About this scrapbook page:
Last Summer a drunk driver who drowe in the wrong site of the highway killed these two little boys parents and their aunt and uncle. The drunk driver survived. I have made this page to remind us NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE,
The picture of those two boys almost broke my heart. The youngest brother said to his big brother at the funeral "Good we got each other" !!!
For the challenge "My Favorite Page"
Thank you for any comments or votes.

Comments for this scrapbook:
MemoryKeeper says:
This page is a real winner, as you know because this won the challenge of challenges.

Hugs from the heart,

P.S. It still makes me cry!
Sep 4, 2007

Comments for this scrapbook page:
LADY LUNA 2000 says:
Apr 11, 2013
Twilighter says:
Oh my!!! this is so terrible! hope the boys are doing well now! great page1
Jun 4, 2010
granny b says:
Oh my goodness. That is soooo sad. I'm sitting here at work with my eyes filling with tears. God bless these 2 little boys.
Nov 25, 2008
Daisybelle says:
Gorgeous page 10+10
Nov 9, 2008
Late_Bloomer says:
I do remember this page...I cried so hard I
had to go to bed !!!~ 10cp.
Nov 9, 2008
scissorsgalore Scrapz says:
omgosh... thank yu for doing this page! everyone needs to listen to this... this is extremely heartbreaking....!!!
Nov 7, 2008
kaydee says:
Great page!!! This page brought tears to my eyes. My hearts goes out to the boys. It also brought back memories to me because the same thing happened to my family, my cousins. It was the worst day of my life.
Nov 6, 2008
Ann72 says:
Life can be so unfair! Wonderful and very touching scene!
Sep 5, 2008
Late_Bloomer says:
Bless thier sweet little hearts !! 10 cp !!~
Jul 25, 2008
gentletouches says:
Oh my. I just saw this page in a challenge. Such a heartbreaking thing. But you have made a very beautiful and moving page.
Jul 24, 2008
Roniiv says:
Lovely page although so very sad 10+10cp
Jul 24, 2008
hanesthi says:
lovely page..10cp
Jul 21, 2008
KarynM says:
still as heart wrenching as it was the first time i saw this page!
Jul 18, 2008
simsage says:
Awesome! Heart Wrencher! you took such a sad
scene and turned it into such a Beautiful page.
Jun 12, 2008
sylvia485 says:
very touching page ...
Jun 8, 2008
iowarose_89 says:
So touching!!!
May 12, 2008
ich kündige says:
WOW! Really touching...
Mar 20, 2008
Mar 16, 2008
Chuey005 says:
I pray for these precious boys...beautiful!
Mar 11, 2008
Momma Joy says:
Wow, talk about a heart wrencher. This is a phenomrnal page...fantastic job. Just know little ones, they are always with you in your heart.
Mar 2, 2008
Peanuts75 says:
What a wonderful page yet so sad. Bless those children and hope they are being well taken care of. 10+10
Mar 1, 2008
edwin21 says:
superbe page
Mar 1, 2008
LeftyOkie says:
Beautifully Done!
Feb 21, 2008
Aranel89 says:
*sniffles* So sad, but so wonderful!
Jan 31, 2008
Claudia says:
10 challenge points!!!! LOVELY
Jan 27, 2008
Lavender Passion says:
This put a lump in my throat and a heavy brick on my chest the min. I read the journeling. Such a Touching and Wonderfully scraped page snug!!
Jan 21, 2008
mcbrn says:
You have created a wonderful page for these poor kids! How horrible . . . Grrrrrrrrrrr . . .I hate drunk drivers!!!!!!!!!
Jan 19, 2008
shawtyp says:
great page, very touching
Dec 3, 2007
Claudia says:
¸.•^ ´¸.•*^´¨) ¸.^•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸ ;.^•10 challenge points!!!! OUTSTANDING¸.•^ ´A big kiss from Italy¸.•*^´¨) ¸.^•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸ ;.^•Claudia xxxxx

