About this scrapbook page:
I think this page really describes me, my passions, my people, my love... Life is a Scrapbook!
I take a looooong time to create this.
Can´t imagine how many layers has my work!!

Comments for this scrapbook page:
woodnymph says:
A really fab collage page
Sep 1, 2011
januk says:
It's amazing, don't know how you fit it all in.
Aug 1, 2011
ShellandShilo says:
p.s you deserve those awards be proud of this beautiful page
Jun 23, 2011
ShellandShilo says:
OMG it's a work of art so much love and creative juices went into making this beauty I enlarged it so I could view it better you have placed so many cute little elements like the lttle open window with the curtain flowing out cool and the little book with the childs smiling face and all the little jewells those which include your family photo's gorgeous photo's love this page
Jun 23, 2011
Michelley says:
Wow!!! This is amazing, so glad I got to see it! =)
Jun 21, 2011
marzenna79 says:
Wonderful page !!!!!!!!!!
Jun 20, 2011
Judikim says:
Jun 17, 2011
amapinki says:
Love this! :)
Jun 4, 2011
Belleza03 says:
I love it!
Feb 24, 2011
svea1 says:
This is beautiful. It must have taken hours.
Feb 8, 2011
LADY LUNA 2000 says:
Scrapbooking at its absolute FINEST!!!
Feb 7, 2011
cookiemom18 says:
Great way to scrap alot of pics.
Jan 30, 2011
grayfish says:
WOW! I can only imagine how long this took. It's fantastic!
Sep 21, 2010
Mimi_ says:
Aug 27, 2010
i love art mom says:
Priceless Art!!
Aug 24, 2010
amelia123 says:
back to vote 10ch xxx
Aug 24, 2010
Claudia says:
I have ALWAYS loved this GORGEOUS page!!!!10+10 challenge points.. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Aug 23, 2010
milliec says:
I always loved this page! Thank you for posting it in my challenge!
Aug 23, 2010
ppppppppppppppppppp says:
Lovely page well done Hugs x
Aug 11, 2010
ShellandShilo says:
p.s on my favorites
Aug 2, 2010
ShellandShilo says:
oh my god i am gob smacked this is the most fabulous page i have seen so far on this site it must have taken for ever to do this . but i can see by the beautiful artistic work that you loved doing it every photo has a beautiful little charm or frame thankyou for sharing it is awsome you deserve the awards
Aug 2, 2010
Tersia63 says:
This is so awesome!! Beautiful photos together!! great memory scrap page!!
Jul 31, 2010
Twilighter says:
May 30, 2010
Lindsay1973 says:
Fabulous,fabulous collage.So much to look at!!
Apr 10, 2010
tKiPeR77 says:
Mar 1, 2010
shirl's_scrappin says:
Great page
Feb 22, 2010
smurfen25 says:
nice work it relly nice! :)
Feb 5, 2010
shirl's_scrappin says:
fantastic page
Feb 4, 2010
ShellandShilo says:
beautiful page so much work excellent
Jan 26, 2010
limeynana says:
awesome page!
Jan 25, 2010
ziggy says:
Outstanding!! Beautiful page. I love it.
Jan 18, 2010
ShellandShilo says:
Really lovely beautiful photo's great page to look at excellent
Jan 14, 2010
Claudia says:
10+10 challenge points..Wonderfully scrapped page.
Jan 9, 2010
Scrappy Smile says:
WOW!!! This is sooo cool!!! Great work!
Jan 6, 2010
English Nana says:
Congratulations on the win!
Dec 20, 2009
FunkyFairyAnnie says:
wow what awesome work.. i can see that it took ages to create
Dec 10, 2009
milliec says:
I would like to tag this page to be entered into this challenge: http://www.scrapbookflair.com/challenges/Invitation_Only_Game_Challenge

