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About International Labor Day : It doesn't matter if you are saving lives or simply making someone's life a little better each day, we all deserve a day to remember that we are making a difference in our own way. This International Labor Day Collection is a great way to honor a special someone who has made a difference in our lives or to reflect on our how we have left our mark on society.
About Designer Debbie and Laura : Brooklynns Mama: I am a stay-at-home mom with little time for traditional scrapbooking. My designing partner got me started on digital scrapbooking…and I am hooked! I am very excited to be working with “dfsumner,” (my mother-in-law but we leave out the in-law part), my mom, on these kits. We are having loads of fun and we hope you all have fun with these as well. Dfsumner: I have been a Family History Researcher for 34 years. I have been involved with Computers and Graphics for over ten years. I absolutely LOVE working with my daughter on creating scrapbook kits. Scrapbookflair has helped to get all my family involved in scrapbooking. I hope you enjoy this kit as much as we did creating it.
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