Dec 2, 2007
photocreations says:
Heartbreaking page...awesome tribute
Nov 29, 2007
ofelia roca says:
Nov 19, 2007
PamelaROSE says:
Snug this is an amazing reminder, thank you ....what a MAGNIFICENT PAGE !
Nov 11, 2007
Nimbus says:
Wow, bought a tear to my eye. Beautiful page.
Nov 10, 2007
KarynM says:
WOW ! speechless :(
Nov 10, 2007
KarynM says:
WOW ! speechless :(
Nov 10, 2007
newtoit says:
what a tragedy! this page puts a face to the horror of the loss!
Oct 27, 2007
Hisgirl says:
Snug, I have voted for this page each time I have been able to. I carry the two young boys to the Lord in prayer regularly. I think this is quite possibly the most fitting page for the MADD challenge. I hope you win.
Oct 26, 2007
PigeonRiver says:
This page is so important to share & it's well designed. Thanks Snug!
Oct 26, 2007
vicarara says:
Oh my goodness, you have brought tears to my eyes with this page and the heartbreaking story! So very sad!
Oct 23, 2007
az_ip says:
OMG - how sad...a very touching page!
Oct 22, 2007
originallizzy says:
Oh snug everything that has been said about this page I agree with. It made the hairs stand up on my arms and broght tears to my eyes. A VERY TOUCHING BEAUTIFULLY DONE PAGE. X
Oct 16, 2007
~*~sixelanaej~*~ says:
Oh my such a terrible thing for two little boys to go through you have truly made a great and beautiful tribute page for these boys 10 challenge points and more if i could give more than 10.
What a Fantastic page´¯`•._.•¯`•._.•10 pg. points
You did a great and terrific job.
¸.•*´) (¸ ;.*• ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸ ;.*•Tassy´¯`•._.•¯`•._.•
Oct 26, 2007
deskite says:
great page.. well done..10+10
Oct 16, 2007
Eva41083 says:
What a sad thing to happen to those beautiful boys. Your page is beautiful. My heart goes out to them.
Oct 8, 2007
HavFam says:
WOW! (what else can I say)!
Very touching page.. well done.
Sep 30, 2007
buschyscraps says:
Incredible page. Should be sent in as the perfect advertising campaign against drink driving!
Oct 1, 2007
savannah's grand mawmaw says:
My God this page is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. I lost 2 nieses by 2 diferent drunk drivers. and both my sisters still can't get over it.My prayers go to the kids and family.
Sep 28, 2007
marshmella says:
Beautiful page. Wonderful tribute.
Sep 28, 2007
Jensters says:
Aww how sad...love the way they have embraced each other...why do people drink drive...makes me mad.
Sep 7, 2007
carolburns says:
Oh those two poor little boys - such a shame but you can see the strength in the eldest boy already