We have to tag a scrap we like to be entered. We can't enter our own. Please post in the challenge! :)
Dec 10, 2009
KiwiGirlJess says:
Brilliant page!
Dec 3, 2009
Miyako says:
How did I miss this? Gonna snag this into my Favs.... This has given me such a brilliant idea for the recollection of all my BB's memories in her photobook.... :)
Dec 2, 2009
mozzie46 says:
Absolutely wonderful collage of your family. To me this is exactly what Scrapping is about.
Love it.
Dec 2, 2009
scrapfiend says:
Stunning!!! You must have worked on this for ages. I love it.
Dec 1, 2009
Flowerpot says:
Nov 30, 2009
lmonika says:
WOnderfull ....
Nov 23, 2009
Cheryl1st says:
Incredible! This must have taken forever!
Nov 16, 2009
boyd101 says:
now that's cool....great work ...10+++
Nov 16, 2009
kris GP says:
wow.. totally adorable! I love this page!
Nov 14, 2009
chankla4 says:
fabulous! I love collages too!
Nov 13, 2009
SlapandScrap says:
Wow! I wish I had an ounce of your talent and patience!
Nov 10, 2009
n-elmo says:
stunnin' page!!!
Nov 10, 2009
milliec says:
Very impressive.
Nov 2, 2009
IRSKA says:
absolutely fantastic page!
Oct 21, 2009
katydid73 says:
great page!
Oct 21, 2009
cs7580 says:
beautiful page
Oct 21, 2009
Kinun says:
You did a great job on this page!!!
Oct 19, 2009
Iverdecia says:
Wow,, loved it!.. Very nice, every time that i look at it veo algo nuevo!

