About this scrapbook page:
Our home really has been invaded by Webkinz. >< First there was 1, then 2, then 5 now 12. They came as birthday gifts, activity awards and now in exchange for our daughter's allowance... As you can tell, our cat didn't take kindly to this, but found his own way to make sure he wasn't forgotten. I couldn't resist this photo!

Comments for this scrapbook:
cleopup says:
I love this page
Sep 9, 2008

Comments for this scrapbook page:
Lori47 says:
I haven't heard of the new craze but thank you for enlightening us with a cute, funny page!
Nov 5, 2013
NathL says:
oh my god! so true! :D thanks for the smile on my face seeing that ^^
Jul 19, 2013
i love art mom says:
great page and love how you put in a journal, beautiful kitty!
Mar 9, 2013
simcrafty says:
Aaaaww, so cute
Apr 27, 2012
Nay82 says:
Lol love it and what a gorgeous cat!
Apr 15, 2012
Sweetiekens says:
LOL! luv it...
Mar 31, 2012
coppertop says:
Great page.
Nov 10, 2011
marzenna79 says:
Wooooow, it is very nice page !!!!!!
Jun 27, 2011
barbaranne says:
wonderful memory page! cant say I have heard of these yet, but I am forwarned.
May 5, 2011
littlepixel says:
WOW!! THIS IS TO CUTE!! IT also has been on your home page for awhile I betcha...LOL
It definently would be one of my FAVS!! Actually, it is going in my FAVS!!
Hugs, Littlepixel Shannon
Mar 24, 2011
Gwada-Malo says:
It's so funny, bravo!
Mar 16, 2011
mozzie46 says:
Wondeful page. Love it !!!! Great story !!!1
Mar 6, 2011
ScrappyGrammy59 says:
Awesome!!! Love it!
Dec 3, 2010
Delsol Jan/Naelle_Coeurs de pirate says:
great page
Nov 17, 2010
CHanser says:
This is both comical and creative, LOL. We had a Webkinz invasion too, I swear they multiply on their own. Thanks for being one of the first to comment on my first attempt at digi scrapbooking, I really appreciate it!
Oct 24, 2010
oreosmeow says:
Great page - my Magic's "baby" is a Webkinz kitty that my mom got him for Christmas when he was a baby. He drags that thing everywhere!
Sep 8, 2010
abbyspots says:
lovely page x
Aug 21, 2010
Carmeliana says:
Thank you for your beautiful comment !
I love the cats, I have a birmanese cat.
Superb and cute cats, great scene !
Jul 11, 2010
FreckledGranny says:
This made me chuckle. I like the humor! Very cute scrap!
Jun 27, 2010
Larkspur Nanny says:
This is hilarious. What a story! love it all.
Apr 15, 2010
Lindsay1973 says:
very cute,we don't have those here in South africa but we do have a soft toy invasion
Apr 8, 2010
Neighborgal says:
We have this invasion at my house from my almost 12 year old daughter! She loves to play it online also!
Mar 3, 2010
HannaS says:
Feb 17, 2010
coaustinter says:
Cute, great page 10+
Jan 31, 2010
ShellandShilo says:
I love this page smart putty cat. I love animals they always make you happy excellent love it.
Jan 24, 2010
alyssa&jake says:
lol thats a good one i agree.kinds looks like what my moms cat would do.10+
Jan 18, 2010
June52 says:
I love this Steve. I see u like animals too. I love them.
Dec 1, 2009
chankla4 says:
fantastic work!/YOUR music website is great! great!lots of luck....
Nov 14, 2009
Lindalou b says:
Brill page I have 2 moggies, love the journaling, love it x
Sep 27, 2009
boruachindom says:
so cute ^^
Sep 25, 2009
Monika13 says:
cute page!
Sep 19, 2009
cindry says:
Very funny! I love it!
Sep 17, 2009
twiggy1961 says:
great page,love it
Sep 15, 2009
Amos Moses says:
Sep 14, 2009
Lantana Calypso says:
this smart cat and the caption were made for each other !
Sep 12, 2009
shannonsnan says:
great page and photo
Sep 5, 2009
debra 112233 says:
So cool - love it!