Fantastic page and definitely in my faves

Sep 6, 2007
grandpa_david says:
A very touching and tragic page. What more can I say. Beautifully done!
Sep 4, 2007
Lisadee says:
Snug, I have only just seen this page for the first time now, it broke my heart but your work is perfect ... you deserve to win - 10 +10 from me too.
Aug 30, 2007
Snug says:
Oh my goodness, my page is no. one in the "Best off" challenge. I am almost in shock, had never thought it would happen to me. Thank you SO much to all of you who has voted for my page.
I really don't know what to say.
Many hugs from Snug
Aug 30, 2007
gypsykate says:
precious photo and page is so beautifully done.indeed, one of my top 5 best. 10+10!
Aug 25, 2007
davofelia says:
oh my, i love this page and it made me cry as i saw the sad faces of the two little brothers hugging each other plus your your message that struck one's heart. it's indeed a good reminder to remind everyone not to drink and drive.
Aug 23, 2007
davofelia says:
i just viewed this page. it's beautifully done but i'm sad though to hear such story. i pray that the 2 little boys are fine and that, the Lord will continue to keep them in His loving care... ofelia :)
Aug 23, 2007
KimberlyRae says:
Creatively & Beautifully done!
`*.¸.*´ Blessings,
KimberlyRae :)
Jul 26, 2007
amazonia71 says:
I don´t know what to you say,this picture broked my heart, I can´t imagine a tragedy like this, is really a sad history.My prayers for them and their family,beatiful tribute for them. Thanks for sharing with us.
Jul 25, 2007
Lori.Mommyto2 says:
what a touching message... I'm so sorry for their loss
Jul 26, 2007
paula dias says:
Jul 16, 2007
aigally says:
wow, so sad, hope they are doing ok, but ur page is awesome!!
Jul 13, 2007
papajack&nanapam's says:
This story is so sad. I feel so sorry for the boys..not to have parents to raise them because of a drunk driver, this is so wrong! My thoughts are with them. Great page!
Jul 12, 2007
Fancee Flair says:
I don't know what to say and can hardley see through my tears to type anyway. Beautiful and heartbreaking. So Sad for these little ones but yes they have each other. So Sweet.
Jul 9, 2007
kimmi70 says:
Heartbreaking but wonderful. You've got my vote.
Jul 10, 2007
i_luv_my_camera says:
great page
Jul 7, 2007
loveflowers says:
Sorry I missed this page too It deserves more than words or points can say. Wonderful tribute and awareness page.
Jul 4, 2007
lonely girl says:
what a wonderful page to bring their pain to the attention of drunk drivers it should be made into a poster......
Jul 2, 2007
TracySW says:
Great message and layout.
Jul 2, 2007
by rideascrapbook says:
This deserves way more than a 10! Great page and very powerful subject!
Jul 1, 2007
debozark says:
My niece was also killed by a drunk driver in April. My heart just breaks at what these boys are having to face. I am an adult and still have a tough time dealing with this pain and anger. They have been forced to see the horrors and unfairness of this world way too early. God bless you boys and thank God that you do have each other.
Jul 1, 2007
Raider Chick says:
You have created a wonderful page, yet so sad my thoughts and prayers are with them... I've lost a friend the same way who left me behind a 7 year old son. I just don't understand how the innocent people suffer and the drunk driver always manage to come out of it fine... (Sorry this is a touching subject for me)You've done a great tribute for these boys..
Jun 30, 2007
Aunt Bettye Fern says:
God Love Their Hearts!!! My prayers are with them...
Jun 30, 2007
This is such a beautiful page... Yet, so sad!
Jun 30, 2007
danabbie says:
so sad, breaks your heart x
Jun 29, 2007
ScrappingMamaw says:
This is so touching! What sweet little boys. How sad to lose your parents at such a young age. Beautiful page.
Jun 29, 2007
scrapping mammerz says:
So young to be left without a mother. It is an absolutely beautiful page and message for all to see.
Jun 29, 2007
klettmd says:
you have created a beautiful page. the story is heartbreaking and your page will touch many lives. well done.
Jun 29, 2007
BandeCreations says:
This is an awesome page, the photo speaks volumes but the layout and design are perfect as well. It must've been very difficult doing this one. Bless you.
Jun 28, 2007
tcjc23681 says:
Made Me Cry. Great page. I will keep them in my prayers.
Jun 23, 2007
echoes says:
This story and your layout should be published on newspapers and magazine covers! I cried and maybe it would make people think first about drinking and then getting into cars!
Jun 23, 2007
Pumpkin06 says:
Nice message. Great page.
Jun 21, 2007
limeynana says:
what a terrible senseless tragedy.....those 2 precious little boys,what a terrible loss at such a young age my heart aches for them....may God look after them and keep them safe.....I wish people would smarten up and NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!
Jun 21, 2007
scrappin-grammie says:
Boy I bet that hit's home with a lot of people, bless thier little hearts, I just hope they have some sort of family members to take them and love them. To think what they must be going thru at such a young age, just brakes my heart, great page and a wonderful tribute
Jun 20, 2007
SpiresMedia says:
beautiful scrap for such a senseless tragedy...well done! ;o)
Jun 20, 2007
Truckin Granni says:
Unfortunatly this happens all too often,I see this alot in the wee hrs of the night in my line of work. My prayers are with these little ones and their familys!!It a Tragedy!! GOD BLESS and KEEP them close to HIM!! Wonderfull Page!! thanks for sharing this!!
Jun 19, 2007
CherrishTreasures says:
Thanks for a Beautiful Tribute!
Jun 17, 2007
CookieBits says:
Great page and message to all..Such a sad thing to happen...Hope both boys stay together and safe!! :)
Jun 16, 2007
Sprinkazetti says:
The embrace between these two boys captured the loneliness they must have felt at one of the greatest losses endured in one's lifetime. My prayers are with them and all the family. Your LO is a beautiful tribute to the four lives lost in a terrible tragedy. Blessings!
Jun 14, 2007
oh my, so poignant, this is so sad, the sadness in the boys faces tells everything! bought a tear to my eye. this should be used as a campaign poster against drink driving. 10*****
Jun 9, 2007
myirish_twins says:
Very nice messege..Nice page
Jun 8, 2007
Doormouse says:
This is a totally amazing page - and the story is so so sad. you have brought tears to my eyes. I pray the boys will be able to stay together.
Jun 7, 2007
penpotalikat says:
You made such a beautiful page out of such a tragedy. It's very apparent how many hearts you have touched with it. You caught a very special moment in time.
However sad it is, it is a beautiful page!
Thank you for sharing with all that have seen it.
Jun 7, 2007
Mat's Scrapbook says:
What a terrible terrible tragedy. This is a beautiful tribute you have made. They look so lost and precious! :}
Jun 6, 2007
chrisg says:
awesome page!!
Jun 6, 2007
Carena says:
So sad. This should never happen. My love and thoughts to the 2 wee boys.
Jun 6, 2007
novice@it says:
These boys have suffered a terrible loss! My heart breaks for them! I have 2 boys of my own and I know how sad they would be if they lost me and their dad. The parents must be smiling from heaven to know their are people who care so much!!!
Jun 6, 2007
MemoryKeeper says:
(me wiping tears before I can even type) How sweet of you to share this heart-wrenching story to bring awareness to a very serious issue.