Oct 1, 2009
PurpleCat65 says:
Magnifico!!!! No puedo decir mas. Excellent page. Full of so much love.
Sep 25, 2009
Andersongirl says:
I love this page! I love to look at family photos as they are little reminders of the past. Great work!
Sep 17, 2009
manilenya says:
wow! this is hard to make especially to a newbie on digital scrapbooking like me.. cool!
Sep 15, 2009
Xguern66 says:
A bit late but I've just found this - wow what a great page.
Sep 15, 2009
marielleron says:
this is just fantastic!
job well done!wonderful page!
Sep 9, 2009
tobyron says:
Wow!this is wonderful photo collage!
very well done!
congrats for winning!!
Sep 9, 2009
marieluisemueller says:
Great page!!!
Sep 4, 2009
cbateman says:
I wish there was a 10++++ for exceptional work. Stunning page!!!
Sep 3, 2009
lisaminor says:
Oh lookie at the work that went into this one! Beautiful job! My eyes just keep roving all over the page!
Aug 26, 2009
CHanocat says:
OUAH ! c'est grandiose ! when i've open this page my granddaughter eclamed "it's very beautiful !".. i also love very much, very such well-done work !
Aug 25, 2009
pammykez1969 says:
fantastic love what you have done with this page
Aug 23, 2009
craftypants says:
wow that is one busy page! generally i go with the 'less is more' approach but you might just have changed my mind! fab!
Aug 18, 2009
www.lovelyscrap.com says:
what a super idea page it's gorgeus
Aug 13, 2009
KMTrott says:
Awesome page! Brings back memories of the 'wall' my sister did many years ago, it was a go to place for all the children when they visited. Also an inspiration to create something similar in my home for when the grandbabies come to visit... Thanks for sharing :)
Aug 13, 2009
gintercedes4u says:
wonderful collage of memories. well done!
Aug 10, 2009
Delsol Jan/Naelle_Coeurs de pirate says:
Bellissima pagina !! I agree with Dove Mom ! ' my spanish is a bit bad working ) but you deserve your awards !
Aug 5, 2009
cookiemom18 says:
Nicely put together.
Aug 3, 2009
gingersnaps says:
abolutely love this page! i can see how much work was put into it .... just beautiful!
Jul 30, 2009
amelia123 says:
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW there is so much work gone it to this, i love it loads xxx
Jul 26, 2009
Cat_The_Brat says:
A wonderful display of memories..
Jul 24, 2009
baroochi says:
This is amazing & I can imagine how long this took you to compile, worth it though.
Jul 22, 2009
y2bonnie says:
This is absolutely fabulous!! WOW!!
Jul 12, 2009
Dove Mom says:
Es como un viaje alrededor de tu mundo. De primera intención uno se detiene y comienza a buscar foto a foto. ¡Que hermosa historia debe tener cada una! Hermoso Trabajo!!!!
Jul 6, 2009
mirojoleflower says:
beautiful page!
Jun 22, 2009
Beejoy says:
Wonderful collage. You deserved the rewards.
Jun 13, 2009
SarahJane85 says:
This must have taken you ages! Well worth it though, I love it - well done!
May 29, 2009
cri73 says:
Immense Work!Compliment for your patience...my vote is 10+10!
May 28, 2009
Riedi says:
Wonderful collage have you maked..
love from
May 22, 2009
KDHenson1973 says:
I really love this page! I think its great. You should be very proud for all that hard work!
May 20, 2009
Wheng0771 says:
this is wonderful page!
May 18, 2009
cindry says:
I love this scrap! Beautiful collage!
May 6, 2009
GG2007 says:
wow, que obra de arte! Te felicito por los premios, son bien merecidos y espero que hayas imprimido esta pagina y la tengas colgada en algun lugar de tu casa :-)
May 4, 2009
scrapfiend says:
This is breathtaking!
May 4, 2009
princess bev (magic cats) says:
just amazing i hope i be as good as this page
one day only be doing it since 4/4/09
Apr 30, 2009
tj scrappy says:
Apr 28, 2009
jarjonja says:
WOW!! Awesome page!!
Apr 24, 2009
***jasmine rose*** says:
magnificient page! 10+10cp
Apr 17, 2009
Chocoholic says:
WOW! Awesome!!
Apr 17, 2009
happymouse says:
this is awesome!
Apr 15, 2009
dorthi says:
Apr 14, 2009
Zharif says:
Wow! i love it n congrats on d awards :)
Mar 27, 2009
Yeskitas says:
Wow! fantastic page!
Me imagino cuanto trabajo y tiempo te llevo hacer esta linda pagina! felicidades te mereces los premios!
Mar 24, 2009
tkwist says:
Wow. I bet that took a lot of time. Great job!!
Mar 23, 2009
JayneW says:
Wow - amazing! I can only imagine how long it took to do this! Wonderful page!
Mar 21, 2009
Art Creator says:
I had missed that, it's gorgeous!
Mar 21, 2009
lisaminor says:
OH just look at all the photos you've fit on here! WOW! I LOVE multi-photo LO's....they tell the story all by themselves! Awesome job!
Mar 20, 2009
Sweet Blue Eyes says:
Great page!!
Mar 20, 2009
dyozah@_@ says:
bravo!!! great scrapping
Mar 18, 2009
Norwegian granny says:
Congradulations on the two wins!! Your page is fabulous!!
Mar 8, 2009
Hilda Designs says:
Great page! You are invited to put yours pages in "Our friends" group.
Hugs from Brazil,

Mar 8, 2009
KimberlyRae says:
Wow....Fabulous page...I love it!!!!
Mar 3, 2009
DanR. says:
fantastic collage!!!!
Feb 26, 2009
Vera42 says:
Congrats on your win!
Feb 26, 2009
Vera42 says:
Wow ... wonderful page ... great work!
Feb 26, 2009
jilljem says:
This is great I would love to be able to scrap like this
Feb 25, 2009
kennidee says:
Wow!! Great collage!
Feb 25, 2009
Claudine says:
what a fantastic page A lot of work for sure well done!
Feb 24, 2009
LifeScrapper says:
love it!
Feb 23, 2009
JenniferF0325 says:
This is fantastic!
Feb 23, 2009
lukey's mom says:
Gorgeous page!
Feb 23, 2009
Martencja says:
what a beautiful page!
Feb 7, 2009
Malfanny says:
••¤(`×[¤ Very wonderful page ¤]×´)¤••

Feb 6, 2009
cs7580 says:
beautiful page
Feb 5, 2009
shabba says:
Ow, the challenges are completed, sorry I did not see this before
Feb 5, 2009
shabba says:
I can believe this was a lot of work, amazing you did this! 10p and also fot your challenges!
Feb 5, 2009
CandleWorks says:
Wonderful page.. great job...
Feb 5, 2009
XenaPrincessWarrior says:
LOL Oh, the first challenge over! Okay next time...will try not to miss to vote ...
Bye for now.

