About this scrapbook page:
I have been fighting against cancer for many years. I have been operated 5 times. Now I have a stage IV Mestastic breast cancer that has spread to the lungs. I finished my last radiation 6 months ago and now I am taking "Femara" which is a hormonal treatment. After the initial shock..I felt like: " I can deal with it! This is a challenge, I can make it, this is a challenge!"
Thank you for taking a look at my page!! Hugs..Claudia

Comments for this scrapbook page:
woodnymph says:
Hi Claudia just been reading your page I have found.You are truly amazing .Yes thank you for sharing your story you are an inspiration to us all.xx I lost my brother in June to Cancer.God Bless. XXXX
Nov 23, 2011
mozzie46 says:
Thank you Claudia for sharing your story with us. You are a Survivor in every way, Well Done. I too pray that God will heal you.
Apr 10, 2010
pennypenny says:
Wonderful Claudia.. I love your page and your spirit.
Jan 6, 2010
Jacqueline7of7 says:
Hello Claudia,
I did not now that you had cancer.
You are a true survivor
Aug 9, 2009
gypsykate says:
plus 10cp!
Aug 9, 2009
alybet77 says:

Aug 5, 2009
savannah's grand mawmaw says:
wonderful page 10+10
Aug 5, 2009
Green*Fairy4 says:
Claudia the is a beautiful page. My prayers are with you. My mom is also a breast cancer survivor she inspiration me just like you. This is a touching page 10+10
Aug 5, 2009
LADY LUNA 2000 says:
People may be unaware that sharing your fears can be just as hard sometimes as dealing with it. I get it, Lady! You are fighting the good fight! Remember we are all here for you! We really do have a great support system and a real love for our flair friends. The Big "C" has taught me to savour every moment in every way! I love you! Leona
May 13, 2009
Claudia says:
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Mar 5, 2009
seaview says:
Thank you for sharing your story and it will give lots of people the courage to fight it all the way. You are a lovely and considerate lady, Well done on this page.
Oct 21, 2008
granny b says:
Claudia I had no idea you were dealing with this. I'm so sorry. I think that's every woman's greatest fear. Thanks for sharing your story. I pray God will touch you and heal you. Take care.
Oct 2, 2008
Ghunibee says:
You are an amazing woman, may courage take your hand and lead you through life. I like your page too.
Sep 12, 2008
Squeaky Scraps says:
Such a beautiful page and touching journaling!!! I send all my love and lots of prayers to a very strong woman!! Stay strong and don't hide behind your fear. Give it to God!!!
Aug 14, 2008
Katlin's Grandma says:
This is such a beautiful page. Wonderful lo
Jul 11, 2008
Tina's Creations says:
Claudia, you are and inspiration to us all, your journaling is very touching and your page is gorgeous, just like you are! Love and hugs,Tinaxxx
Jun 23, 2008
That's a great challenge to everybody! Thanks for sharing. You are a fighter and all of us should be.
Jun 22, 2008
Jensters says:
Such a touching page....keep strong xx
Jun 21, 2008
ginnybee1 says:
I am sorry for all that you are going through, my prayers are with you, this page is wonderful.
Jun 21, 2008
mbrat says:
Thoughts and prayers are with you. Beautiful page
Jun 19, 2008
Grietjie says:
Claudia my prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing your story - your courage touched my heart!
Jun 17, 2008
XenaPrincessWarrior says:
Claudia sorry to hear this!
I know you're say you're strong, but God will give you even more strength to carry on. So, keep being the strong woman that you are and have faith that you will be okay once & for all! I send you my love & prayers.
God bless....
Jun 15, 2008
vicarara says:
Ahhhh Claudia, you are a fighter! I knew from earlier conversations that you had cancer but didn't want to probe. Thank you for sharing your story, you are an inspiration and you will always have MANY thoughts and prayers coming your way!!! xoxoxo
Jun 15, 2008
SummerBreeze says:
This page has touched my heart for many reasons, I am making this our groups favorite for this month of June. My prayers and thoughts are with you Sweetie, yes you can !!!
Jun 12, 2008
chingjp says:
prayers & thought are with you .Have faith in God & HE will be your healer...10+++pts for this wonderfully done page...
Jun 9, 2008
y2bonnie says:
oh Claudia, Yes I believe you CAN!! If anyone could it would be you, such a strong wonderful lady you are.
Jun 9, 2008
momykitty says:
hugs to you dear
Jun 8, 2008
belle15 says:
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep the faith, God Bless!
Jun 7, 2008
Northlight says:
Thinking of you!!! :)
BEAUTIFUL page!!!!
Jun 7, 2008
CookieBits says:
Such an inspiration you are!...my dear friend...you are always in my prayers...Love you! =)
Jun 7, 2008
Brayden's Mommy says:
I had no idea, Claudia...My heart is with you! Amazing Scrapping!
Jun 7, 2008
brendacpfi says:
I wish you the best, you are in my prayers. Very Lovey Page!
Jun 7, 2008
limeynana says:
God bless you my friend. Hugs, Judy xox
Jun 7, 2008
Rylea says:
I can't begin to say what this page does to me....but the tears roll cuz you know how I feel for you sweet Claudia. Hugz
Jun 6, 2008
hanesthi says:
Wish you all the best!!!
Jun 6, 2008
allprocars says:
As the song says, "Faith Can Move Mountains" so we never give up HOPE. God Bless Claudia. You are an inspiration to all.
Jun 6, 2008
Peanuts75 says:
I wish you all the best and my prayers are with you. You have amazing courage and spirit and that goes a long way in healing too!
Jun 6, 2008
Sandra Lynn says:
Claudia, I had no idea!! You are a true inspiration to all! I have a friend battling cancer and she is a mess right now. You are an exceptional woman and I wish you all the best!! Thanks for joining my group.
Jun 6, 2008
ofelia roca says:
I love you, Claudia!!!! 10+10
Jun 6, 2008
uniquegal says:
10 and 10! Hugs~Dawn
Jun 6, 2008
Nova1981 says:
Come on girl you can make it, wath a amazing page 10+10 from me.
Jun 6, 2008
Cheryl384 says:
This is a great page and a wonderful example for others to follow. Always in my prayers.

