs.

that is all true though is sounds quite silly,
if you don't believe me just ask my husband billy.

gotta get going so the night can start flowing
morning will come and it won't be snowing.

to you carol i send hugs and rhymes
to keep you happy until the end of time.

Apr 17, 2010
BB's Memories says:
just a short note to all who read this thread,
it is nice to hear a rhyme before going to bed.

so feel free to join the fun,
and help us rhyme til the rising of the sun.

SBF members are really artistic and sweet,
but rhyming is also fun and neat

we can do both if i could type
this simple rhyme has taken quite a swipe.

just do the best you can
but if the weather is hot,
sit under a fan

hugs brenda
Apr 17, 2010
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Crumbs as l scroll down to see
you pair have been a busy bee
Skint l am, no money to my name
Buying an Apple computer is the game
daughter needed for her University
Thinks money grows under the apple tree
got a bargain, for £235 pound
Glad l bid and stood my ground
to see her jump and dance with delight
Scared the fish, what a scary site
hope you two are okay
See you both on here another day!
Love and hugs
Apr 18, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
well im here to read and so happy you can believe
it will be short but so glad to see a rhyme or two oh hippee.... you two are doing great suetta what a delight and lynnie dont give up the fight
not sure what u s dollars would be but sounds like a good deal to me
okay i said short and here i am going on for ever will be back again soon
so keep the light on hugs
Apr 18, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Good evening Lynne
How have you been
Sounds like you could use some money,
Sending one to college is not funny,
It's great for her to gain the knowledge,
But bad for you so go to the fridge,
Have no idea what that means,
Just trying to rhyme makes me scream.
The weekend is ending
and my rhyme to you I am sending.
Enjoy your week and scrap a lot.
join the challenge of Polka Dot.
Maybe Carol will join the party
and send a rhyme to get us started.
hugs to you both
Apr 18, 2010
MaryWonder says:
Just popped in to say hello
It's afternoon here don't you know

I am feeling really lazy
& my mind is getting hazy

Have to make a cup of tea
See if it will motivate me

Lots & lots of work to do
I'd rather be scrapping Boohoo

Not long until I go home
Wish I didn't have to roam

After dinner it's time for scrappy!
And you know that makes me happy

Scrapping this & scrapping that
Unfortunatly can make me fat

Should really go for a walk first
Even if it gives me a thirst

Drink lots of water so they say
Rather drink wine any day

Oh well it's back to work I go
Pushing paper to & fro

Catch you all another day
Thank you all for letting me play

Hugs from NZ Mary

Apr 18, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Hello Mary, it's early here
Should be in bed but have no fear,
I scrap from dawn til dusk my dear
Get tired of sitting on my ----.

Wish the house would clean itself today
Cause scrapping comes first any way.
I just want to play,
And scrap the time away.

This rhyme is not making sense at all
But anyway I am hving a ball.
Just hope out of the chair I don't fall.
Cause the chair is really tall.

Should go now and try to sleep.
This poem is getting way to deep.
Guess I should try counting sheep.
Then maybe I could go to sleep.

Come again to visit and play
you are welcome any day.
it is fun to rhyme i do say
it helps to pass the time of day.

hugs from brenda
Apr 22, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
well here I am just the same going to try and play the game
been away for a couple of days just been in a haze
grandkids getting married and having babies just can't keep up but did want to stop by and say whats up.... lolol
I'm back and will stay until I'm on my way again
sounds like everyone is doing good no one is wearing a hood (?) (don't ask) lol
okay until later gator
Apr 27, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Sounds like life is keeping you busy,
Just reading your schedule makes me dizzy.

Those grandkids of ours takes of plenty of hours.
Sometimes mine do send me some flowers.

Couldn't do without them for sure,
Their innocent hearts are loving and pure.

I have been scrapping the grandkids
THey come in all sizes and ages.

Well, speaking of grandkids my friend
School is out and two are coming from the bus again.

later gator
hugs brenda
Apr 27, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
well you are wondering where I have been
for sure not sing a hyme been to busy to put in a hem let alone sing a hyme
hope you are good and still making the family pud
sorry it is so long and you have to pro long your rhyme when you have time you are no doubt busy as a bee looking for a tree
well this doesn't make much sence but it does kinda have a touch of a rhyme
well see what it brings keep the rhyms comin when you have a chance when you aren't stiching up a pair of pants lolol

May 17, 2010
BB's Memories says:
always good to hear from you Carol my dear,
Tbere was no time for rhyming from you i fear.