Feb 4, 2009
XenaPrincessWarrior says:
WOW WOW packed page! Not 1 left out hole/corner in this page without a photo. Now, that's a scrapbook! Beautiful photos. +10
Off to vote now...good luck on this one.
Certainly deserves it...again!!! You already won 1! CONGRATULATIONS ... Hehehe LOL
Ciao bella.

Thanks for coming by my pages in the past.
Feb 4, 2009
Granny Franny says:
WOW...you have created a beautiful collage and put an amazing amount of work into this! VERY WELL DONE!
Feb 1, 2009
MaxiDesigns says:
Very cool Collage!!! Yes have that printed, as someone suggested...well done!
Jan 28, 2009
chingjp says:
wow!this is incridibly beautiful.
Jan 27, 2009
n-elmo says:
wow!! love all the photo's
Jan 20, 2009
gypsykate says:
wow, liz, this is fantastic! i can only imagine the work and time you put into making this and the result is just great! it's like a mural, a masterpiece! congratulations!
Jan 6, 2009
Daidai says:
Jan 6, 2009
Sacha0606 says:
A cruise.A calm sea,water undoubtedly hot.Obviously a Christmas far from everywhere.But we will remain here.Why?We want to meet snow,we like not to phone the children while their house is close to ours. A silly excuse.I could not come in your gallery.Important:Season’s Greetings to my friends.I realize that the others have convinced me.We will stay here and I will "swim" in the hot water bath!
Dec 17, 2008
MemoryKeeper says:
This is incredible! I can't imagine all the time and energy it took to create such a masterpiece. This is print-worthy!

Here's to more happy scrapping, and
(¨`•.•´¨) Hugs
.`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨) from the
(¨`•.•´¨)¸.•´ HEART,
.`•.¸.•´ Jeanette