Jun 6, 2008
deb 08 says:
God Bless You Claudia, You are a true inspiration to all of us!! 10+10
Jun 5, 2008
Late_Bloomer says:
Claudia , you are an inspiration to all of us !!~God Bless you !!!~
Jun 5, 2008
july11 says:
you are absolutely pretty and strong lady...i admire you so much!!!!!!!!
Jun 5, 2008
Thierry says:
hello claudia, you're a beautiful woman and a lot of courage to overcome. Be strong for your future
Jun 5, 2008
HobbytoObsession says:
You go girl! Always have faith.
Jun 4, 2008
Juanita M says:
10 more for challenge
Jun 4, 2008
Gerry R.C. Wright says:
Claudia, the first line of your journaling says it all. You are a cancer SURVIVOR. Thank you for sharing this most intimate part of your life. May God in all His Glory Bless you and use you as an inspiration to others.

Jun 4, 2008
Sacha0606 says:
Dear Claudia,
I sent you a private message. I think that's the only way...
Your friend (Rose-Marie)
Jun 4, 2008
indywineo says:
Claudia, YOU can make it. God will be with you and you are soooo special to be this strong. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up that great work!! Love Barbie
Jun 4, 2008
FunkyFairyAnnie says:
Dearest bella claudia,

may god bless you.... you are a very brave woman, i was soo sad when i read this story about you, i just couldnt beleive it, you are such a postive and happy person. Please continue to keep this outlook on life up, u are a very warm and freindly lady and i feel as if i have know you for ever....
god bless you dear claudia
hugs and kisses annie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10 +10cps

Jun 3, 2008
buzzy says:
God Bless you Brave Lady Hugs Buzzy
Jun 3, 2008
Tmyers810 says:
I commend you for your bravery and zeal for life. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story:)
Jun 2, 2008
MemoryKeeper says:
Dearest Claudia,

It took me a bit to have the ability to write this without tears. Your bravery and courage are inspiring to us all. As you know I lost my sister to breast cancer, so you are such a living doll to me! You are precious, beautiful and talented, but most of all you are caring and compassionate. Thank you for everything this page is a blessing.

