Scrapbook Flair Age Requirements policy
AGE REQUIREMENTS - At, there is no minimum age requirement. However, we insist that anyone who is under 18 must join with a parent or legal guardianís consent and that parent or guardian will have access to your scrapbooks and files at all times, until you turn 18. To enable this, (1) for anyone under 18 who is joining as a Member, we require your birthday as well as the email address and approval of the parent or legal guardian at the time you join, (2) we provide user name and password access to your parent/guardian so they can monitor any and all parts of your correspondence or involvement on the site from any computer. It is then up to the parent or guardian to monitor the young personís activity. This access terminates the day after the Members 18th birthday and the Member will have the option of choosing a new User Name and Password. As parents ourselves, we thought this was the most practical policy in terms of allowing young people to share the joys of scrapbooking while enabling their parents/guardians to ensure that nothing bad happens as a result or that the young person's actions on conform to the parent's or guardian's wishes.