Scrapping is a work of heART!
Dec 5, 2008
Missy Bull says:
fantastic page full of memories. something you should be so proud of.
Nov 14, 2008
mylilpatty says:
FANTASTIC page, GREAT collage so FABULOUSLY done!!!
Nov 9, 2008
Dark Moon Lilly says:
I love this page!
You obviously poured your heart into it.
You should take it and get it printed really big like 36 x 36 or as big as you can, and hang it in your bedroom -- it is a peice of art, and it would be there when you go to sleep at night and when you awake in the morning!
Oct 30, 2008
ofelia roca says:
10 puntos para este challenge
Oct 30, 2008
mcbrn says:
Oh wow! What a great collage! Outstanding!
Oct 25, 2008
Tmyers810 says:
I saw this page in one of the chalenges, it is so good:)
Oct 25, 2008
Daisybelle says:
Oct 25, 2008
Ferro says:
Oct 25, 2008
Ann72 says:
Wow, this must have been allot of work!
Oct 23, 2008
digi addict says:
Fantastic page! Beautiful> So deserving to be no.1
Oct 22, 2008
Dragon97 says:
Great collage! Nice page and layout!
Oct 20, 2008
NannieG says:
vey nice page!!!!
Oct 17, 2008
ToeJam says:
What an awesome page! So sorry I missed the challenge, though. :-)
Oct 17, 2008
Digital Daisy says:
I think this is the best collage page I have ever seen. You did a fantastic job!
Oct 15, 2008
july11 says:
fantastic collage page
Oct 14, 2008
seaview says:
Great page
Oct 11, 2008
spacey says:
wow! this is so awesome, mustve took you forever!! great work!
Oct 4, 2008
DingDongDEll says:
that is really great, and I can imagine it must have taken a long long time to do, but well worth the effort.
I made a photo collage , but the tradional way, now you have me thinking of doing ---or trying to do a digital one.
Oct 1, 2008
Tmyers810 says:
Ths is an awesome page. I love how you've done this collage:)
Sep 28, 2008
DALE says:
very nice page 10 +
Sep 27, 2008
Beejoy says:
Fantastic page... I love it!!! 10+10
Sep 26, 2008
ositafotografa says:
Está genial, no lo vi para la fecha que lo publicaste, felicitaciones porque obtuviste el primer lugar y el favorito!!!! Está bien lindo, perfectamente integrado.
Sep 24, 2008
Ineke62 says:
WOW!! Love it! I hope it is on your wall now!
Sep 23, 2008
benette says:
i love this!
Sep 22, 2008
hanneand says:
fantastic photo and page
Sep 22, 2008
nana bowman says:
what a great page..I can tell a lot of work went into it.
Sep 21, 2008
buzzy says:
wow awesome page
Sep 21, 2008
. Nayyan Chandler says:
esto es scrapbooking!! muy bello! me encanto!!
Sep 21, 2008
DitzBitz says:
this must have taken you a long time to make! it's gorgeous! so detailed & the layout is fantastic! great work here!
Sep 18, 2008
eluszek says:
super page :)
Sep 14, 2008
sugarpops says:
Sep 10, 2008
KarynM says:
oh my this is superb!
Sep 10, 2008
Juanita M says:
Beautiful page
Sep 9, 2008
Mother Dragon says:
Wow! I love this page! There is so much to look at, so many photos! You did such a good job scrapping this page! 10+10cps
Sep 2, 2008
emmaleeah says:
Thanks for entering my challenge this is lovely!
Sep 1, 2008
mommyj says:
this is totally awesome..WOW
Sep 1, 2008
ofelia roca says:
Espectacular!!!!! Cuantas horas para crear esta página!!!! 10+10
Sep 1, 2008
trishie says:
fantastic page
Sep 1, 2008
Solveiga14 says:
WoW!Great JOB!!!
Aug 31, 2008
Anx says:
So cool! It's hard to make so many photos and elements look good together, but you master it perfectly!
Aug 29, 2008
linpez says:
Great Job!:)
Aug 29, 2008
kaja1234 says:
Oh my this was a lot of work. I know. Great job.
Aug 29, 2008
Nanna K says:
Awesome page!
Aug 29, 2008
diah87 says:
waaaaww,, great job, how wonderful it is ;) 10+10 CP
Aug 28, 2008
Chantalbears says:
Great job...how many times for creating that page!!!!
Aug 27, 2008
quana577 says:
great job.
Aug 23, 2008
CarolAnna says:
This is amazing!! Great job!!
Aug 23, 2008
edwin21 says:
fantastique page
Aug 23, 2008
lilprincessqt says:
WOW, look at all those great photos and each one is scrapped so nicely, I believe this took a long time, but well worth it... great page!!!
Aug 23, 2008
hanneand says:
absolutely fabulous. Beautifully done

Aug 22, 2008
Lantana Calypso says:
wow! this must have taken a while , but well worth it !!
Aug 22, 2008
sylvia485 says:
WOW WOW WOW Amazing page!!
Aug 22, 2008
Crazybraziliancook says:
What a wonderful collage. I love how you used frames with all the pictures.Great Layout and photos 10+++
"The Praise Game with Flair"
Aug 22, 2008
jennybosch says:
WOW - an awesome job. Superb work 8)
Aug 21, 2008
krisjespuppy says:
Great job! Lovely scrap!
Aug 21, 2008
sunnygrl2425 says:
wow wonderful page!! Jana
Aug 20, 2008
Bing Ong says:
A work of love. Gorgeous!!!
Aug 20, 2008
English Nana says:
A fantastic page!!!
Aug 18, 2008
sarahsphotos says:
wow that's a lot of photos...I love it.
Aug 17, 2008
Peanuts75 says:
Wow, this is amazing. Love how you fit it all on there!
Aug 17, 2008
grammiegrace says:
great page, can't imagine how many hours it took you to do this page! Praise game with Flair.
Aug 17, 2008
Claudia says:
Aug 16, 2008
bibidays says:
wonderful collage of photos
Aug 15, 2008
Roniiv says:
wow....one of the nicest collages I have seen
yet....fabulous job!
Aug 15, 2008
*****mattmom***** says:
Beautiful Photos, Gorgeous Layout. Lots of work.
Aug 15, 2008
scrapunique says:
great page & photos,well done