Hugs from the heart,
Jun 2, 2008
Liz MX says:
Dear Claudia, you´re a very brave woman, I really admire your strenght!
God is with you blessing you all the time!
Jun 2, 2008
shawtyp says:
you are so brave, well done!! beautiful
Jun 2, 2008
bbb says:
Your a wonderful and kind lady. You have given so much inspiration, kindness, thoughtfulness and understanding to so many people. You have such a generous spirit. God loves you. 10+10cpts.
Jun 1, 2008
redgrannydragon says:
as I know you do, enjoy all your life has to offer & keep fighting !!
Jun 1, 2008
SherryC says:
You too have been such an inspiration in my life... even though you've been sick yourself, you are always there to offer me encouragement when John is having difficulties. Thank you for being such a caring friend... may God Bless you and walk with you each day.

Love you,
Jun 1, 2008
Norwegian granny says:
You are a beautiful, brave woman. A great example for others to follow. Continue to be strong in your life. I will continue to have you in my prayers.
Jun 1, 2008
judemac says:
Your light will shine as a becon to others..God bless..10+10
Jun 1, 2008
kittycate5 says:
You have such a wonderful spirit and great attitude. Thoughts and prayers are with you always.
Jun 1, 2008
Scrap 4 luv says:
Beautiful page Claudia. You are so brave. Take good care of yourself. 10+10cp xxx
Jun 1, 2008
rsidebo says:
Awesome page for an awesome lady. I couldn't sleep tonight so am looking thru SF. God led me to you. My troubles seem so small now...God bless you real good! Thank you for sharing...I'm praying for you and yours.
Jun 1, 2008
Candy3 says:
thank you for sharing your story. You are being very brave and I wish you only good thoughts and lots of happy scrap pages!!
May 31, 2008
macdi says:
You are so brave!!
My thoughts are with you...thank you for sharing. big big hugs XXX
May 31, 2008
moniz says:
My heart and prayers go out to you! Be strong,as you are, and you can beat anything!!! Hugs!
May 31, 2008
caitlynn! says:
you are so amazing to be dealing with cancer this way. in some ways you remind me of my mom, who has had breast cancer twice. she gave up with trying to hide her baldness the second time, which was when i was about 5. your story with "i can deal with it", reminds me completely of her.

Thanks for sharing your story.

May 31, 2008
HannaS says:
Thank you for sharing this. I will pray for you. God bless.
hugs from Hanna
May 31, 2008
Tessayne says:
My heart goes to you Claudia! You are so brave. Always in a good spirit. When someone can beat this then it had to be you.
Love Tessayne
May 31, 2008
Snug says:
Since I met you I have never got so many hugs and kisses .... you are so special and so brave... your heart is SO big and so is your faith. You are a huge inspiration to all of us and I am so proud to call you my friend.
Lots of hugs and kisses....
May 31, 2008
jayaprem says:
Sweet Claudia, you are a brave person to have shared ur life with us!!! you are always sweet to everyone..... will not forget pray for you.... hugs Jaya
May 31, 2008
cheboom says:
You are indeed a great person with a strong faith. I adore your strength. You have shared with us not just your story but also your life and your will to survive. I salute you... you are very brave. I believe that you can deal with it as you have said. You are always in my prayers.. though we are far, somehow, you've touched my life too... Thank you very much... Take care always.
May 31, 2008
Monika13 says:
You are a very very brave woman! I wish you long and happy years! i am sure you have a lot of good friends.
May 31, 2008
old spice says:
Dear Claudia, What a brave person you are and a great inspiration to us all. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Such a lovely photo of you too. Lovely page. ""Butterfly hugs""
May 30, 2008
trishie says:
beautiful page hun im so glad we have each other as friends
May 30, 2008
niakariani says:
such a lovely page
May 30, 2008
Granny Franny says:
Dear Claudia - thankyou for sharing with us, you are an amazing person and from the comments to you and the wonderful comments you have left others, I know that you are a very beautiful person inside as well as out! You are an inspiration to us all, with such a positive attitude and we all wish you the continued strength to battle this horrible disease. My prayers and heartfelt hugs to you!
May 30, 2008
shutterbug018 says:
Claudia, you are such a special person, never complaining, always upbeat ant constantly trying to cheer others up. My heart goes out to you, keep on keeping on and remember you have so many friends here on scrap book flair who love you very much and anre behind you and keep you in their prayers. You are such a great example to us all!!! Love Wendy 10 ++++ 10
May 30, 2008
.MarthaTeq says:
Great message!! I admire people like you. Go ahead, don't back.
Big hug!!