Sep 1, 2009
Xguern66 says:
I'm afraid I haven't even heard of the Webkinz but then down here in NZ we very often get them late or not at all. Wonder what we are missing LOL. Lovely page lovely cat.
Aug 24, 2009
Vickielini says:
Great pages!! Very funny! I house to has been invaded by the Webkinz Passe'!

Thanks for stopping by and checking my first page:)
Aug 22, 2009
lovealways631 says:
haha...very cute! Although my home hasn't been invaded, my sister's has. After staying with her for a short time last year, I can definitely sympathize. Smart cat!
Aug 21, 2009
GNmarg says:
lol This is super clever for the apt quote!!! Great work:))
Aug 21, 2009
AuntSarah says:
wonderful page.
Aug 18, 2009
CHanocat says:
ouah ! évidemment j'aime...cette histoire de chat est drôle, la photo est convaincante. Félicitations !
Aug 14, 2009
princess bev (magic cats) says:
so cute and adorable great page
Aug 14, 2009
amelia123 says:
this is so funny, great page love it to bits x
Jul 26, 2009
SillySallyKnows says:
Sorry i'm late for the challenge. For next time. I noticed that the owner did not choose a coc page? It's too bad, you could off gotten it the award.
Jul 21, 2009
SillySallyKnows says:
Funny cat page. Hilarious is the word!
Comical & unique
Jul 21, 2009
TheKid says:
lol lol lol okay one word FUNNY
Jul 18, 2009
limeynana says:
wonderful page...love it
Jul 16, 2009
judemac says:
Smart cat !! awesome page ..
Jul 11, 2009
Weazie says:
Cute Page. Love your Kitty.
Jul 10, 2009
happymouse says:
wonderful,Great Page!
Jul 4, 2009
ACountryRose says:
great story... and super page
Jul 3, 2009
*****mattmom***** says:
This is too funny, Love the layout.
Jul 2, 2009
Cheeky BC says:
How cute! Great Page!
Jun 30, 2009
grannytee says:
adorable page
Jun 26, 2009
MaryWonder says:
Fabulous page!
Jun 25, 2009
wolfnanny says:
That's for sure, great page
Jun 16, 2009
Dove Mom says:
So cute, I love it!!!
Jun 10, 2009
triazzle says:
Very cute! My granddaughters bring the backpacks full of webkins when they visit!!
Jun 9, 2009
pennypenny says:
*lol* so funny and well scrapped!!
Jun 1, 2009
az_ip says:
Jun 1, 2009
lisaminor says:
ROFL! this is a HOOT! Way to scrap the moment here! Great job and wonderful imagination!
May 29, 2009
uralvd1 says:
Love the look on his face - great page!
May 24, 2009
tracyp says:
what a great page and great story! my niece has a few webkins and she just loves them!
May 24, 2009
LindaBlunk says:
Sooo cute! Thank goodness my 8 year old grandson doesn't collect these, but he does have enough hot wheels, that I could have bought me a new (and real) BMW by now!
May 21, 2009
Krazy 4 Kitties says:
so cute.. not only 4-10 yr olds collect these, my mom has her collection too.. she visits the website everyday to play w/ them online as she registered them .. ahh yes, the day of beanie babies.. my DD has collections of them too!! great page, great story!!
May 7, 2009
Mommy Dearest says:
It's almost as if I can actually read the cat's mind! LOL. Love how you did this page!!!
May 6, 2009
DALE says:
very nice page
Apr 30, 2009
Faigee says:
Great cute page!
Apr 9, 2009
NannieG says:
I love this page!!!
Mar 14, 2009
lukey's mom says:
Great page!
Mar 14, 2009
n-elmo says:
LOL..... Great page.. and the wordart is so fitting in the page
hugz nikita
Mar 7, 2009
kittycate5 says:
Great page - very funny!
Mar 6, 2009
JenniferF0325 says:
This is so cute!!!!
Mar 5, 2009
y2bonnie says:
Awesome page! love this!