Aug 15, 2008
chewange says:
Great page!
Aug 15, 2008
Ferro says:
Fantastic collage. Great job!!
Aug 15, 2008
chrisg says:
awesome pages a lot of work!!
Aug 14, 2008
debigayle says:
Great Page!
Aug 14, 2008
Moongirl says:
Super page!! Great work!!
Aug 14, 2008
Grandma M says:
brill collage - very well done xx
Aug 14, 2008
amazonia71 says:
Que magnifica página...me imagino cuantas horas de trabajo...pero valen la pena por que son muchos recuerdos en una sola página,muy de acuerdo;hay que vivir para el amor!!!!
Aug 14, 2008
belle15 says:
Wonderful collage! This must have taken forever! You should have it made into poster size and frame it. Well done!
Aug 14, 2008
kpoddream says:
wow...this is just wonderful....love it..
Aug 14, 2008
shawtyp says:
gorgeous page
Aug 14, 2008
judemac says:
I appreciate all the hours..is awesome..kudos to u..10+10
Aug 14, 2008
christieandjoshuasmom says:
I love collages and you have created a gorgeous one - I love the details and the layering, and can see why it took so long to create - thanks for sharing!
Aug 14, 2008
wow what a collection of memories well done
Aug 14, 2008
hfate627 says:
this is awesome. If my computer could handle that many layers i would do the same!!! Nice job!
Aug 14, 2008
az_ip says:
WOW!!!! Awesome...FANTASTIC and stunning page! TFS!
Aug 14, 2008
Lavender Passion says:
This is a WONDERFUL Colage just adore it! Must have taken hours! LOL Worth it though wasn't it!! Now you can frame it!!
Aug 14, 2008
Jaelop says:
Amiguita, Me dejas sin palabras... que maravillosa pagina, esta de llena de preciosos trabajos que valen mas que el oro!!. Son admirables cada una de ellas... Buen trabajo muy digno de admirar. Me la llevo para mis favoritos.
Aug 14, 2008
sandra marie says:
wow wonderful page and photos so well scraped
well done xx
Aug 14, 2008
gentletouches says:
This page is magnificent! Wow! I'm flabbergasted by the fact that you could have soooo much patience. Your end result is just stunning!
Aug 14, 2008
ginnybee1 says:
I can see all the work you have done,it is a wonderful collarge.
Aug 14, 2008
hanesthi says:
Wonderful page!
Aug 14, 2008
melliel says:
Fantastic page!! Can't imagine the work and wouldn't change a thing about it. Looks like a giant family bulletin board built up with years of pics & momentos.
Aug 14, 2008
Nanna Susie says:
WOW This is Beautiful!! Awesome page!!
Aug 14, 2008
Daisybelle says:
Terrific job. Fantastic page.
Aug 14, 2008
simsage says:
Girl this must have taken forever, I know that my old Laptop would have crashed if I tried it. I am going to try it with my new PC
as it is much faster. AWESOME JOB, Love, Love Love it. 10+10 going to my favs!
Aug 14, 2008
*** Verony*** says:
Wonderful page well done
Aug 14, 2008
LoriARude1 says:
wow, this must have taken forever to create! great job!! love looking at all the photos!
Aug 13, 2008
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