May 30, 2008
jezebel_ro says:
My darling Claudia,I just stumbled on this page,You are a strong Lady and never give up,think of all people that they never meet you,but care for you,my darling friend I wish you all the HEALT in the world,big hug,jezzy
May 30, 2008
grandmaofsky says:
Such a beautiful page! Stay strong and I just wanna give you a GREAT BIG HUG!
May 30, 2008
Claudine says:
Your page brought tears to my eyes you are so brave. All the very best to you Hugs xxx
May 30, 2008
sylvia485 says:
Claudia what a wonderful and touching page and journaling. You are a very strong and positive lady (just like my mom). All my love to you!!! When the voting starts you get a 10++
May 30, 2008
absavali says:
You are wonderful, and a great inspiration, thank you!
May 30, 2008
cassia says:
Dear Claudia, you are really a brave person!
So many peoplee suffering,I'm so frightened... I pray God that takes away this beast from His children. All my love
May 30, 2008
~PascaleA says:
Sweet sweet gorgeous Claudia!! I know you are one strong lady! I admire that so in you! Such a beautiful person. This page touches me so! Know that I often think of you and I wish for you the best of the best! Lots of big hugs from me to you, love you sweet lady! :-)
May 30, 2008
catsmum says:
I send my love to you Claudia - you are a very special person. Your strength and positive attitude shines out from your pages, messages and support of others. Gentle hugs. xx
May 30, 2008
hvrsolutions says:
What can a person say in a page like this?
I don't know, it is to touching I don't have words to comment.
My 10 for the solidarity and friendship, because we can not say that it is beautiful or whatever. You need to be so strenght to deal with situations like this, and that YOU ARE.
All my love Claudia!
May 30, 2008
kpoddream says:
such a very wonderful page and story...you are so very wonderful..
May 30, 2008
kaja1234 says:
Claudia my dear freind my prayers are for you daily. Your faith and positive attitude is what makes you a survivor. God promises that He will not put no more on us then we can bear. Keep the faith. You have hundreds of freinds on SBF supporting you.
Hugs from Donna
May 30, 2008
*** Verony*** says:
Claudia from the day you told us about your first husband leaving you with cancer no money and 2 kids i knew you had a great additude and your a fighter you made it with the love of your partner and family,you are one strong Lady and my money is on you to win,big hugs to you and stay strong.
May 30, 2008
Mimi_ says:
-Your positive attitude is remarkable & has brought you thru much - bless you, you will be in my prayers
May 30, 2008
A Byte Celtic says:
Claudia..stay strong and keep your faith. I am sorry that anyone ever has to deal with cancer..it is such a horrible disease and it has no age preference.. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer a few years ago...you are such a positive and encouraging person to those of us at SBF..you are in my prayers..Hugs, Julie
May 30, 2008
Ashkenazi Lynne says:
oh claudia. you have never said. you have braved all of this and made such wonderful pages and such a fantastic blog as well. my prayers are with you and your family. l will think of you each night as l go to sleep and wish all of the cancer away if possible.....
this is a heart rending page, but still beuatiful just like you....
May 30, 2008
Lisadee says:
Claudia - although I knew that you were suffering from the effects of cancer, this is the first I knew of the type and how much you have gone through - I am glad you are such a fighter and a survivor and simply just a beautiful person and friend - this is so touching, hugs Lisa x
May 30, 2008
KarynM says:
Claudia .. like many others I had no idea and certainly would never have guessed, you've always been so cheerful and inspiring to us newcomers! thank you for sharing your experience with us, its very obvious you ARE dealing with this .. with grace and hope! *hugs to you across the ocean*
May 30, 2008
Chocoholic says:
Claudia as you read all the love that has been shared here for you I pray that it will help to strenghten your fight against this! You are such a beautiful person and have touched so many life's here at SBF! May all the love you have shown be given back to you as healing hands! You are in my prayers, what a inspiration you are! May God hold you close beautiful lady! Love, Sylvia
May 30, 2008
mum2girls says:
I have read evryoneone's comment and you sound like a wonderfull strong person. Keep up the fight. Many Hugs it is a wonderful page 10+10cp
May 30, 2008
Dark Moon Lilly says:
My Sweet friend... what a strong and beautiful attitude you are displaying. I hope you can absorb all the positive energy that your humble friends here -- like me -- are sending your way. Best wishes, strong and warm hugs, you are a star and your bright light is very appreciated!