That is ok, just glad you were busy and in a tizzy
not running around sick and dizzy.

i am moving slow
but at least on the go
so can't complain '
i am still sane.

must go do some laundry
or sit under a tree
but there i might get stung by a bee.
life is funny like that you see.

have a great day and look for tomorrow.
hope it comes without any sorrow.
if not lots of money go borrow.

hugs from me to you
May 17, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Scrapping Grammie has been away,
Was not for pleasure she sure can say
Glad she is back and hubby is better
Now get to rhyming or I will getter.

Not much going on in my life,
Just physical therapy causing me strife.
It is making me better I know
But makes me tired just having to go.
Get up, get dressed, then out the door
Get ready to work til half past four.

Speaking of therapy my friend,
I have it again tomorrow so the poem should end.

EXpect to hear a rhyme when you can,
Cause grannie, i am your favorite fan

Jul 29, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
lololol ohhhhh suetta you are a peach
but rhymin seems so hard to reach
so glad to hear that you are doing good
like knew you wood
hubby is doing so much better we are
going up the ladder looking for the cake batter....lololol (dont ask me)
well going to cut this short will try to get back soon
take care and do good in therapy
Aug 17, 2010
Claudia says:
Ha ha!! My experience here on SBF!!

I went to ScrapbookFlair one day
To learn something new & to play
But I saw my pages were not right
They were so bad & all white!
So I understood I had nothing to say!

Aug 17, 2010
BB's Memories says:
hey you two, don't have much time will have to be fast to make this rhyme.

Thanks for dropping by
Will write more later to say hi.
Aug 18, 2010
Claudia says:
Sweet Suetta..This is for you!

There was once a lady called Sue
Who had a lot of things to do
She did everything so gladly
And never treated anyone badly
What a GREAT friend!
Our friendship will never end!

Aug 18, 2010
BB's Memories says:
just got home from the doc
i am about ready to look for a rock,
went to a wound care clinic
don't want anymore to be in it.

wanted to scream
but pretended it was just a dream
it was over soon,
wanted to send doc to the moon.

it will all be ok
what can i say
life goes on
or else you are gone.

thanks claudia for your nice words
it is like hearing the chirping of birds
relaxes the soul
and makes you feel whole.

will write more later tonight
my house is a fright
laundry to do
or my name is not sue.

Aug 18, 2010
Claudia says:
Suetta, You are really so SWEET!
A friend I'd like to meet!
You are such a DARLING!
So very nice and charming!

Hugs & Kisses
Aug 19, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Thanks for the kind description of me,
If you only knew me you would say 'hee, hee'.
I really do try to be nice,
but sometimes I am cold as ice.

That is really not true,
Can't think of words to rhyme, boo hoo. boo hoo.
Maybe I will come to Italy in my next life,
CAuse travelling now would really cause strife.

Night time has come and gone already
and my house is still unready
The laundry did not do itself
So guess I will finish it myself.

Thanks for your friendship from Italy
You can come to Texas and we can act silly.

Take care of you and keep on scrapping and rhyming
And i will try to keep on singing and signing.

Aug 19, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
dear freind that you are it has been a far
not been here since aug was a star
cant say i have been busy just kinda of crazy
been in a maze with two new grt grandbabys
due in a few months need to go on a hunt
sounds like you are still in a stew sorry i just dont know what to do..
just come rhyme with you when i have time
keep up your old chin and a big fat grin and the hole world will stay in a spin
take care and dont spare claudia will stay near and she will be so clear
take care will be back soon not sure when
maybe i will catch a tail wind
hugs a bunch hope you have time for lunch...
Oct 3, 2010
BB's Memories says:
good morning to you grammie dear
is so good to hear you cheer.
still going to doctors steady
would like to stop, i sure am ready
doctors are part of life when old
but going to them is taking all my gold
still not walking steady
but for a wheel chair i am not ready
the kids were here from arizona
when back last night to their homea
the little one and my sister cried
their bond to each other is really tied.
i am still scrapping
it keeps my hands a tappping
did a 60 page wedding album
to make one bigger would be really dumb.
this one is green and blue
it turned out beautiful, this is true
not on the computer very much
the keyboard is hard to touch
will check in daily to see if you have written a rhyme
will always answer in due time
going back to bed for a short snooze
in the meantime stay off the booze
hugs to you and thoughts of frienships
hope you like my little quip.
Oct 4, 2010
tall_one98 says:
It's nice to see the members
amusing us with rhyme
It gives us all a little break
from scrappin' all the time
I don't make paper pages
It takes a lot of dough
when i can get it all for free
from scrapbook flair 'ya know?
I started using all your sets
to make a special date book
but now I'm scanning photos
to fit the designer's look
My friends all ooh and aah
They think I'm the cats meow
but you and I know that SBF
makes it all easy somehow.

