Digital Scrapbooking Designer Collection CDs
About New Year's 2008 Collection : Toss up the confetti, pop the bubbly and get lots of photos of all the festivities this New Year’s. This glittery and sparkling New Year’s Collection from The Sumners is perfect to highlight all the special moments from the Celebration from the dancing to the fireworks. Don’t forget to take a moment to reflect on all the great memories from the year that has passed.
About Designer Debbie and Laura : Brooklynns Mama: I am a stay-at-home mom with little time for traditional scrapbooking. My designing partner got me started on digital scrapbooking…and I am hooked! I am very excited to be working with “dfsumner,” (my mother-in-law but we leave out the in-law part), my mom, on these kits. We are having loads of fun and we hope you all have fun with these as well. Dfsumner: I have been a Family History Researcher for 34 years. I have been involved with Computers and Graphics for over ten years. I absolutely LOVE working with my daughter on creating scrapbook kits. Scrapbookflair has helped to get all my family involved in scrapbooking. I hope you enjoy this kit as much as we did creating it.
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