My prayers are with these two litte ones.


¸.•*´)¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸ ;.*•Jeanette

Jun 6, 2007
Snug says:
People in Denmark has started to collect money for the two boys future. The last I saw was $108.794. and there will come more.
I guess the money will be kept at a safe place until they are 18. We haven't ben told where they are going to live, but I think it will be with someone from their family. Maybe their grand parents or another aunt and uncle. It's such a sad story.
Jun 6, 2007
ajdaisi says:
this is so very very sad - what a waste of two peoples lives and a terrible situation for these two precious boys to cope with - all this grief caused by some fool having a few beers - we should all learn a lesson from this tragedy. god bless them both x
Jun 6, 2007
Ms Kittie says:
OH My, It just breaks my heart. Great page. I pray that the boys have someone who can love them and help them.
Jun 6, 2007
3angles says:
My prayers are with both of these young children.
Jun 6, 2007
conbrett (cindy) says:
Oh MY, I just got goose bumps..how sad is that. And it is always the drunk driver who survives!!!! What a beautiful page of two sweet boys whose lives have been changed forever!!!
Jun 6, 2007
Nanna Susie says:
OH My!!what a sad story and the worst thing about it is that it is true!! How sad for these two little boys to have to go thru this at such an early Age....who will take care of them. do they have more family? My prayers are with them....
Jun 6, 2007
2nd says:
Absolutely a wonderful page, although topic is so sad. and you are right. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE
Jun 6, 2007
Katlin's Mommy says:
Jun 6, 2007
Katlin's Grandma says:
Jun 6, 2007
Fiet says:
Very2 touched my heart...i'm so sad....n speechless....May God Bless Them....i appreciate for the beautiful page.....
Jun 6, 2007
~PascaleA says:
Oo..this is so sad...beautiful page!!
Jun 6, 2007
feel free says:
Beautiful page and wonderful message.
Jun 6, 2007
sandra marie says:
wow what a awesome page and tribute
i feel so sorry that this has happend and the loss of their mommy and daddy so sad ,
are the boys ok and i will keep them in my prayers love Sandra
Jun 6, 2007
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