Oct 5, 2010
BB's Memories says:
you are so right about SBF
it keeps us flying on air.

thanks for joining us here
helps keeps all friends near

gotta go for now
will come back later somehow

Oct 6, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
well well well here I am just checkin to see what I have missed
since I have been AWOL for a while
but I always come back with a smile
been busy as a bird dog chasing flee's
but my husband illness brought me to my knee's
he has been in the hospital since the middle of Oct....
waiting to see what is going to come of this...
this is the results of to many years of smoking... now there is lung problems galory
what a horror... it is hard to watch not sure how much more
okay suetta so glad you are doing so good
you keep the sister hood going... I will be back when I can.... will try to often but am at the hosp more than not
which isn't real hot...but you do what you gota do... take care I know I'm missing lenk to the pair...
Nov 5, 2010
DitzBitz says:
This is the first time I’ve dropped in here
I’m brand new at this & I fear
That I will break this awesome chain
& all of you will be raising Cain!
Yes, this is a short one
I’m not used to this,
Please let me know if I missed
The point of this funny game
And I’ll quietly go back from where I came
Nov 5, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Scrapping Grammie and DitziB.
The two of you plus me makes three
So keep on rhyming, glory be
We will rhyme and rhyme for all to see

The forumn is open to all to rhyme
it is easy if you can find the time
Any rhyme will be just fine
you can see a brand new chime

So long for now you two
I have supper to cook and brew
in fact it will probably be stew
hope it taste good when i am through

hugs suetta
Nov 6, 2010
DitzBitz says:
I'm working on one.
If they didn't expect me to work at the office, by now I'd be done
Nov 8, 2010
DitzBitz says:
I’m so happy I don’t have to cook anymore
I always considered it such a huge chore
Now since I work all day
I seldom eat at home anyway
Breakfast & lunch I have at work
Most of my silverware is here…knives, spoons & forks
“Are you cooking Thanksgiving dinner?” they say
For years I did, but now NO WAY!
Nov 8, 2010
ComputerGeek says:
Turkey Day, Turkey Day means lots of food
The family all together in a jovial mood
With laughter in our heart and smiles on our faces
We gather to give thanks as we sit at the table in our places
As prayers are said and blessings sent above
Most of all we pray for everyone to feel love

To all my friends here and every where I send love, peace, and many blessing from my family
Nov 25, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Well, you two said it best,
Thanksgiving is time to eat and rest.
We did not follow tradition this year,
The turkeys round here had nothing to fear.
We went with beans and hash browns
sausage and rice
It really did turn out nice,.
Then for dessert I won't even say,
But far to many to even weigh.
Good to have friends around the world
Keeps my head spinning and in a whirl.
Have a great day you two
So glad to hear from both of you.
hugs and more hugs.
Nov 25, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
well it has been a while... but nothing to smile about....
it hasnt been a good two month..
and I have a hunch that the rest isnt going to be easy... glad all had a nice holiday... and the turkey was spared...we had ham, it was real purky
well going to get going trying to get into the christmas spirte.. not going to be easy either...
but i will take a breather when i have a is going to be a kick in the pants
nite hope you all have a great christmas
you are in my thoughts, need to go water the pots... lolol
Dec 9, 2010
BB's Memories says:
Carol, sorry to hear your news,
It sounds like you have the blues,
I know it is more than meets the eye,
Hope it all gets better bye and bye,

Is there anything your friends can do
We are glad to help you make it thru
Just let us help to bear your pain
We all need each other when it rains

Our love we send in email words
A song we send in the chirp of a bird
Keep in touch and let us help you
I love you girl, I really do.