Mar 3, 2009
PoetryNMotion says:
Our cats (and now the dogs) have decided to hide the webkinz. Love the page idea and picture.
Feb 21, 2009
Geek says:
Cool page!
Jan 31, 2009
Ann72 says:
Great fun page!!!
Jan 31, 2009
caribbean_mom says:
Cute page!
Jan 25, 2009
Sweet Blue Eyes says:
Beautiful page!
Jan 14, 2009
Meddy1965 says:
I love this. I think what you have written for this photo is brilliant. Well done x
Jan 1, 2009
cs7580 says:
great page
Dec 30, 2008
adele's_pride says:
awesome page!
Dec 29, 2008
MaxiDesigns says:
Great Page!!
Dec 28, 2008
My Inspiration says:
soooo cutee
Dec 26, 2008
Little White Rose says:
Very cute page!
Dec 25, 2008
Eliza kitty says:
Cool page!!
Dec 16, 2008
Sophia_Jp says:
great page!!
Dec 14, 2008
Monika13 says:
beautiful page!
Nov 18, 2008
digi addict says:
Love you cat's face as if asking for more attention. Great page and journaling.
Nov 17, 2008
GG2007 says:
what a great page!!
Nov 16, 2008
jilljem says:
I love this page
Nov 16, 2008
kaydee says:
Great page =)
Nov 12, 2008
4rgone says:
great page
Nov 10, 2008
jarjonja says:
Very cute...smart cat!!!!
Oct 28, 2008
NannieG says:
Great page!!
Oct 17, 2008
Staying Busy (Cyndi) says:
Love the story-telling aspect of your page! It's wonderful! Really cute picture and great way to scrap it!
Oct 12, 2008
Jean 60 says:
Great page. I have two cats of my own
Oct 2, 2008
Merly says:
Great sense of humour - great scrap
Oct 2, 2008
Zharif says:
Great page! like it very much :)
Oct 1, 2008
Karmen says:
Beautiful Page Well Done !
Sep 17, 2008
Blure says:
Cool page
Sep 12, 2008
Hilda Designs says:
Sep 12, 2008
ToeJam says:
LOL! This is very cute. :-)
Sep 10, 2008
nana bowman says:
great page!!!
Sep 9, 2008
XenaPrincessWarrior says:
LOL LOL Cool page. Funny too. Great job with scrappin' it. The cat photo is awesome. +10
Have a good one.
Sep 9, 2008
English Nana says:
Love it!!
Sep 7, 2008
trishie says:
awww sooo cute
Aug 26, 2008
DanR. says:
NIce cat!!!$&^$%&)^^*(*)&_)^^$#$&^@#&^*^()^*(+++
Aug 26, 2008
puss poses well great page and I;lll be on the look out for puss's friends, ha ha ,great page thanks for sharing my hubby is still laughting..hugs
Aug 17, 2008
sniper says:
so cute
Aug 14, 2008
handyman20002 says:
Wonderfully done page.
Aug 3, 2008
PamelaROSE says:
:-) Sweet Page
Aug 1, 2008
KimberlyRae says:
how adorable...sweet page!
Jul 28, 2008
buzzy says:
how cute ..its a great saying for sure hugs buzzy
Jul 27, 2008
ShirleyJean says:
LOL, Great page!
Jul 26, 2008
jennybosch says:
LOL. great page
Jul 21, 2008
mylilpatty says:
nyahaha LOL, poor thing...what a CUTE and FUN page, sooo WONDERFULY done!!!!
Jul 21, 2008
savannah's grand mawmaw says:
great page
Jul 20, 2008
emmaleeah says:
I needed a laugh today and this did wonderfully!!
Jul 17, 2008
tasha's mom says:
Great page. Beautifully scrapped!
Jul 13, 2008
july11 says:
really cute page!!
Jul 7, 2008
Norwegian granny says:
Great picture and journaling on the page!!
Jul 5, 2008
Thierry says:
very super page !
Jul 5, 2008
Just_Teresa says:
My cats would deffinitely sympathise with him lol :o)))
Jun 19, 2008
Claudia says:
10 + 10 challenge points!!! Great!