Blessed Be, Dark Moon Lilly
May 30, 2008
clair says:
Keep up the fight, beautiful page.
May 30, 2008
doodlebug says:
You are strong and are a survivor, my prayers are with you dear Claudia, great page
May 30, 2008
Scrappy Lou says:
I will pray that you continue to be a survivor. I know how scary that dreaded cancer can be as my mother also had breast cancer twice. She was a survivor as well but I lost her several years later from other causes.
May 30, 2008
NairFlair says:
My prayers are with you friend. Thank you for sharing. My sister's best friend is a survivor and they will be walking in Washington D.C. the weekend of June 7 and 8th. You can beat this
May 30, 2008
amazonia71 says:
Oh,very touching,is incredible,you are survivor,keep the faith my dear Claudia and God stay with you always!!!!!
May 30, 2008
Ferro says:
Keep up the positive attude and 'feed' daily the millions of healthy cells in your body with joy, faith, trust and happiness. Miracles still happen. Super page, Claudia.
May 29, 2008
az_ip says:
Beautiful story and page my dear friend. I had no idea that the cancer had spread, and I know how difficult that is! I lost one parent to this horrible disease, but my father was a cancer survivor (25 years); it never did come back...and his was awefully advanced when they found it! However, it doesn't make it any less scary, or the pain of the treatment any easier. HUGS from AZ! Fabel
May 29, 2008
Roniiv says:
Thank you Claudia for sharing your story with us.
Well dear, kind Claudia, remember you have many friends who love and care about you ...you can draw great strength from God and from all the people you love....then nothing can ever defeat you .

Sending you many hugs and prayers!!!!

May 29, 2008
Vickimaree says:
I have read the comments of the other ladies and I whole heartedly agree with all of them. I don't think there is anything more I can say. Keep positive and know that I will add you to my prayers each day.
May 29, 2008
Gabriel Chris says:

May 29, 2008
lanesmom says:
Claudia, you are such a strong beautiful person, you will beat this...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...
May 29, 2008
mommyj says:
We are survivors Claudia, you and me...I know what you feel, and I know how strong you are. YOu will beat this . I love you Judy
May 29, 2008
simsage says:
Claudia my dear, you are such an upbeat joyful person, that I would never have known.
my prayers will always be with you, from now on. I know that you can beat this you have the strength, and all our prayers, together we will prevail, WE WILL PREVAIL AGAINST THIS!
Thanks for sharing, Thanks for always being the alive, sunny, positive, wonderful person you are.
Much Love
and Hugs,
May 29, 2008
Lavender Passion says:
Oh Claudia my heart is hurting for you! I have loved you from the beginning and knew of your CA ; but not to this degree! You're such a strong inspiration for us all! You have a beautiful family behind you and now all of us here at SBF! Hang in there girl, and you will always be on my mind and in my prayers. Lovely page you have created for this challenge!
May 29, 2008
stmac says:
Beautiful page Claudia! We all love you and will pray for you!Your page is very up lifting!God Bless you my sweet Friend!Hugs Sharon.
May 29, 2008
Sooze says:
It CAN be done Claudia....my husband is a 10 year survivor of hepatacellular cancer. He was given 6 months to live...but he fought hard and is still going strong! You sound like a fighter too!!!!!
May 29, 2008
My Inspiration says:
I am happy you stay positive, Claudia. Besides praying, staying happy and positive is very important. My mother in law is also fighting against cancer. So I know a bit about the painful or medication. I will keep praying for all of you.. Send you my hugs and love.. Rose
May 29, 2008
scrappin-grammie says:
Oh my dear Claudia, your page and story is a heart felt page. What a great person you are, you have the best out look on a not so pretty situation. You keep that out look and stay up beat and positive and you will be able to beat anything you want to beat.
Your story has touch many people on this site including me.
Keep up the good work, god bless
Love ya
May 29, 2008
Juanita M says:
May 29, 2008
scrappy Shell says:
Great page, wonderful journaling!!
May 29, 2008
savannah's grand mawmaw says:
beautiful page beautiful you. You are so in my prayers Hang in there God is with you all my love and blessings and 10+10 for your page
May 29, 2008
CapturedMemories says:
My heart reaches to yours ... as I told you, I loathe that "C" word, Beautifully shared page of lifes lemons ... we deal with trying to make the best lemon-aid we can make, however that doesn't mean that sometimes we hate that bitter taste life throws at us ...
You are an inspiration, and I am blessed to know you here -- you have reached my heart ...
I send you much love ~ Judy
May 29, 2008
barla dy says:
May 29, 2008
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