hugs suetta
Dec 11, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
suetta thanks for the kindness but didnt say why im so blue... boo hoo...
hubby went to meet god on nov 28th i hate the thought but have to wait for time to heal as they say
well i think maybe it will take a long time to be on the way
thank god for family they are here for me and they can stay
so that is my story and scary to think that it would happen to you... that is something you dont ever think could or should
okay kid-o love ya too... thanks again for your kind words

hugs carol
Dec 13, 2010
ComputerGeek says:
hey diddle diddle
i think i broke the fiddle
getting so much done
cleaning the computer is fun
yes i have been deleting stuff
brenda is going to get puffed
i will be making lots of new things
that will just make you sing
mommas site is next to clean
all is good, you know what i mean
i think you will be impressed
please don't get stressed
all of my love to you guys
Dec 18, 2010
BB's Memories says:
You are forgiven my dear
I am cleaning out stuff to I fear.
Can't delete because there is no button to push
But the trash can is close so I can
give stuff a push.
Can't wait to see your new stuff
Deleting can really be rough
Well gotta go fix lunch'
love you girls a bunch
Dec 18, 2010
wvscrapqueen says:
There once was a queen of the scrap
whose life kinda fell into crap
she had to do stuff
had no time for fluff
but her tongue's still quite able to flap! =) Hi guys!
Dec 22, 2010
DitzBitz says:
LOL! wvscrapqueen,That was great!
Oh how I hate
not having enough time
to stop in here more often to rhyme
Scrappin-grammie, I'm so sorry to hear
that you've lost someone so very dear
Like Suetta said,we're here for you
just call on us when you're feeling blue

Dec 22, 2010
scrappin-grammie says:
thank you all... for standing so tall..i really feel small... when you have been always two... and then you are one... you feel like a fish out of the pond... but i will get use to it...but never over it.. i wont throw a fit... well maybe a little bit...
i always think of you guys over here at scrapbook flair just dont get over here much... i guess i have lost my touch... but im trying to re group and scrap all the scoop...

Hugs... take care
Jan 4, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
wow nobody has been here for a long while
thought maybe there would be a least a smile
hope everyone is doing okay,i will pray for good health and hopfully wealth
but if the latter isnt a huge matter then for a plater of health will due
better than a big pile of poo...
well okay i have left my mark and sang like a hark..
will check in later
Feb 14, 2011
BB's Memories says:
WOW you beat me this time
I am doing just fine
Are things going well for you
I should have sent you a flower or 2.

I notice others have rhymed
I should have taken the time
No good excuses for not being here
No words I can find for bringing good cheer.

Have had a great day
The Parkinson has not had its way.
Hope tomorrow is the same
Can do a lot of scrapping when sane.

Have posted a few pages this week,
Nothing in return do I seek.
just love to scrap and view friends pages.
Hope to learn more as the time rages

I am working on a wedding album
The colors are blue and green (Sounds glum)
But have to say it is beautiful
and elegant,
So am enjoying the fun in decorating it.
Lots of ribbon and lace
I have worked at a pretty fast pace.

The wedding is in May
but have to have it ready before that day.
Will meet again with the bride in March
To make sure we are using the right parch (made that word up to rhyme)

Am out of room so talk to you soon.
Feb 14, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
so glad to see you are up and about
and that is something to shout about
it is always good to see you up and around and busy wearing the crown
that is much better than a frown

you are busy with all your projects
but what the heck that is what we expect

no laying around waiting for a peck
we have to get around and earn respect
glad your body is doing you good, wouldnt want you to have to wear a hood, so you dont have to cover up how much you hurt it is better that a squart...lololol (dont know what that means) sounded good so for get the hood...lolol

my family and i am moving...still in Arizona just a different place
i will have more space, for me myself and i... then i will make a pie....
im still and there...only far that i post here and there
facebook is become my spot, family and freinds hold the pot...dont see you there, but time does may be there but not to where i know
come look me up... post a line or two tell me whats up
Mar 5, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
i ran out of space..
i got me a pup for the new place company you know and fill in will be close at my becken call

well take care of yourself...will check back to see what you are up too
come look me up on facebook
Mar 5, 2011
MaggieM says:
Hi all you limerickers!! Just stopped by to say "hello" to the best bunch of scrappers around the internet!! xoxoxoxo
Mar 5, 2011
BB's Memories says:
thanks carol, but facebook is not my gig,
my sister is there plays the games like big wig.

will look you up on her computer
and say hi
then sign off and say bye,

drop me a line whenever you can
i'll try to answer as fast as running in hot sand.

hope you are happy with your new move,
maybe you can scrap and get in the groove.

well, gotta go will check back in
next time i will use pen'

take care and i love you my friend
hugs brenda
Mar 5, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
well almost settled cant find the kettle (lolol) glad to hear from you
i know today you are sitting in your pew
but think you will check and rhyme on que...
yeah facebook keeps me in touch with family
which mean so hooked on it but heck if i can keep up with the i just keep up with the fam
but there is no harmin in checkin in on things just dont do any farmin
games i do any kind of solatare and try to score a pair in the poker games but not sure that is the same
(i dont know what i just said)
Maggie...long time dont see...glad you stopped by to report on the best rhymers on SBF...lolol brenda and i have been keeping this going for a long time
we just keep peeping in and out if i could find the kettle i would steemp some tea..
and then we would have to go pee...
okay Maggie take care...will get over to SBF soon...check out facebook for me im hooked
brenda glad to hear from... i know you are good,,, and stay that way time will tell okay....