Jun 15, 2008
lenam says:
omg!POOR CAT!She has great Competition!It's a great page with a "hidden" message:Show LOVE to your cats!Well done!
Jun 10, 2008
momscreation says:
Cute! 10+10 cp for LOL challenge!
Jun 8, 2008
Juanita M says:
Jun 8, 2008
DALE says:
lol nicely done
Jun 8, 2008
lanesmom says:
Too funny...
Jun 6, 2008
jennifer18 says:
Very creative page!
Jun 4, 2008
CookieBits says:
Really cuteeeee!!! I symphatized with the poor kitty... =)
Jun 2, 2008
Late_Bloomer says:
Jun 2, 2008
Tina's Creations says:
Poor Kitty, It`s a good thing these fads will eventually fade and Kitty will have all the attention again! Love the journaling, had me laughing, cute picture and wonderfully scrapped!:0)
May 31, 2008
DitzBitz says:
Aw, poor kitty. They'll lose interest in the Webkinz & he'll be the center of attention again. I don't think Webkinz has made it to Oklahoma yet either. I have granddaughters, 15 & 9, so I'm sure I'll hear about it when they do. This i a great page!
May 31, 2008
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
yep we have had beany bears here to.. got a load of soft monkey types to dispose of now as bethany has grown out of them... great page. well done....
May 31, 2008
MicheleNichols says:
I'm laughing so hard right now.... great page!
May 30, 2008
shawtyp says:
lol.. very cute page
May 29, 2008
Libra84 says:
Hahaha - too funny. Smart cat!
May 29, 2008
redgrannydragon says:
Great page !! Clever puss going where the action is !! Love the journelling !!
You should try putting them on puss to enter the "stuff on the cat " challenge, starting soon !!
May 29, 2008
chingjp says:
This is absolutely cute & the journaling ,guess fits for me too...I always forgot to feed my gold fish & watered the plants coz of this addiction...hehehe...Anyway,you really did a good job with this page...10+++
May 29, 2008
niakariani says:
Cute page, well done
May 28, 2008
brendacpfi says:
This is a great page, Love your journaling!
May 27, 2008
Scrappy Lou says:
This is my first time to see or hear of a Webkinz, maybe it just hasn't made it to Texas yet or else I am sure my great grandchildren would have one. Cute page.
May 27, 2008
jvanderb says:
Lily has the same addiction! Will they be the beanie babies of their generation?
May 27, 2008
Rhuth79 says:
hehhe...cool page!
May 27, 2008
uniquegal says:
Amazing page!
May 26, 2008
chrisg says:
Such a cute page!
May 26, 2008
~PascaleA says:
Haha this is totally cute!!! :-) Poor Kitty!!:-)
Love your page! :-)
May 26, 2008
Tmyers810 says:
LOL... love your layout, this is wonderful. Poor kitty:)
May 26, 2008
macdi says:
so adorable!!wonderful page and journaling!
May 26, 2008
Lisadee says:
How adorable .... I LOVE your journaling - great page (cute cat too) !!!!
May 26, 2008
Ferro says:
Terrific photo and you hit the nail on the head. Super page
May 26, 2008
GramyPat says:
Cute page...I think my granddaughter are into those things...age is taking my memory or do I just let it go in one ear and out the other like my Mom did? lol 10 pt.
May 26, 2008
mommyj says:
We have not been invaded yet...it is only a matter of time I suppose..but I really like this page and Kitty is very brave..
May 26, 2008
Daniella121 says:
great page
May 26, 2008
Roniiv says:
You are so right about the invasion of the Webkinz.... my grandchildren visit us often with a couple each.... and always lose one.... I kind of wonder what is stuck to my vacuum when I am vacuuming under the couch and sure enough it is one of THOSE animals. Love the page and the journaling!
May 26, 2008
az_ip says:
Very cute page.
May 26, 2008
sandra marie says:
wow wonderful page well dome xx
May 26, 2008
schareigngrace says:
wonderful page!
May 26, 2008
A Byte Celtic says:
Adorable page..I am not familiar with Webkinz..not sure that I want to be...cute page...well done!
May 26, 2008
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