Mar 27, 2011
BB's Memories says:
Hello Hello Hello
I am here and ready to go

Went to church again today
That makes 5 Sundays in a row hooray.

I am having good days for a change
I just stay home and off the range

Glad to hear from you today
I am tired so not to much to say,

I don't do Facebook, no special reason
Will stick to SBF for this season

Take care my dear and have no fear
Your words fill my heart with cheer


Mar 27, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
hi dear friend...stopped by for a minute to pay you a visit...and sure enough you were here...

not going to stay long,,, just dont feel like singing a song...

but wanted to let you know im still around and safe and sound

have my moments... but there not always good ones...hopfully they will get better with time...

take care... glad you are fine..

Apr 17, 2011
BB's Memories says:
CAROL CAROL friend of mine'
Drop my my place anytime.
Will glady take the time to read your words
They are refreshing like the singing of a bird.
Hope time brings you better days
gives you peace in all your ways.
time to check out and say goodnight
will write again at morning light.

Apr 17, 2011
BB's Memories says:
Maggie Maggie sorry to say
Somehow I missed your visit my way.
Sorry I missed your visit
Some days I am just not with it.

I love your scrapping style
The time you give is really worthwhile.
Besides all the scrapping you do
You help with all questions that come through.

You are loved and respected by me
Your talent, friendship, and knowledge bring glee.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all
You can be proud and stand up tall.

Must go now back to work
My house cleaning I cannot shirk.
Computer Geek (Maggie) is coming tomorrow.
Her talents and energy I try to follow.
She keeps me busy and my mind in a tizzy
She is my SBF friend and angel delight
Her visits always fill me with delight.

One day maybe you and I can meet
Meeting you would be a real treat.
Must go for now and finish my chores
Before Maggie shows up at my door.

love and hugs
Apr 28, 2011
MaggieM says:
Brenda you are sooooo talented. And what a wonderful friend you are. My fondest desire is to meet you....
Thank you. Thank you!!
Apr 29, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
my dear suetta... what the has been so long, that I have sung a song... be always return to play pong...with a good friend and a ding dong...(the snack) sounds like you have been good... you are not wear a hood...
take care dear friend... will return at weeks end... maybe... lolol
May 23, 2011
BB's Memories says:
just returned home today
have been on vacation and out to play
went to sweetwater to visit an aunt
the visit was good but the heat made us pant.
then on to nogales arizona to visit a sister in law and hubby,
no time to talk about the hubby.
on to tucson to visit son, wife and kids
lots of hugs and bids
left friday and took our time
until home ag ain we did find.
doing laundry and unpacking
ain't travelling fun
just kidding,
glad to hear from you my friend
big hugs to you i send
May 31, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
Well glad you enjoyed yourself,, now write about it and put it on a shelve
you were in my old stomppin ground
sorry i wasnt still around
sounds like you had a grand time
gave you something to rhyme
hope you found everything good except sweating off your hood
okay just stopped by to see how things were
hope you didnt step on a spure while in sweetwater
nogales brings scorpins and tucson is the same
they are a real pain, ask me i will tell you same
well going to go will return hopfully
real soon i will croon
hugs glore
Jul 7, 2011
BB's Memories says:
good evening carol,
hope i haven't missed sending you a rhymee,
the parents from arizona caame in today heeaded off to the lake to let the kids play.
me myself and i are staying home and re;axomg awaa
what else can i say.
the kids have been good bui m old
rthe rest of the story is writen in gold.
to tired to type so with say goodnight
hugs to you
ssleep tight
Jul 7, 2011
Craftypoly says:
I know lots, but unfortunately they are all rude and not for sharing in polite company LOL
Jul 7, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
well it has been awhile since i sent you a smile
hope you are rested from your az company it is so nice to have them
but they do wear you out but do give something to shout about
thing are good with me no quite the same but will have to be
not sure i will ever get over being alone who could i clone
just stop by to say howdy and glad you are doing okay
come what may......
Jul 20, 2011
BB's Memories says:
well here it is supper time
and i am trying my best to rhyme'
can't cook and think and wash the sink
trying to peel and onion and it stinks.
don't know what i am doing here
but what is new, i am never clear.
glad you are doing better today,
hope tomorrow is still okay.
all my kids are back in AZ
school has already started for all 3.
the ones here in Texas don't start til fall
until then they are practicing ball.
well carol, have to go
my brain is going kinda slow.
hugs to you my friend.
until another rhyme you send
Jul 20, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
so sorry i stopped by...but couldnt stay head not working come what may
will try again another day
Aug 2, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
oh brenda oh brenda where for art thou
out feeding the cow....
hope you are fine havent been here in a heck of a long time
your last rhyme was really fine so dont stop now, or i will go pow...
okay have to go, but will check back
hope you will have been here and rhymed a few lines then i will know that you are fine.

Aug 11, 2011
BB's Memories says:
hello carol, sorry I am late,
i could not open the gate,
I don't have one, so maybe that's why
think i will sit down amd cry.
this all rhymes but makes not sense
guess i will pay six pence
am doing fine, have been better, and have been worse
getting old will make one curse.
it is 4:30 am and i need to sleep
guess i should go and count some sheep
good to hear from you as always
our friendship just stays and stays.
good bye for now, i think i am in trouble
my hubby just woke up and i am seeing double.
hugs brenda
Aug 12, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
we just keep going and going and going just like the pink bunny,,, just keep it up honey....
we arent making any money but we can sure rhyme may not be on time but we get around that big fat cat...lolol
so hows that
okie dokie smokie.....later in the wind my dear friend... we are one and one for all wish we could meet at the mall
going to say so long lets hope it wont be for long
hugs to you
Aug 23, 2011
BB's Memories says:
Good morning Carol There is always much more to sayHow do you do?Thought for awhile my rhyming was through.
But here I am just rhyming away
I can always find something else to say.
Hope this finds you well and having fun.
Just keep on rhyming until the setting of the sun.
I keep myself busyjust piddling around
trying to keep from being wheelchair bound.Sometimes it looks like the Parkinsons is winning the fight But I just keep fighting it with all my might.
We all have things we have to go through
So we just keep doing what we have to do.
I't friends like you that keeps me going
our friendship will keep on growing.
It is getting late so guess I will go
your rhyming gives me a golden glow.
hugs suetta
Oct 27, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
Well here your golden glow has returned
the keys on my computer will burn
dont give into parkinson what ever you do..and for sure dont think it is the flu
our rhymin will never be thru unless we are unable to do... that will be a cold day... where the sun dont shine and nether do you and I,,, we will always shine as long as we have a dime... and the time...
my life is getting better... will be a year this month that i became a widow... I do cry in my pillow but it is getting more mellow... so they are right time does heal but not completely just in discretly... getting tired sorry I haven't been around for awhile,,, but Im here now with a smile hope it bring pleasure your way... one day we will have to spring each other way
well good nite sweet friend... we have never met but feel like it has been a life time of friendship... take care sweet lady until we meet again
Nov 1, 2011
BB's Memories says:
What a sweet surprise when I logged in.
and saw a rhyme where it should have been.
So good to hear your days are "better"
They will never be "best" again but keep on letting time help you mend.
And accept help from me your friend.
The Parkinson is on the back burner
Can't let it win so I keep on learner.
I know that doesn't make sense but it rhymes and that is what I meant.
Take care and keep scrapping. for your memories I will keep on tracking.


Nov 2, 2011
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
Hey everyone l am back as you see
thought l would pop in whilst waiting for my tea
Missing you all time passes so fast
would time to stand still so it all could last!
Dec 4, 2011
BB's Memories says:
Welcome back in time for the holiday season.
Can't think of a better reason.
Look forward to seeing your pages,
That document life in all it stages.
Dec 4, 2011
scrappin-grammie says:
Brenda Brenda Brenda,,,, I found my way back.. hope this isn't like a bad dream.. but I'm still as sweet as morning cream
It has been a long time not sure how long but too long I'm sure
What woke me up was that I read about Clauda on Facebook and was so shocked
didn't know she was fighting that battle again so so sorry to hear what a dear friend we have lost. And just how has your health been.... as tough as a rose stem well I fine for 70 oh god oh god... think about that.
Well my sweet Brenda I will post this and wait... hope maybe things will take shape...
Hope you check often will wait to hear. Hugs Carol
Sep 10, 2012
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